This is one of my all-time favorite worship songs of any style. There’s nothing better than listening to strong women lead in worship. Tim Lucas has been leading worship in churches for more than 20 years. While many white musicians gravitated toward country, folk, and old-timey music to express their spirituality outside of traditional Christian hymns, Black Gospel music drew heavily upon the traditional spirituals that had been passed down from the days of slavery, picking up its more driving rhythmic emphasis from blues and early jazz. >>Learn To Lead Worship, Even If You’ve Never Done It Before. There’s nothing more beautiful in God’s ears than every style, genre, language, and culture praising him, each in their own way. There’s a reason this guy’s named after the Promised Land. Thank you for the 25 Best Soulful Gospel Songs. Hezekiah Walker looks like he’s having so much fun in whatever he does. While its exact origin remains unknown, research suggests that Down in the River to Pray was written by a slave. We need these types, plus Norteño from Mexico and the rhythmic styles of Africa, and everything in between. I think this is a little taste of what heaven will be like. We always strive to feature inspirational, helpful, and thought provoking pieces in business, entertainment, community, politics, lifestyle, and more. Well, here’s a happy song to help fill that gap. Envisioning the freedom in Heaven, I Got a Robe is another key gospel song that many say is rooted in the slavery era. It was God sent as I was looking for more songs to add to my list. Just stumbled upon this great article…awesome! I loved it, especially since many of the lists with gospel music from Christians who look like me contain the same songs. Hi, thanks for your list! Thanks for signing up for Worship Song Of The Week. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'blackexcellence_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',116,'0','0'])); Former slaves whose masters had left the island prior to the Union navy arrival that enforced a blockage sang Michael Row the Boat Ashore. I decided this was the gospel song I was finally going to try in my church. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child expresses despair and pain. If all churches and songs were “white guy U2-style rock worship,” God wouldn’t be fully honored. It is exactly what scholars call a label describing their roots among the enslaved as well as an authentic slave song. But vocally — that’s near impossible. is a platform to shed light on noteworthy stories and achievements in the black community in the U.S. and around the world.

The song talks about an angel band that takes the slave to freedom. In this tune, JJ Hairston uses his choir to bring a new power through call and response. This masterpiece originated during the slavery period but was published in 1867, in a book entitled, A version of this gospel hymn was sung by. I truly hope you are not offended RAVEN. Please help? "Break Every Chain" Tasha Cobbs Leonard, First Baptist Church of Glenarden You are really speaking to me with this wonderful introduction to some and reminder of other inspiring pieces of praise & worship music. 35), #1 Tip For Worship Songwriting + Creativity vs Accessibility with Nick Morrow of Mountaintops (Podcast Ep. In fact, many of today’s secular stars got their start singing in church. Regardless of your musical background or favorite genre, black gospel music has been so influential to the history of music that its maxims can be found in all types of songs. 36), How To Coach a Worship Team, Touring as a Worship Leader & More with Shawn Thomas (Podcast Ep. So we got the (predominantly white) worship team together, rehearsed it like crazy. Drenched in sweat, walking every inch of the stage, speaking and singing into the lives of the congregation. Houghton and one of my favorite bands, Elevation Worship, team up and demonstrate how the best of two genres of worship can be combined with fantastic results. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'blackexcellence_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',113,'0','0'])); This song’s message is that the one singing it is planning to break free from enslavement. Yes, please! This masterpiece originated during the slavery period but was published in 1867, in a book entitled Slave Songs of the United States.

Truly inspiring! The drinking gourd mentioned in this African American gospel folk song is actually a water dipper which is the Big Dipper’s code name. The music was quite egalitarian in terms of gender, as both male and female performers -- Brother Joe May, Rev. You’re missing Pastor John P. Kee from this list…Jesus is Real, Wash Me, Standing in the Need, New Life, Clap Your Hands…just a sampling of his hits…. Many thanks!

Each of theses songs lead u right into the presence of God. You Waited and Intentional by Travis Greene … powerful!!! >> Want to grow as a worship leader? But I understand where you’re coming from. When slaves fled, they’d walk in the river to cover their scent from the bounty-hunters’ dogs. Unlike most of the other songs on this list, this is one I’ve done hundreds of times going back even to when I was leading worship in youth group. Composer and singer Thomas A. Dorsey crystallized the style in 1932 with his epochal "Take My Hand, Precious Lord," and went on to compose a great many songs that later became standards.

When a slave heard this tune, he would know that he had to be prepared for the big escape. One group shouldn’t feel inadequate because they can’t pull off another style or genre. Now check your email for your free worship team application template! Please, be careful about the things you’re telling yourself and the example for your readers so there is a spirit of confidence and joy in the gifts God has given each of you rather than a preoccupation with or coveting of another person’s talents. Start Leading Worship. Wow… This is somewhat of a list to be explored by me… I’m gonna dive in to each of them. I am a fan of Afrian American gospel songs.

I think many worship leaders are afraid to weave teaching and encouragement into the song. Success!

This song knocked me out when I first heard it. It is easy to see the roots of this black gospel song. It goes like “tell me why do you weep, when God’s able to (keep? Sign up for email updates, and get instant access to an editable Word doc and PDF worship team contract. -- gained wide renown among both black and white audiences. Follow the Drinkin’ Gourd also suggests escaping during spring since days get longer and the quails start calling each other in April.

I hope you enjoyed this totally non-comprehensive list of powerful black gospel songs. It has one of the most memorable lines from all the black gospel songs. You know, there’s just something about a strong worship leader. I still remember hearing this song on secular radio when it first came out.

Whether or not you go to church or believe in God, you’ll be one step closer to the Almighty after hearing this masterpiece.

Get instant access to our worship team application template when you sign up. I really appreciate the emails from Worship deeper. Hammond brings serious encouragement to the believer with “No Weapon.” I love it when a worship leader teaches and lifts up a congregation. Props to Hez.

RELATED: 9 Classic Christmas Songs Black Artists Sang Better eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'blackexcellence_com-box-4','ezslot_1',114,'0','0'])); Go Down Moses talks about the Bible’s Old Testament events, particularly Exodus 8:1. RELATED: The Story of the First African American to Appear on a U.S. Maybe you can help me. Charles Pickard Ware, a Harvard graduate and abolitionist, was supervising St. Helena Island’s plantations between 1862 and 1865. I am part of a predominantly white organization, and we needed more upbeat music for our retreat. Some tunes (also known as signal songs and map songs) included detailed and coded instructions that helped slaves travel to the north and escape enslavement.