I am aware of the local storage option, but that will double the price before you even sort out a USB stick. A system STARTS wiith a sync module up and running. Setting up the Blink Outdoor and Sync Module 2 is simple. How are they supposed to know to go the new cameras page to find this?

Doesn’t matter where they announced the termination of free cloud storage, Amazon still publishs the original description on Blink XT2 page. Even so, I did miss the beginning of some motion activity in the saved clips due to the camera needing to boot up to record. I know we are splitting hairs but even I was confused for a few days. If you intend to expand, and XT2 is no longer available, pay the subscription then, for the outdoor, or whatever you add, not now when you don’t need to. I just bought the Blink XT2 3 cameras package x 2 . When you set up your Blink Mini you will automatically get a free trial of the premium subscription plan effective from your date of purchase through December 31, 2020. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. I will be reporting it to the conser protection agency for false advertising. Discuss: Blink's Outdoor Security Camera is solid, but the last-gen XT2 was better, More companies should offer free cloud storage (commentary), Amazon's Blink battery-powered security camera is still kicking 1 year later, Amazon's new Ring camera is actually a flying drone -- for inside your home, Ring Mailbox Sensor: Amazon will alert you if someone steals your mail, the Wyze Cam Outdoor does even more for only $50. If you stick with the XT2, assuming that’s what you have, you have a fully functional system that is free of subscription. Store video clips on the Blink Sync Module 2 by inserting a USB flash drive (each sold separately). JoyK is talking about what a Chat rep said, not just what’s shown on Amazon. I’m reading the forum. after 2020 from Blink rep 09082020. Blink Storage Options. Screenshot_2020-10-14 Amazon com Blink XT Home Security Camera System - Add-on Camera for existing Blink customers - 1st Ge... Screenshot_2020-10-14 Amazon com Blink XT2 Outdoor Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2...(1). Not a big deal. Canada French | France | Germany | Italy | Spain | UK. In my opinion, the free option of local storage, with the new subscription cameras, is next to useless, if it’s true that locally stored items cannot be viewed in the app. I guess until they change that with a new product release. And don’t give me your bull about being a troll or a non customer. I think even support was originally putting out confusing info. I wanted the new sync2 module which is a system I purchased after 4/15/20 even though I have an account since 2016. Nobody is buying your song and dance. Then if you still want to go with Blink, get a new 2020 outdoor camera system that comes with sync module 2. This is also the owner’s manual. This camera also works with Alexa and I was able to pull up its live feed on an Amazon Echo Show 8 with, "Alexa, show my camera." Please help. A Sync Module is required for the Blink Outdoor camera to work; Blink says the module helps extend the camera's Wi-Fi range and improves its battery life. * Once your free trial has ended, you can subscribe through Amazon.com to continue receiving these helpful features. Currently, the new Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras in addition to the XT, XT2 and Mini are for North... How To Save Live View on Blink Cameras

With every business, some customer reps are good, some stupid and give misinformation. Hit the plus sign on the top right corner of the home screen and follow the instructions to connect your module and camera. to learn about promotions, new products, updates and more! That link does give the continued free XT2 storage information. That involves work, not silver platters. To be clear, if you are an existing Blink customer with an account before 4/15/20 you get free storage for any device you have now and in the future. You can have an account but no system.

Customers will receive many of the benefits of our XT2; wire-free, two-year battery life, IR night vision, 1080p HD video, advanced motion detection, and two-way audio. You’ll have the newest hardware. I haven’t searched around to confirm this, because right now I have no need for any of the new systems, plus I’d be grandfathered in anyway, but I thought I saw it in passing. Once everything is set up in the app, you can put your camera anywhere within Wi-Fi range and start using it. There are many many questions on Amazon and on this forum about continued XT2 free storage. I’m sure others can confirm. Customers do get a free trial of the Blink Subscription Plan through 2020, but after that, you have to decide if you want to only receive alerts and view the live feed -- or if you're fine forking over the cloud service fee to review saved clips, which will start at $3 per month.