“Our mission at Loud Bicycle is to make biking safer and raising awareness is a big part of that,” says Jonathan Lansey. I do have a couple of train whistles, but never considered hooking them up on a vehicle. 97.

Somewhere on the tank it will have a maximum pressure and burst pressure stamped into the metal. I also find that a blast of it after a close overtake makes people aware that they were too close, along with calming my mood so I don’t fume over it for the rest of the ride. You can buy them HERE  Bungee Cords/ Straps- Very cheap @ any local hardware store. Regardless of that, i would always install a set of compact air horns on my motorbikes, however i never felt that much safer with them on board, its road craft that will keep you alive - not relying on a loud horn. Get it Thursday, Oct 15. A sensor mounted to the front fork transmits information to the computer from more than 2 feet away. “It makes me laugh every time,” says a Brooklyn cyclist who uses an assault-grade bike horn. The most important part of this instructable is of course the bike that your going to be using. The horn cures all that—anytime Eugene activates it, it triggers a reaction in people like they just realized they’re walking into the path of a freight train. on Introduction. The possibilities are all up to you! However, Eugene’s commute just got a little easier thanks to a device that, when mounted on a bike and given a button-push, emits a throaty, ear-walloping honk.

This means you can remove it really easily and take it off when you get where ever you are going.

So i would also lean towards airhorns on a detachable bracket for a bike. They'd also be smaller and lighter and less conspicuous. About: A newbie DIY enthusiast in the process of becoming a pro. Modengzhe Bike Bugle Horn Retro Clown Horn Metal Air Horn with Squeeze Bulb for Bicycle Golf Cart, Red. This means that when you use it people won’t instantly tune it out as someone in a bicycle, which would happen with a bicycle bell. * If you do not have a bike with a luggage rack, you could build one using either wood, metal scraps, or even PVC pipes. Updated hourly. I fill it while monitoring a second pressure gauge outside the steel box. The AirZound is a great piece of kit and anyone who cycles in busy traffic or during week day commutes really should invest in one! 4.3 out of 5 stars 19. See more rev The Loud Bicycle is designed to mimic the sound of an approaching auto as closely as possible, with the thinking being drivers and pedestrians alike are much more likely to pay attention to a car horn and its implicit danger than the merry tinkle of a bike bell. Note: Riders should check the tire pressure once they get back home, keeping it at the recommended psi (usually printed on the side of the tire.). I had one break once, and it put a good sized dent in the side of the 1/8" thick stainless steel tool box in the bed of my truck. Easily refillable too. When you’re riding in traffic, sometimes a bell just isn’t enough. Though I'd think a non-cryogenic gas would be in order due to the amount of air required. Thank you for pointing that out, and thanks for the new link too!