It was a pretty good shot (about 105 yards) with a muzzleloader. Read (and follow! Then he explained it was with one shot.

When you’re adding wax to your powder coating products, it’s crucial that you choose the right type of wax. In 2006, we were able to expand our services to include powder coating and media blasting.

Additionally, cleaning a black powder gun is somewhat dirty. timeout Time limit exceeded. When he said two deer, I thought they had each shot one.

Run a few more patches through to make sure additional fowling, rust, or powder is gone.

4) Coat a patch with a lubricant/protectant, and LIGHTLY coat the inside of your barrel. Powder coating is the premier solution for boosting the appearance and longevity of your metal products. I soak a piece of thread in oil, and run it back and forth through the orifice to prevent future fouling. wow...i wish i could get into shooting like that, but my dad doesn't like guns... =(i guess with the media and everything, he just thinks they're reallllllyyyyy bad...oh yeah, and my friend told me there was alot of 12 point bucks on his property somewhere in texas... Well, hang in there. With a brass or copper brush, run your ramrod through the bore to remove any further carbon, fowling, or rust several times.

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1) Apply a powder solvent to the barrel and allow to sit.

As you clean the gun, blackened powder-soaked fluids will come out.

Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! All Rights reserved. He went out by himself at 4:30 AM, and had one on the ground by about 6 AM. Can You Powder Coat Over Existing Powder Coat? 3) Use a brass or copper brush to remove any final fouling, rust, or carbon.

The wax that you apply should be labeled as non-abrasive, and if your products are meant for outdoor usage, your wax should include some form of UV protection. Fortunately, cleaning and protecting your powder coating isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, particularly if you follow a few simple tips. It was about 2 hours ago. I remember the manuals said, “Always clean thoroughly when you are finished shooting.” What I learned is that you may sometimes be finished shooting because you have to clean your gun as it has become almost unusable with residue powder.

I think it's awesome that you're building em, but I've nearly lost some hearing in one ear and feeling in one hand from messin with the stuff.

Is It Safe to Carry a Handgun Fully Loaded? You will get your monies worth on both endeavors. 9 years ago America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter.

Let them soak for the recommended solvent manufactures time.

2) Run patches through your barrel repeatedly. on Introduction. Replace them as needed. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval.

While powder coating is extremely durable, it will need maintenance from time to time to make sure that it stays looking great. none the less, 5 stars! It takes a bit more time and effort to clean a Muzzleloader/black powder gun, but for me the extra effort is well worth the reward. The living room carpet or kitchen sink may not be good.

Get notified when 9mm, .223 Rem., and Other Popular Calibers are in Stock & Ready to Ship, Your email address will not be published. WOW... Actually, he shot a 5 point buck this morning. Place paper towels or rags on the bottom of your work space to absorb these fluids. Don't do anything that you can't undo! Clean up the exterior of the gun so no residue is on the outside.

This may take some time and many patches. It kinda depends how you grow up.

When I hunted with black powder, it helped me get better shooting seasons in my home state. He was almost 8 when he shot his first deer.

If you want advice for powder coating maintenance, or if you need to schedule powder coating for your products, then the team at AR Powder Coating is ready to help. Run patches through the barrel repeatedly. It is most easily accomplished with the breechplug removed, if that's possible. 2)Remove the breechplug (if possible), and primer-nipple. I've seen a few 12 pointers (a friend got one last week), but The biggest one I've ever taken was an 8. Firearm safety is of utmost importance. Now you are ready to hunt or target practice.

Black powder is a great way to experience the shooting sport and hobby from a new angle. You're certainly starting right, and sounds like you're considering the most important things. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. My troop never did anything cool, so I bailed. 's blog. If you wish to reschedule, we will make arrangements for you. Lightly coat all exposed metal with gun or sewing machine oil. Keeping your family safe throughout this difficult time is our number one goal. Have fun! On pistols, you will have to apply it to the cylinder and chambers as well. if ( notice ) Note that lightly is stated twice. Just make sure it's not loaded! Do not ever work on a loaded weapon! thank you for your concern, the reason i made it .177 is because of the minimal chamber pressures, therefore making it less likely to blow up, also since pellets are dirt cheap i would not have to cast or buy lead ammo! You may need a manual or diagram. Use a nipple wrench. Maintaining the powder coating of your products is easy as long as you have the right strategy in place.

on Introduction. )instructions to your particular type of solvent. I could never do that even if I tried! NOTE: I'm pressed for time, but I'll try to add a few more pics to this ible soon.

here is a link if you wanna check it out:, 12 years ago They are more effective than a shotgun with a slug. This is comparable to saying that shooting a 12-gauge shotgun with three-inch magnum buckshot will have somewhat of a kick. Have a place to dispose of dirty patches handy.

