I also believe that the cult scene with Yoongi could resemble the scene in “Interlude: Shadow” music video. However, with a closer look and constant streaming, you can actually find many hidden clues and messages in each scene being portrayed. 2:44 Shoots arrow at Taehyung. Hairstyles of Hyunjin and Felix are hot topics! Pay attention to the powerful performance! "I saw the storyboard and everything. If you haven’t read the official webtoon from BigHit ‘Save Me’ yet, I highly suggest you do, so it will make the interpretations of the BU theory much easier: https://www.webtoons.com/en/drama/bts-save-me/list?title_no=1514&page=1.

BTS appeared on I-LAND !! Which is actually Jungkook, if you look closely, as he is being pecked (alive) by a bird.

Just like in the Bible. このタトゥーめっちゃカッコよい✨“THE SHADOW LIKE ME”“僕みたいな影”#MAP_OF_THE__SOUL_7 #BTSComeback2020 #ON pic.twitter.com/oMWoOqvkO6. or representing their darkness/shadows being destroyed. Opening their lives to the brightness and joy in their hearts. Filled with distorted images or possibly memories that have been altered. By definition, a swan song is a person’s final public performance before retiring. ? The world's first huge advertisement is talked about !! Introducing the commercial of Hyundai in which BTS appeared! Photos posted by Jin are hot topics !! Introducing the costume worn by V in BTS "Dynamite" !! Introducing purchase methods and goods lineup!

“ON” is the song that is the title song of the new album MAP of the SOUL 7. "Your eyes tell" written by BTS Jung Kook has been selected as the theme song of Japanese movie !! From the pride rock from.

The MV takes place on a battleground, where the members experience the aftermath of war along with a group of other survivors. But in this particular video, Namjoon is shot next to a boat, with two pairs of animals boarding the ship. With Jin standing at the center and soon the scene transitions to Jungkook running away from “something”. The cliff that sits behind the wall, might be a symbol of peace and freedom, as does the dove being released. Leaving fans with a text that says: “No More Dream” transitioning to just “Dream” because that dream had now been achieved. Jungkook licks his finger and acts very sedusive and sexily throughout the whole video. I gotta say, at first the music video definitely seems more like a movie rather than a music video. , it’s a dystopian novel that follows a story of a group of young boys trying to survive on a stranded island. BTS Jimin’s room was released! Fans thought the video would be like BTS' previous videos by including a mix of impressive choreo and beautiful visuals. KARINA of aespa was a dancer of SHINee Taemin "WANT"!? Fighting a theme of individualism vs society and what society would sacrifice the happiness of one to support the happiness of more. MAMAMOO released "Dingga" Halloween version !! I'm looking forward to many theories this time, too," V said. ! The blindfold itself can be a symbol of trust and once Taehyung takes it off, he holds the girl’s hand and together … The lyric “we were only seven” also appears in the song “We Are Bulletproof: the eternal”. Including the wall, which is quite identical to the wall from the Maze Runner film series.


Like Birdbox, in BTS “On” MV, it portrayed birds as some sort of symbol for peace or freedom. With a red aesthetic and an unwanted crows/cult surrounding him. BTS “Dynamite” goods have been released! On Feb. 28, BTS released their second "ON" visual, and fans found so much symbolism in it, as well as a ton of movie references. Fighting a theme of individualism vs society and what society would sacrifice the happiness of one to support the happiness of more. Similar to the On music video, as soon as Jungkook blows on the conch, darkness fills the sky and the video transitions to a dark, cult-like setting. Now I don’t know if this theory is true, but if this is really BTS final album and final performance, just know, we as fans, should always respect their choice and decision to do so. In particular, attention was paid to tattoos drawn on V’s face. The blindfold itself can be a symbol of trust and once Taehyung takes it off, he holds the girl’s hand and together they walk through the wall. The visuals of upgraded BTS members also became a hot topic. Purple-colored items and colorful ice cakes are too cute !! BTS "Dynamite" dance practice video released !! Throughout the music video, many fans can find familiar symbols or references to a wide variety of shows. Cute bears, bonsai, warm design are wonderful !! The point is the color of the clothes that Jimin is wearing surrounded by flowers! Fans couldn't wait to see the behind-the-scenes video to finally get some answers to their theories. These words could represent how this album Map of the Soul:7 is supposed to be about them and their themselves, no one else. BTS Jin’s room was released ! With the old-fashioned/apostolic clothing and dead people all around. If you want a better in-depth explanation on all previous music videos and how they each connect to each other, I’d suggest you take a look at this first: First off, the music video starts in what appears to be a battlefield. September 2020, Best Netflix Movies and TV Shows to Watch This September 2020.

Focus on the Jimin's sexy costume! However, seen as a traitor by other gods, Prometheus is punished for all of eternity by having his liver being pecked alive by birds, just reincarnated just to suffer all over again. Cute bears, bonsai, warm design are wonderful !! (Trending) Fourth Generation Kpop Groups 2020, Updated* October Kpop Comebacks/Debuts 2020, BTS New Album “BE” Release on November 2020, TOP 13 Fun Things To Do This Halloween While Staying at Home 2020, Why is Draco Malfoy Trending Again?