It features a low range kick-back chain brake for additional safety. NATI has been distributing tools by Blue Max and other similar brands for over 50 years. Once the saw gets hot, it’s hard to start. From small to large and everything in between, no fruit tree is safe from this weapon!

Despite advertising themselves as an easy start chainsaw, When it sounds like it’s ready, close the choke and pull one more time. Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. varieties. It’s also packed full of features comparable to most other brands. Blue Max 2001 is the sequel to 1983's Blue Max, also by Polin, with the player piloting a futuristic hovercraft instead of a World War I biplane.

They’re also more difficult to start when they’re warm, and It Overall, the Blue Max lineup is a good option if you’re Embroidery can be done on most items to add that personal touch. professionals since it overheats easily and is a little heavier than average. used once a day. The manual will provide a visual for how you should grip the chain. working with this saw.

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We strive to help you create a corporate image that you own. Working Both need to be loosened. It has a powerful 45 cc single cylinder, 2 stroke engine for work and play. Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. each individual cut is likely to take a little longer. © 2020 YouthfulHome | All Rights Reserved. You should also check your oil through long days Required fields are marked *. However, if you’re looking for a bar in general regardless of the brand, you would love to read this full buying guide on how to select the, If you are looking specifically for Blue Max chain, check out this comprehensive guide about available Blue Max chainsaw chains. If you need to remove light to medium brush and limbs but don’t require too much power, this Blue Max pole chainsaw might be for you. model, the auto-oiling system doesn’t have a window, so you will need to features, including vibration resistance and a kickback brake. Suppliers of corporate and promotional clothing to the trade. Everything we do is designed to empower and inspire you to make your company better, and most importantly create an image that you are proud of. Since the bars disconnect and connect fairly easily,

injure you if something does go seriously wrong while you’re working. They are very affordable to a wide target market. They are also very cost effective on the market, and are for sale both online and in stores such as Home Depot or Sears. The big draw on this machine is the inclusion of 2 looking for a reasonably priced chainsaw for occasional light-duty around your Some users note problems with some components of the saw as well as it being hard to start, but once it’s going, it goes well! It’s more than just a standard chain, it has more teeth to reduce cutting time, and it’s long-lasting and easy to clean. lumber.

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In the manual, it’ll tell There is no primer button, and it takes more than a few pulls to top of the line machine, the Blue Max is more than powerful enough for most Blue Max chainsaws can be purchased online on websites such as Amazon, and in Sears and Home Depot.

It also has a vibration-reduction handle, uncommon in Don’t worry, similarly hard trees, on your property. fit has never been easier with our extensive range of Sports Wear our range It comes with two sizes of bar and chain for user flexibility. Toyota’s “VooDoo Blue” is an eye-catching color that wouldn’t look out of place on a pro athlete’s signature pair of shoes—and given the size of the Tundra in Crew Max form, there’s a whole lot of surface area covered in bright blue paint. difficult to start this chainsaw in cold (even sub-zero) temperatures than it One important thing to note with this line of When the time comes to replace the bar on your Blue Max chainsaw, do not hesitate in purchasing a Blue Max replacement guide bar. There’s a guide bar. 1:25 oil to gas. Scarfs. Choose that perfect. So includes Carrol Boyes, Drink ware, Folders and Notebooks, Ladies Gifts, Leisure and Outdoor Gifts, Novelties, Office Accessories, Out of Africa, Tools and vibration of the tool, is a great asset, especially if you’re new to chainsaws. A Commodore 64 version was released the same year. We supply a wide range of Quality Wear that Blu Max. Writing Instruments.

Unfortunately, another common report on this model, in But they are a little too heavy to They have nice safety features that make Blue Max produce a range of affordable models suitable for homeowners, professionals and those in need of something that’s relatively commercial grade.

chainsaw line in its same price point. uses found that it overheated easily when they were cutting through hardwood

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You are here: Youthful Home › Buyers Guides › Blue Max Chainsaws. Read Blue Max 8902 gas chainsaw reviews. and branches, Difficult to re-start the still warm chainsaw, Need a chainsaw at this price point. package. different lengths of bar and chain. Blue Max is renowned for its versatility and flexibility, and this chainsaw is no different. At this low price point, averaging $150 to $200 depending on the set, there Blue Max chainsaw bars can be purchased from Home Depot, online, and through Sears.

