0: None of the three dragons will appear. Finally removed the outdated mention of how upgrades for Wizzrobes, Taluses, and Hinoxes might work in "hard mode". Red-blue has a number of cards that allow the drawing of cards at the price of discarding cards. Additionally, there are many points where enemies can spawn in this area.

Added information pertaining to the new enemies introduced in DLC 2. Next, I will provide a list of enemies that can increment the counter, grouped by amount. Corrected information pertaining to Dark Beast Ganon. Major 2018/05/05 Update: For the sake of posterity, I will keep the original post as it is (with a few edits acknowledging this work), but recently, Leoetlino reverse-engineered extremely precise data regarding this mechanic. Before I got into what enemies increment the counter, I'd like to first explain how upgrades work in a general sense. I'm now very curious to see how they handle the hard mode enemy scaling, and I wonder if the "all enemies a level higher" difficulty bump applies to weapon levels as well, or if it's purely going to be a health buff. Thus, it now looks as follows: 5: Silver Bokoblins --> Gold Bokoblins; Black Lizalfos --> Silver Lizalfos, 7: Blue-maned Lynels ---> White-maned Lynels, 8: Silver Lizalfos Lizalfos --> Gold Lizalfos. So, for example, take a regular Bokoblin, a Blue Bokoblin, and a Black Bokoblin. They scale independently of any other scaling system and instead increase in difficulty depending on how many Blights have been killed. What do you speculate will change with hardmode in DLC1? Enemies. I know a couple of the places that dynamic enemies can be spawned where I usually see them, which are just outside of Hateno and the end of the closest bridge (the one leading to the Dueling Peaks) to the Dueling Peaks stable, and I traveled to them multiple times to get a spawn after beating Kohga but before opening the Thunder Helm chest, after opening the chest, and after returning the helm, but I only got spawns after the Thunder Helm was returned (and they always spawned the first time I visited the area). Little bit of an interesting fact, but the least amount of points you can get from clearing all four Divine Beasts is 267.2 or 268 (4 Blights+2 Moblins to save Yunobo+Master Kohga), which is just over the amount needed to get to Blue Lizalfos and far away from reaching even Silver Bokoblins. Awesome info! Unfortunately, I must admit that I caught onto the latter too late as I was focused on the former, but hopefully in the future I can figure that pattern out as well. This page was last edited on 6 June 2020, at 22:40.

Any lynels that were once red are now blue :0, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Breath_of_the_Wild community, Continue browsing in r/Breath_of_the_Wild, All things The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! This may seem a bit random to include, but in order to ensure the values they gave did not contain decimals, I had to kill ten... of each. The three dragons, Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh only appear once certain conditions are fulfilled. Stone Talus (Junior)(South Dueling Peaks), Stone Talus (Senior)(North Dueling Peaks), Scourge of Divine Beast Vah MedohWindblight Ganon(Divine Beast Vah Medoh)(Illusory Realm), Scourge of Divine Beast Vah RudaniaFireblight Ganon(Divine Beast Vah Rudania)(Illusory Realm), Leader of the Yiga ClanMaster Kohga(Yiga Clan Hideout), Scourge of Divine Beast Vah NaborisThunderblight Ganon(Divine Beast Vah Naboris)(Illusory Realm), Scourge of Divine Beast Vah RutaWaterblight Ganon(Divine Beast Vah Ruta)(Illusory Realm), The Divine TrialMonk Maz Koshia [EX 2](Final Trial), Scourge of Hyrule CastleCalamity Ganon(Hyrule Castle), Hatred and Malice IncarnateDark Beast Ganon(Central Hyrule), Enemies in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Enemies in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Enemies in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, Enemies in Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch), Enemies in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, Enemies in The Legend of Zelda Game Watch, https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Enemies_in_Breath_of_the_Wild?oldid=810943, Breath of the Wild Pages with Invalid or Missing Terms, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Red-white creatures receive bonuses when attacking together, such as through the Battalion mechanic. When you get to researching weapons, I'd be curious to know why some don't ever come with bonuses. Link keeping the clothes worn for the cutscene, photos taken, and compendium updates after defeating DB Ganon does poke a hole in this, but I still think this is what actually happens because, if there was a command to get rid of Ganon post-defeat so the current file could continue to be used, then there would be no rumble in both cases. There is one area of the game where the changes in enemies are brought about by a totally unrelated and different system. Boulder. Here it is. 2017/08/27 Made a slight edit to the section about the Colosseum Lynel and made mention of its gold counterpart in Master Mode. x Any Blights fought in Hyrule Castle will not increment the counter. I know that this does not happen during a normal clear of the game. Enemies killed in the Trial of the Sword do count toward the overall total. After I got all static NPCs and enemies to load in properly, I found I was still at level 0 (so no upgrades had happened), and I still needed 58 points to get to level 1, so I have no doubt that the castle Blights give no points. https://www.reddit.com/r/Breath_of_the_Wild/comments/69x84j/ysk_what_does_and_does_not_affect_enemyequipment/.

So level 1 would be Blue > Black Bokoblins rather than Red > Blue, Blue and Black would give no points, Silver Bokoblins give 3, Gold Bokoblins give 5 etc. When one Blight is killed, the other three Blights will see a slight increase in health, and their attacks will do an additional half-heart of damage. Seems a bit convoluted at first but it's actually a pretty good way to ensure steady increments. Please let us know if you go back for this, I would be very interested to read your findings on that as well. Wouldn't this mean that once the silver upgrade gets triggered every enemy of that type should be silver?

