He loves to play video games and enjoys writing about it to share his experience and ideas with others. I feel like graveward drops the same 15-20 Legendarys in a loop, tvhm mayhem 3 feels the same as normal mode mayhem 3 imo. RELATED: Borderlands 3 Nerfs Extremely Powerful Weapon. As I said earlier, Graveward soaks up the bullets, and the first time you fight it, you’ll almost definitely run out of ammunition if you don’t pick up more during the fight.

Aim for its weak spots whenever you can to bring it down faster as well as stun it for an easy chance to get critical shots at it. Graveward’s most threatening attack is its vomit move. In our experience, Graveward is just the fastest boss to eliminate, it’s easy to travel to it from anywhere, and there are vending machines nearby for quick selling of items. As players make their way through the main chapters of the story campaign in Borderlands 3, their focus is mostly on completing the missions, leveling up, and unlocking new abilities. Also drops Mongol, Rocket Launcher that shoots out small rockets from a big rocket, Rakkman (Pandora Carnivora Rare Spawn, Location Video) – Drops Night Flyer, Pistol that leaves enemies at one health, fully auto when airborne, Baron Noggin (Promethea Meridian Metroplex Target, Location Video) – Drops EMP, Grenade that destroys shields, Handsome Jackie (Promethea Skywell-27 Target, Location Video) – Drops Iron Willed Nimble Jack, Shotgun with good airborne accuracy, one shot, Judge Hightower (Promethea Lectra City Target, Location Video) – Drops Scorpio XL, Pistol that when thrown has its own shield, Borman Nates (Promethea Meridian Outskirts Rare Spawn, Location Video) - Drops Psycho Stabber, Pistol with 120% Melee damage that shoots daggers, Dinkeblot (Promethea Skywell-27 Rare Spawn, Location Video) – Drops Loot-o-gram you give to Earl that has a chance to turn into a random legendary, Wick and Worty (Promethea Lectra City Rare Spawn, Location Video) – Drops Redundant Savvy Phebert, Shotgun, radioactive that consumes two ammo per shot, Urist McEnforcer (Promethea Lectra City Rare Spawn, Location Video) – Drops Crossbow, Sniper that shoots crossbow bolts, Killavolt (Promethea Lectra City Side Quest Miniboss) – Drops Shocking 9-Volt, Pistol with triple projectile three round burst, One Punch (Promethea Lectra City Puzzle, Location Video) – Drops One-Pump Chump, Shotgun with one round and massive damage, Chupacabratch (Athenas Hunt, Location Video) – Drops Chupa’s Organ, Grenade that lifesteals through shields, Private Beans (Athenas Side Quest Miniboss) – Drops Westergun, SMG that fires energy projectiles without charging, Maxitrillion (Eden 6 Voracious Canopy Rare Spawn, Location Video) – Drops The Horizon, Shotgun that creates bouncing hologram target that explodes when shot, Heckle and Hyde (Eden 6 Jakob’s Estate Target, Location Video) – Drops Whizzy Pestilence, Pistol that shoots radiation rounds very fast, Psychobillies (Eden 6 Ambermire Target, Location Video) – Drops Electric Banjo, Artifact with 20% chance for chain lightning on shot, Sky Bullies (Eden 6 The Anvil Target, Location Video) – Drops Shooting Star, Shield that when depleted turns melee into projectile, El Dragon Jr (Eden 6 Jakob’s Estate Rare Spawn, Location Video) – Drops Unleash the Dragon, Artifact that makes slide, slam and melee all ignite, The Unstoppable (Eden 6 Ambermire Rare Spawn, Location Video) – Drops Band of Sytorak, Shield with weapon bonuses when depleted and higher max health.