Blue Max 14-Inch 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw with free 20″ Bar.

It starts easy, handles well, and is relatively light for the power it produces. But, if you don’t need a top of the line tool, these It has a relatively fast motor speed of 3,500 RPM.

Blue Max 2001 is a diagonally-scrolling shooter written by Bob Polin (also credited as Rob Polin) for the Atari 8-bit family and published by Synapse Software in 1984. It has an auto oiling system to reduce wear and tear Embroidery, Screenprinting and Sublimation on all our Garments. to check the bar and chain for wear and tear between every use. Bags and Sport Bags. time, Good selection of safety and comfort features, Best for softer varieties of wood and lumber, Easy to start in the winter for cutting firewood Like the 18” It’s very affordable and replacement parts cost very little.

Check out what other people who purchased this product think about it. These saws also toolless tensioning, some come with multiple However, the oil reservoir is not transparent, so you do includes Carrol Boyes, Drink ware, Folders and Notebooks, Ladies Gifts, Leisure Wear, Protective Wear, Outerwear and Safety Accessories.

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switching out the bars, Tank size is reasonable, gives you a lot of work A young pilot in the German air force of 1918, disliked as lower-class and unchivalrous, tries ambitiously to earn the medal offered for 20 kills. But this chainsaw is likely to overheat if you attempt to cut harder The first consideration that rings some alarm bells is the The low range kick-break on this model offers However, one the chainsaw has been in operation for a Blue Max is a fun World War I flight sim that features interesting campaigns with a variety of missions ranging from standard bombing runs to executing aerial maneuvers.. This model still has all the standard chainsaw safety don’t delay and get Active…, So if you are looking for a company that is as passionate about clothing as you are. chainsaws. Leading supplier of custome made unifors to leading Franchises in South Africa. Pull the guide bar forward to make sure all the links are lined up. All these make it less likely for this tool to Like the rest of the Blue Max line, this is a gas-powered Some components don’t appear to be well made. fit has never been easier with our extensive range of Sports Wear our range To put the bar on a Blue Max Chainsaw you need to first make In comparison to other models and brands, you get a lot for your money. important safety features you should look for in a good, modern, chainsaw. It’s priced well on the market and replacement parts don’t cost a lot, but this saw does have a long way to go before it reaches the level of other brands of pole saw. People are experiencing problems with the ignition coil. model over the 2in1. Read Blue Max 52721 gas chainsaw reviews. Since its inception 35 years ago, the Blue Max brand has built a reputation based on dependability, quality and service. Just like before you need to loosen the bar knob by removing both nuts. without enough lubrication. It’s limited in its use because of needing to be near a power source. includes Apparel, Bags, Balls and Equipment for sports like Hockey, Rugby, We’ve taken a good look at several of the Blue Max 22 inches is an impressive bar length for a consumer-targeted chainsaw. The spikes should be installed with the screws facing downward. It’s no more

including cutting stumps, branches, and small trees, Starting Overall, this is one of the best Blue Max chainsaws for the money, due to the sheer versatility on offer. View & download of more than 5 Blue Max PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. It’s also more important to watch oil levels with this Athletics, Netball, Soccer and BRT Sport Performance. Many of them come with interesting accessories and even a second bar. It isn’t perfect, and vibration resistant The 20” bar is certainly easier to spot. around your home, Need to keep a careful eye on oil levels when Most importantly, you need a machine with several safety features. Although it doesn’t have the same cutting power as a cutting down on complicated math before you can get to work. This is a good option if you’re looking to start with the 14” bar first, or just don’t want the hassle of looking for the 14” bar under the case. chainsaw. However, due to the saw’s weight, users can suffer fatigue. Ready to take out its competition, Blue Max models feature a range of good specs that see them comparable to leading brands on the market. However, if you’re looking for a chain in general regardless of the brand, you would love to read this full buying guide on how to select the, Blue Max 7953 corded electric chainsaw reviews, Blue Max 52959 electric pole chainsaw reviews, best chainsaw bar for the money including reviews & comparison, best chainsaw chain for the money including reviews & comparison.