On INPA it's not possible to see any data and on DIS it takes like a minute to read one amount of data and then loses connection again. What happen?? Are they direct or crossed?MAny thanksCArlos. Кажется, ожидание было потрачено зря? tengo instalado inpa con un puerto nativo rs232 , lo conecto directo al puerto y el problema es que la funcion de ignition la hace al reves, cuando llave contacto en on ignition esta en off y con llave contacto on ignition esta on , necesito ayuda, mi correo es femachin@hotmail.com .

By the way, i'm trying to install DISv44 program ( not IPMA). About Us I am trying to bench test a 1993 BMW TCM and it does not seem to respond to a DS2 command so I am trying to understand if this interface will help with a 93 BMW TCM? Do you reship my Tiny interface agian or not????? Also would it work with a PCMCIA to RS232 adapter? Therefore, the ADS driver fails to work properly with all USB RS232 ports and with some PCMCIA RS232 ports, depending on whether the PCMCIA card uses traditional RS232 hardware or instead merely has a USB RS232 chip stuffed inside it. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on. View cart for details. ("real" serial ports). Hi!Can you tell me what type of MOSFETs are used at Q1,2,3,4,5? I hope to be able to build these cheaply enough to provide a viable answer for the people wanting a DIY interface without the DIY assembly. Contact Us

In this thread, the seller is not responding .. Hi, I purchased this cable to use with pss-autosoft on a Dell D630 laptop running Windows XP SP3. This information will be very helpfull for TinyADS users. A 4081 has 4 AND gates inside the IC, but the circuit only needs 3, so one of them isn't needed and that's why the inputs are tied to VDD and the output is not connected to anything. I'm not interested in reselling them commercially, but perhaps just gifting/selling at cost to local BMW friends. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Thoughts? This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Is there a specific reason this does not work with a USB interface? This is a interface contains four software of BMW scanner INPA K DCAN cable + BMW DASH E6x V2.1.0 + BMW Scanner V1.4.0 + BMW Scanner V2.10 cable. Hello!I bought the tiny interface and making the rs232 cable now.

One thing led to another and what was produced was a completely redesigned interface which is no longer true to the "discover and build it in an evening" concept.

Hi againThank you very much for your help. Two months is longer than it should take to ship to any country. Have only tracking number from UPS UC000300773US. This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. So far everything I've seen from that era uses 9600 baud, and either odd or no parity. what program to open files TinyADSInterface2.sch TinyADSInterface2.pcb. There is still some hope that this can change in the future. Strapped cables, … I bought your wonderful interface for diagnosing my E36 93 year release.

Tiny ADS Interface is a DIY diagnostic interface for older BMWs. Home Copyright © 2008-2020 One-stop-electronics.com. Hello need your help). Hello, I have a problem with the TinyADS where it reads everything perfectly fine when ignition is turned on. sorry for bad English)), Do you solved the problem yet? CAn you help me with the 2 a3 pins of the cable? It's been a long time since I installed inpa but I seem to recall the reversed ignition indicator happening if inpa is configured for obd mode instead of ads mode. i just received the item few day ago and successful connect to the car only once but then same problem as yours. The gate voltage provided by the circuit is 10V, which is an easy requirement to meet, and the on resistance of the FET doesn't need to be any lower than 1 ohm, which is also easy to meet. I'm trying to get INPA w/TinyADS working with an E34 but the version of INPA (4.4.7) does not include the E34 configuration file so it's not an option while running INPA.Thanks. Of course, others are encouraged to download and build the design too. Further - you will need to replace the original ADS32.dll file with the one provided by us which is only compatible with the ADS USB Interface. It may try sending the wakeup byte in a few different ways (K or L; different baud; different packet type; etc.) Unfortunately not yet. Diagnostic interface for BMW Ediabas / INPA Software 100% compatible ADS mode for full support of 20pin OBD1 cars such as the E36 series and similar.

