BREAKING: New Non-Typical Whitetail Record Upheld, Reliving the Impossible: The Brewster Buck Story, Brewster Buck Revisit: Discovering Mufasa, Rainy Day Non-Typical Giant Buck Arrowed in Missouri, Why Plant Warm-Season Food Plots for Deer. Some that are very iconic in themselves, and you will probably recognize from magazines or your trips to Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's. I let go of the camera and drew my bow. It’s not clear whether he was thinking of the table or the trophy wall when Breen shot the giant deer, but his bullet dropped the first hunter-killed typical whitetail to break the 200-inch barrier. Boone and Crockett scorers counted a whopping 47 points on the animal. We checked our trail cameras with newfound excitement, but there were no more photos of the buck. But no shot ever was offered. As he closed to a mere 10 yards, I had my bow in my left hand and was running the camera with my right. The buck had an inside spread of 25 1/8 inches, and it doesn't seem to likely that a deer will top its score anytime soon. These bucks all grew to be world-class deer and avoided the tip of an arrow or the smack of a bullet until their last breath. Join The FeatherNett Outdoors Field Staff Program and Get Paid for Hunting Content! Cabala’s HERE WE COME . Once our representative has confirmed the availability of your dates, a confirmation will be sent. The Michael Beatty Buck was shot in 2000 by Mike Beatty in Greene County, Ohio, and is the largest whitetail buck ever killed with a compound bow. On his right antler, on a drop tine, there is a crisp clear hole that goes all the way through the tine.

Unionville, Ohio — A southeast Ohio man shot a massive deer on Oct. 26 that could be one of the larger bucks shot in Ohio this season. Josh's dad explained he had tines going everywhere but seemed a little "weak" on the right side. Like it or not, the standards for scoring a B&C or P&Y typical whitetail are so stringent that they can turn a would-be world record into just another coulda-been-a-contender in the snap of a measurer’s tape. Field Dressed Weight: No Field Dress Weight. In 2003, 15-year-old Tony Lovstuen went on a youth hunt with his father in Monroe County, Iowa in late September. Tips and info on mowing your pastures/foodplots and how best to avoid fawns and turkey poults... Mike Clerkin is hunting the alternative weapon whitetail season in Missouri with his S&W revolver. Well, this man in Ohio might have just broken a record with his. Unsure if it was actually a bullet hole, it adds some flair to the story so most recognize it as that. I was getting hit with two years' worth of anxiety, and I couldn't even catch my breath to do a good post-shot interview.

They eventually met their fate, though, and we are just glad someone stumbled across them. Alternatively if you need to pay an custom amount for payment, please click here. We never got another picture of him that November.

Illinois conservation officer Jim Twitchell was directed to pick up a road-killed deer in Randolph County, Illinois back in November of 1965. Add at least one trip. Learn How to make Professional Content with the Free Course! While scouting, he couldn't believe what he saw.

Strangely, the second-largest buck ever was actually killed by a train in Kent, Ohio. It was only after he trailed the buck and found it that he realized he had shot a 48-point giant that would become one of the biggest bucks ever killed. But my mind was still on a deer back home. The story behind it is a mystery at the moment, but it was found not killed and that is what this list is all about. Lovstuen’s buck stood atop the record books for more than a decade until another young hunter would topple the buck’s number one spot. Giving the legendary buck the name "Hole in Horn Buck." With a 31-inch spread, many who see this deer will claim it's the biggest deer they've ever seen. Sure enough, I started getting more pictures. Until your account is approved, your new trips will be show a status of "Pending". Mike Moore. While several hunters shot at the buck, only Hanson’s bullets were proven to be true, and the easy-going farmer was suddenly famous.

After the story began spreading, it was found that there had been three different hunters chasing this once-in-a-lifetime majestic whitetail and none of them were aware of the others. After being measured, Beck’s deer tallied an unreal 305 ⅞ inches, putting it near the top of the biggest bucks ever harvested. Would You Relocate Just to Hunt Big Deer? The time Dan spent scouting and bowhunting this 37-pointer was repaid in full on Oct. 27, 2015. Through a series of odd happenings detailed in Gordon Whittington’s fascinating book World Record Whitetails (, Jordan would not lay hands on the giant rack again until five decades later. On the chilly mid-October evening, Richmond saw the elusive buck once again.

The buck would surpass the Pauli Buck as the largest ever killed in Illinois at the time. A panel of Boone and Crockett scorers tallied the points at a whopping 304 ⅜ inches, easily making Bryant’s buck one of the biggest bucks ever harvested. CLICK HERE TO JOIN! We accept Paypal or credit card below. I immediately checked my cameras but had no pictures of the buck. The Milo Hansen buck, the James Jordan buck, and now the new Stephen Tucker world record buck have and will consume hunters' minds and stories for decades.

Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. I spent much of the long drive home from Canada studying my photos of Christmas Tree on DeerLab and thinking about the moon phase for the season opener. This is the heaviest whitetail deer ever killed. Incredible width, huge mass and tines going everywhere.

Once he stopped broadside at 30 yards in one of the spots I'd ranged for a shot. Answers to the most popular decoying questions to bring bucks your way! Number of Hunters1 – $750.00 USD2 – $1,500.00 USD3 – $2,250.00 USD4 – $3,000.00 USD5 – $3,750.00 USD6 – $4,500.00 USD, Type of HuntBow – Non-RutBow – Pre-RutBow – RutGun – 1st FirearmsGun – 2nd FirearmsLate Muzzleloader, Month of HuntSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary. The buck’s antlers hung in the Kent Canadian Club for decades until an outdoor writer discovered the unreal set and scored them before announcing that the deer was the biggest buck ever scored. I couldn't believe I'd actually been hanging a stand in the very woods where he'd been bedded that morning. 1 hit-list buck killed and the giant buck missing, our 2014 season seemed like a bust. Jerry Bryant was enjoying a hunt on November 15, 2001 in which he was hoping to bag his first turkey with a crossbow. As soon as I got home, 5 Steps to Successfully Hunt Velvet Bucks, Preparing for All-Day Sits in the Deer Woods, Choose the Right Load for Your Muzzleloader, What You Need to Know About Decoying Bucks, Wireless Whitetail Work: Moultrie Mobile Does it All.