Alas, they’re just shorts.

Apparently they brought the smartest kid in class on board – Lululemon’s head of product design. It will be your reference guide for years to come! Not only that, but it throws you off your workout routine, making the gym feel more like a prison sentence when you’re so uncomfortable. } best. ... Reddit's largest men's fashion community. I've worked with their customer service and they are friendly. Interestingly, I got a lot of unsolicited feedback.

I'd like to wear them (casually, not at the gym) more than once between washes (both due to the price tag, and just for convenience) but I feel like I can seeing as they as double as underwear that supposedly has antibacterial fabric.

There is a small pocket with a low profile zipper on the left hip, a larger pocket on the right hip for the phone (also low profile zipper) and then two deep pockets on either side (normal location). My main hangup before I tried them was the liners. I can't say enough about these shorts. As regards Birddogs products, customers can enjoy Birddogscertain percent or dollar off at present. Really comfortable and they breath really well because of whatever fabric the liner and the outer portion are made of. I ordered these on December 9th and as of December 28th, I still have not received them. I have asked for a full refund as there does not appear to be any caring customer service. If you experience an issue, just hit them up with a friendly mannerism and they will help you out. Birddogs may lack seriousness in their branding, but they’ve built an excellent pair of shorts that you can wear to play golf or plenty of other activities. Yup!

Nothing has given out. Occasionally, we write about items that are a part of one of our affiliate partnerships and we will get a percentage of the revenue from sales. For a long time, men were resigned to boring, uncomfortable pants, that never fit just right. For example, I showed up to a haircut wearing a t-shirt and sandals, and my barber asked me if I had come from the beach. We welcome those who want to learn and those who want to contribute. These shorts are sure to replace those boring-ass things you’re currently wearing during a workout.

One thing I did notice is that some of their styles get sold out, which is something I’ve seen from a lot of growing apparel brands. Overall, I’m giving the Birddogs shorts and pants a big thumbs up. My favorite part of the Birddogs pants is the cut. For golfers, I think they add another layer of value. The pockets on these shorts are hardly noticeable, but extremely functional. Good luck! Reddit's largest men's fashion community. Plus, with features like a phone pouch and, finally, a ball pouch, you won’t be left readjusting yourself at the gym all the time. Set it and forget it.

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Every time I try it's all in HTML and no pictures show up.

Despite having my concerns about the built-in liner, I dig them. I've been wearing the same pair at least 3-4 times per week for 12 hours straight each time for at least 6 months.