Tell me please what part of the circuit look for an error? For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, Tiny ADS Interface for BMW - INPA/DIS/EDIAB, USPS First Class Mail International / First Class Package International Service, K+DCAN USB Interface INPA/Ediabas OBD CAN Diagnostic Cable with Switch for BMW, K+DCAN USB Car Diagnostic Cable With Switch Interface INPA/ Ediabas OBD CAN Tool, INPA K+CAN K+DCAN Cable Switch for BMW Diagnostic FTDI FT232RL Tool Ediabas NCS, BMW K+D-CAN OBD2 USB Auto Cable FTDI FT232RQ +Switch +BMW Tools INPA EDIABAS NCS, K+DCAN USB Interface with Switch OBDII Diagnostic Cable INPA EDIABAS for BMW E92, Car Diagnostic Tool Cable INPA Ediabas K & DCAN USB Interface OBD2 OBDII For BMW, K+DCAN OBD2 Cable FTDI FT232RL Tool INPA EDIABAS NCS EXPERT ISTA for BMW, 2PCS Car Diagnostic Tool Cable INPA Ediabas K + DCAN USB Interface OBD2 for BMW, New Car Diagnostic Tool Cable OBD2 OBDII Scanner INPA/Ediabas K+DCAN USB For BMW, Car Diagnostic Tool Cable INPA Ediabas K + CD + DCAN USB Interface OBD2 For BMW, Car Diagnostic Tool Cable INPA Ediabas K + DCAN USB Interface OBDII OBD2 For BMW, HOT Car Diagnostic Cable INPA Ediabas K + DCAN USB Interface OBDII OBD2 For BMW, Car Diagnostic Tool Cable INPA Ediabas K & DCAN USB Interface OBDII OBD2 For BMW, 1*Car Diagnostic Tool Cable INPA Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface OBD2 OBDII For BMW, 1X(Inpa K + Can K + Dcan Cable Switch for Diagnostics Ftdi Ft232Rl Tool Edi M3U, INPA USB Cable for BMW K + DCAN OBD2 FTDI NCS ISTA GT1 Diagnostic Tool N54 MHD. Some receive on K and some receive on L, but they all transmit on K. Also, some require the first byte to be sent at 5 baud before switching to 9600 baud.

This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. It's not possible to monitor live sensor data.

Tell me what could be the problem? The FETs are BSS138BK in the BOM but it's not a very critical selection. -   Connects to USB port-   Status LEDs for RX and TX status-   Battery voltage detection by virtual comport control line -   Ignition voltage detection by virtual comport control line. It seems it was wasted time to wait for it? Only an fully ADS compatible interface can … I went ahead and touched up the circuit some in the process, adding LEDs and some protection. Let me know if the original shipping address is still ok to ship to and I'll reship it. Package contains:- INPA / Ediabas ADS USB InterfaceSpecial instructions:The Interface is based on the FTDI232RL chipset - you can download the required (most actual) drivers from FTDIchip.com directly. The Diagnostic Tool Set consists of a set of PC based applications which support developers, engineers and technicians in all aspects of communication with ECUs and vehicles via serial communication lines. Powered by one-stop-electronics.com, Dealing with BMW complex Electronic Control Units (ECU) along the entire process chain requires reliable communication and data, -   All BMW models with the round 20 pin diagnostic connector. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Choose File -> Load Profile Choose and window profiles have now Expert Mode profile with individualisation who select and click ok Connect the ADS interface with the laptop. More than a year after the almost free ADS interface was released, people were still asking for a prebuilt interface and I still had nowhere to send them. У меня нет ответа на письмо с вопросом, все ли в порядке или возникла проблема. Type the characters you see in the picture below. Thanks for your reply Jeff.

I verified my serial port is working using the loop back test. Someone needs to rewrite part of the ADS driver to use the more generic API which works with all kinds of serial ports including USB. Or at least, it was meant to be. error 10 in inpa .In this time, normal communication with ms41.0 and ms 43 m54 / m52. You can send the gerbers to OSH Park, order the parts from Mouser, and assimilate some SMD assembly tutorials while you wait for the PCBs to arrive. Everything was fine, but one day I could not read the car ... Inpa, dis error IFh-010, any attempt to connect, the LEDs light up PWR, IGN, and the L-line flashes. (it's called a slow wakeup). what details can be checked in the interface? The scanner comes with … I only have a basic multimeter. More than a year after the almost free ADS interface … Hi. Should I ask paypal to give me money back or you will eventually send it sometime? This would be straightforward if we had the source code, but we haven't. You don't need an interface to do that. Can you help me?? After correcting the wiring on the serial port side of my TinyADS cable, I have been able to connect with no problems and get the Batt and IGN status indicators working correctly.