Doer. Twitter has been buzzing with praise not just for this point, but for the show overall. Club also praised the series as its top pick out of Netflix's recent additions, so Borderliner is off to a good start as far as media attention. As a consequence, the story unfolds in layers. Audiences just can't seem to get enough of the genuine anxiety and intensity these shows offer, and when you get wrapped up in a narrative as compelling as these, marathoning is really the only way to do it. The Netflix original series is entirely in Norwegian, which could have potentially made it more difficult for Americans who aren't fans of subtitles to become sucked in.

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Netflix's new horror movie His House is proving to be a massive hit, and the ending is as poignant as it is haunting. It's exciting to see viewers become so invested in something that is so off the beaten path for shows American audiences would typically marathon, and could open the door down the line for Netflix to invest even more in these compelling stories created around the world.

How To Whittle An Egg, Another aspect of the show that viewers seem to appreciate is the fact that the protagonist, Nikolai (Tobias Santelmann), is a gay man. But half-way through, the plot-lines kept changing and moving around so much it got annoying and confusing but mostly boring and repetitive. Regardless of whether it'll continue — and if Netflix will again carry it for international audiences — fans have definitely been eating up the show so far, if Twitter is to be believed. Click on the pic to travel through the wormhole! With Borderliner, Netflix delves even further into the depths of crime mystery narratives. The illogical character actions don’t help either and large stretches of this Norwegian series feels dragged out unnecessarily. I have never felt so angry because so many questions were not answered. 21 out of 24 found this helpful. Just a "cliff hanger" to keep us guessing and wondering - ripped off viewers big-time. This show is very noir. Whether there’ll be more of this story to come in the future is anyone’s guess but based on what’s here, Borderliner ends with far too many unanswered questions making it a difficult one to recommend, even if the journey to the finale is mildly entertaining. 0 out of 0 found this helpful. It's like they ran out of budget, time and story. Too bad it ended up being a disappointment. 28 out of 31 found this helpful.

At best a pleasant and sometimes involving diversion, 'Borderliner' needs better writing in terms of plot development to fully achieve its goals.

Did they run out of budget?

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It could be seen as an especially good sign that Borderliner, which premiered on March 9, is well-received among American audiences. 1951 Willys Jeep Cj3a For Sale,

There are very few endings of any tv series/movie that made me so angry as this did.