"This (tyre) business was specifically set up to fund their schools," a former principal has told The Age. He feels a responsibility to do it. "It didn't go any further than that … but it was something I knew was absolutely wrong.". The text goes into detail about how these schools are able to exploit legal loopholes to get maximum funding from the Federal Government. So too are Woolworths and Rio Tinto. An enormous man – tall, broad and imposing – McCorkell falters when talking about it. The highly unusual set-up could challenge the Federal Government's funding rules, which stipulate that private schools must be non-profit entities. But in 1985, on Tony's sixth birthday, his father – from a prominent Queensland family within the insular community of the church – was kicked out. Millions of dollars was brought into the sect from the sale in the 1960s of the McAlpin family's flour business and Mac's shortbread company. Photo: PAUL HARRIS. The Exclusive Brethren's schools, which educated 1441 devotees last year, receive more than $6.6 million in Federal Government recurrent funding. Justifying profits are not transferred overseas. Jensen and the "bomber" were both found guilty and jailed. He was looking for compensation.

Another victim was told there would be "a reward in heaven" for her silence. Your email address will not be published. The statement goes on to say: "The Church joins in the broader community's abhorrence for child sex abuse.". Passers-by are treated to the shuttered windows, cyclone fencing or the padlocked gates that surround nearly all. “The answer, I quickly discovered, was ‘yes’,” he wrote. Behind the Exclusive Brethren covers a great deal of information about the sect and their place within Australian society. Two emotions drive him. It included transcripts of Brethren sermons, correspondence between church elders and other church documentation. The text presents itself as a balanced, dispassionate and authoritative work and the writing style supports this. McCorkell flew to NZ to meet Jones. After the younger sister had come forward, two senior Church women had interviewed them both: the elder girl once, the younger twice. Nothing else has changed. Twice, as the media circled, he urged abusers to make admissions to police so the Church could be publicly seen to be doing the right thing. McCorkell left the Brethren again seven years ago, signing a confidentiality agreement on the way out. Other satellite Brethren zones are in Lilydale and Boronia. He received big money. A real judge, Justice William Knight, who presided over the case of the older girl, had something to say about that: "Religious groups seem to feel that they have some particular right to avoid the responsibilities of the laws of the land. They discussed hiring him as a consultant.

The sexual abuse outlined in the Albury chapter also presented some legal concerns. Throughout the text, Michael Bachelard adopts a simple, straightforward method of writing. No record of income from the tyre business appears in the most recent accounts of the Brethren's MET school in NSW or the Glenvale school in Victoria and there is no mention of business activities, Sprinter Tyres or STI. They had been pressed for every detail, their stories relayed back to the Sydney leadership. In 2007, Jensen was sentenced to a second jail term, this time on five counts that included having sexual intercourse with a child under 10. “I was aware of the strong possibility of defamation action if I was to overstep the mark in terms of accuracy or fairness; in defamation law you are able to defend yourself on the grounds of truth,” he continued.

TWice In McCorkell's time, at his insistence, sex offenders handed themselves over to the police. Setting up a business in Australia. As Thrush wheezed and worked for her next breath, the doctor gave her an injection, then settled in by the bed. Her father asked the doctor, who denied it. He was sent to live with a Brethren uncle and his wife, who had no children of their own. An elder came from Melbourne specifically to yell at the girls' mother. The Brethren says in a statement that it is "misinformed and plainly wrong" to suggest the church has a problem, and that "the Church considers any abuse by any member of society abhorrent". Later still, the perpetrator himself, Lindsay Jensen – nearly two metres tall, weighing 100 kilograms, rich, pious, respected in his religious community – came in and confronted the girl himself. Among her punishments, known as "consequences", was to copy out the "ministry" of a former Brethren leader on the subject of lies. In January 2006, 10 months before facing Jensen at her trial, the girl was summoned yet again. He has had trouble communicating with women. Then in May 2003, a year after the girl's disclosure, her little sister whispered her own secret. Labor Leader Kevin Rudd was critical of the Liberal Party’s dealings with the sect, labelling it an “extremist cult [that] breaks up families”. The mother was denounced immediately.

Reinforcement of your Businesses brand in building and maintaining national public trust. "The things that I said that happened, I don't believe they happened at all. Michael Bachelard always kept the threat of defamation action in mind while writing the book. Another significant revelation is the strange anti-intellectual pedagogy that exists within the Brethren schooling system. Calls to Melbourne's outlet of Sprinter Tyres, in industrial Thomastown, and Sydney's, in Ermington, reveal a wholesaler importing Maxxis brand tyres from Thailand and reselling them through apparently non-Brethren retail outlets. The Brethren robustly rejects her findings: it has commissioned three academic studies to rebuff them, including one which described Mytton's work as "a witch hunt under the guise of scientific research" and another saying the quality of the study was unlikely to be sufficient "to support any conclusions [about child sex abuse] with regard to members, or former members, of the Exclusive Brethren". The Brethren's Sydney-based world leader, Bruce D. Hales, controls a massive empire that includes dozens of trusts. This was largely due to the Brethren’s secrecy and litigious nature. The text tells of several stories where families have been broken by the Brethren’s doctrine. "I deeply regret my part in keeping the lid on this," he says. After three months, he came back. In each case, he says, the Brethren's preference was to keep the case in-house. In both cases it was partly to calm public or media scrutiny of their cases. The author also needed to protect his sources in a few circumstances. Your use of the AO Logo and inclusion in the Directory will promote your marketing opportunities with consumers. Education sources said if the profits of the tyre business were used for the school alone and the school itself remained not-for-profit, it was possible this system could still meet federal guidelines. For hours the woman questioned the little girl. In Melbourne, the Brethren's main meeting hall is in Pascoe Vale. In each case, the priority was protecting what the Brethren calls "the position". At least £180 million – and up to £300 million – in ventilator and PPE contracts appear to have been awarded to companies linked to an evangelical movement described as a “cult” by former members which has multiple ties to the Conservative Party, Byline Times can reveal. Michael Bachelard gathered sources logically; gathering contacts from those in the know and from places populated by people who were most likely to want to speak out (like the internet forum). But Mr Fawkes estimates "it would run into hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars". In August 2003, Jensen was "shut up" – excluded from Brethren society – over the allegations. Bachelard, M. 2008, Behind the Exclusive Brethren, Scribe Publications, Carlton North, Victoria. In my mind, all my life, it's still been a big question mark why [he] did that.". According to McCorkell, this is where it would normally have ended: the perpetrator probably would have been "kicked out for immorality" for a short time and the girls "shipped off to the US [where they had relatives] and nobody would have been any the wiser". I estimated at that stage, in the 1980s, that it was well over a million a year," Mr Fawkes said. Neither sister had known, nor spoken to the other, about what had happened. The ABC’s Four Corners aired a story that year about the Brethren’s dealings with the Liberal Party, revealing that senior sect members had met with John Howard and Peter Costello and provided the party with financial support. Brethren reap millions in tax-free donations. Easing the suffering of victims, many still locked with their abusers inside a claustrophobic, rule-bound community, came a distant second.