1: Dinraal and Farosh appear once the "Seek Out Impa" quest is completed. Another thread on this topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/Breath_of_the_Wild/comments/69x84j/ysk_what_does_and_does_not_affect_enemyequipment/. And from the sounds of it, the bottom tiers in Master Mode were basically cut out of this point system? White and Black tend to interact with enchantments regularly, often getting some rather complementary effects and enchantments-matter cards between the two of them. Once the second Bokoblin upgrade is reached, the Black Bokoblin remains the same, but both Blue Bokoblins are now black. If two or more Blights within Divine Beasts are active at the same time, neither the first's nor last's health or damage will increase until a Blight has been slain. Blue and green are the two strongest colors in terms of card drawing, and blue-green has both powerful draw spells (Biomantic Mastery) and creatures with repeatable card drawing effects (Cold-Eyed Selkie, Fathom Mage). Made a slight update to when I may have a video out regarding this data. Once you get the points needed for Silver Bokoblins to start appearing, only one of those three will be silver while the other two do not change. I have a feeling that it's going to work the same way enemies do: base level weapons won't increment the counter, and weapons are all upgraded individually. Philosophically, these pairs tend to have stronger internal conflict than allied colors in their union. You're wrong about Yiga scaling in one regard - you get ambushed by archers after beating Kohga, not after returning the Thunder Helm. The middle Bokoblin in an encampment slightly northeast of the Plateau Tower is one example. Thank you very much for this. 1. Igneous Talus Titan and Molduking are considered separate enemy types from the Igneous Talus and Molduga, so their counters are also separate (i.e. If this actually is the case then, Ganon's defeat is never saved, and can only partially be saved via the oob glitch. Lynel is a Blue-maned Lynel wielding Mighty class sword, shield, and bow. Ice-breath Lizalfos can randomly spawn while you are in the highlands, too, so it's possible to find more than what's mentioned here. Finally, once you defeat a given enemy-type ten times, killing that enemy will no longer increment the counter, permanently. However, purely cosmetic variations, such as differently colored Stone Taluses of the same level, are still considered as one enemy type as are Guardian Stalkers spawned with severed legs and volcano Black Moblins (made to resist fire so they can be placed in that environment). Farther up the path, there is an additional Ice-Breath Lizalfos. My recent Master Mode playthrough along with a few instances that occurred while testing in the regular mode proved that they can always spawn dynamically once they start appearing. Upon reaching the first Bokoblin upgrade, the latter two remain the same, but the regular Bokoblin is now blue. Then I guess I still have some killing to do, given that I haven't gone out of my way to destroy Skywatchers, or grind the lower-rank Lynels that spawn in the Hyrule Castle checkpoints. "This low-level gel monster is engulfed in freezing-cold air. This Silver Lynel the only silver enemy variation that can be encountered independently of the standard counter in normal mode. Any testing done on this or any ideas which it might be? Another example would be a camp at the entrance to Akkala with a few Black Moblins. Since black is good at destroying creatures and lands and green is good at destroying enchantments and artifacts, permanent destruction is a minor theme of black-green. Although, initially, gold enemies did not seem to have been flagged to give points, one of the version revisions post-1.3 seems to have changed this, and now all gold enemies give the same amount of points that their silver counterparts do. Red-white finds most of the their synergy through combat abilities, especially in the Boros guild of Ravnica. Target player loses life and you gain life. 2: Yiga Footsoldiers and Blademasters are now dynamically spawned. Explaining Enemy Scaling in BotW (X-post /r/Zelda) 1: Blue Bokoblins --> Black Bokoblins. Warp to owa daim shrine (stasis trial) and fly south to the valley with the giant horse, theres two blue lynels there. Assuming hard mode upgrades all enemies once, 19.2 points will be possible due to the three Blue Bokoblins becoming Black Bokoblins. Malice. They're not exactly the most powerful enemies in the game, but players know they can be tough.

Blights fought in Hyrule Castle have the same health as a Blight fought in a Divine Beast when three have been killed off and do the same damage as their equivalents in the Divine Beast would under those same conditions. If you follow the path past the Ice Wizzrobes and giant ice mass (which contains another shrine), there is one more Ice-breath Lizalfos. Additionally, the counter is universal for all enemies, with upgrades always occurring in the same order at the same values.

Wow, that's fascinating information. Slightly changed the formatting of the edits. Right behind the Yiga Hideout, there is a chest meant to be a trap that results in Link being ambushed by three Ice-breath Lizalfos.

Example cards include Debt to the Deathless and Agent of Masks. Unfortunately, I must admit that I caught onto the latter too late as I was focused on the former, but hopefully in the future I can figure that pattern out as well. In testing, there is no point before pausing is disabled after the final blow to Dark Beast Ganon that he is considered having been defeated; thus, in order to obtain these points, one must wait until the game saves after the credits. Each basic Wizzrobe is actually worth 5, the elemental Lizalfos are worth 20, Silver Lynels are worth 120, etc.,). Not all enemies that are given these upgrades start in their most basic state, either.

Added information pertaining to the Trial of the Sword and Master Mode. Upgrade order remains the same, and the amount of points needed for each remains the same, but every enemy is one tier higher.