Did you make this project? Clean your breech plug and nipple according to the owners manual and replace on the gun. Reply do you have any suggestions?

i'm sorry, but i just have to say again... While powder coating is much more durable than almost any other coating type you could choose, it is not invulnerable, and can easily be damaged by coarse solvents.

wow, i never knew they made modern muzzle-loaders... The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! Please call the main office with questions or concerns, 702-565-7161. You will get your monies worth on both endeavors. setTimeout( Yes, I would like to receive offers and newsletters from Cheaper Than Dirt. Mainly just let me say BE CAREFUL!!!!

that... that is amazing. They give you a sense of the frontier days and the old west. All final payments can be accepted by mail or charged to a credit card.

Please be respectful of others. It really was. Be sure to consult your owners manual and the solvent directions. on Introduction. My youngest son killed 2 deer with one shot last year! Begin disassembly. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. i also have decided to stick with a small charge of black powder and keep it small, because the chamber pressures are less for black powder than most other powders. (MIne was a .22 muzzleloading experiment gone horribly wrong!).. display: none !important;

on Introduction. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Ensure your black powder guns, parts and accessories are in tip-top shape with some of our affordable black powder cleaning supplies.

Plastic Cleaning Bases Second, disassemble the gun for cleaning. If you clean your powder coating with harsh chemicals, you will be drastically reducing its lifespan, impacting both its appearance and ability to protect your products.

I had one friend that shot himself in the toe, and another who SHOT HIS EAR OFF, while working on loaded muzzleloaders. Time limit exceeded. However, the one thing they did not talk too much about was cleaning. By the way, muzzleloading weapons are still evolving. Using a gun can be as serious as driving a car. It takes a bit more time and effort to clean a Muzzleloader/black powder gun, but for me the extra effort is well worth the reward. i like this instructable a lot!

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make for your powder coating is what type of cleaning solution you will use. Black powder guns get dirty fast. On a modern rifle, the same may apply but you will need to remove the breech plug as well. 4-H, Boy Scouts, Ducks Unlimited and a few other groups used to offer some pretty good opportunities. I have found that a sturdy medium-to large-sized plastic food container works well as a base. i did make a derringer in that caliber with a 3 inch barrel but i can just use some of those long Q tips to clean the bore after firing. However, if you decide to pressure wash your powder coated products, you should be sure to use a low pressure setting.

This applies to the chamber and cylinders of a traditional pistol.

AR Iron will remain open and available to accept current and future appointments. of course, i know next to nothing about guns... We thank you for your patronage. function() { hmm... once apon a time, i was in boyscouts, and i know that troop had some outings where they had target shooting with shotguns...the most i ever did while i was there was learn how to clean just the barrel... Yeah, I was in Scouts for about a year. If you pressure wash your products correctly, you can easily remove dirt and debris without risking the integrity of your powder coating.  =  Family-owned and operated since 1989, AR Iron began as a small ornamental iron shop.

11 years ago

I was like, "How did he reload so quickly?". Whether you have a traditional or modern black powder rifle or handgun, get ready to get dirty. Honestly, with that first Hawken I built from a kit, the real question when I pulled the trigger was would it really work. Some processes are like cleaning a modern gun.

i tried initially cleaning it with some pipe cleaners, it worked but it was a pain in the arse because of the small bore and being so long. Here are a few of the easiest solutions for powder coating maintenance that will help you keep your powder coating finish looking like new for years to come.

3)If it's really dirty/rusted, remove stock and trigger assembly. 8 Additionally, cleaning a black powder gun is somewhat dirty. Many use a "209"(shotgun shell-type) primer for ignition, and a few are even designed to fire modern smokeless powder (NEVER mix or substitute modern smokeless powder for black powder/pyrodex!).

happy shooting! Black Powder Pistol The next step you can do prior to applying solvent. Now go clean up. | Lic #0055381, Insured, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Understanding the Basics of Powder Coating for Metal Products, How to Get the Best Finish Possible When Powder Coating, 6 Advantages of Powder Coated Wrought Iron Fences.

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