Georgia, Inmate Care Packages, Murray CountyInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Chatham County, Georgia, Inmate Care PackagesInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Georgia, Inmate Care PackagesInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Georgia, Inmate Care Packages, Miller CountyInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Georgia, Inmate Care Packages, Randolph CountyInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Coweta County, Georgia, Inmate Care PackagesInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, send-inmate-money-commissaryJuly 28, 2020. Inmate Commissary is a fast and secure way to place a commissary deposit by friends and families for an inmate. People who have never been to jail would be surprised by the large amount of candy, snacks, art supplies, playing cards, hygiene products and clothing that can be purchased through a jail's commissary. is made available as a public service and in the interest of public safety. To make phone calls to Bibb County Jail you can consider a Offender Account for your Inmate which allows them to make calls from a phone account. Many jails also allow an inmate to bail himself out of jail if he has the funds in his account. While sending cash and items depositors must include the jail number with their details (name and address), if the mentioned details are not mentioned in the deposit items Bibb County Jail will return the items to the depositor. The information below provides complete instructions regarding the Bibb County Jail: Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate has access to commissary, and in some cases medical and bail money, as soon as possible. Contact Pigeonly for more information on this. If you can't get your questions answered online call the Bibb County Jail at 478-621-5555. Choice 4 - Make an Inmate Deposit over the Phone. After the transaction is done the amount credits to an inmate’s account, Bibb County Jail might charge an online fee for the deposit contact the facility for the amount. Bibb County Jail allows the funds to be deposited/ transferred through TouchPay direct. Inmate Commissary - Macon Jail, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. Call 478-621-5555 to ask facility personnel who to make the money order out to, and where to send it. Make the Money Order out to the inmate's name and put their Inmate ID# in memo section of the Money Order. Choice 3 - Mail the Inmate Deposit to the Jail. MoneyGram makes it easy for families and friends to send money to an inmate. The Bibb County Jail Commissary Instructions and Information can be found here. The bail amount is typically 10-15% of the bond amount set by the court. How to Put Money on an Inmate Account in the Bibb County Jail. Bibb County Jail allows friends and families to deposit money in Inmate’s book accounts through several ways. You are cautioned that the information on this site may not reflect the current There are usually four choices for putting money on an inmate's books: Jail personnel will process the Inmate Account payment. Inmates can purchase several types of items directly from the commissary.

Each correctional facility has its own rules on visitation, commissary, and mail. Upon deposit the funds will be transferred to the inmate’s account within 24 hours, you can also check with Bibb County Jail after depositing the funds. Call Bibb County Jail at 478-621-5555 or click here to learn the Inmate Account deposit limits and other rules regarding depositing money on an inmate's books. Because of the ability for family members and friends to deposit money online using a credit or debit card, jail inmates can now receive funds from anywhere in the world. Since inmates are not allowed to possess cash money while in custody in the Bibb County Jail, the jail maintains a 'bank account' for the inmate to purchase products and services from their commissary (canteen) store. incarceration does not necessarily indicate they have been convicted of a crime, PO Box 1917, Macon, GA, 31202-1917, Jail Address: 668 Oglethorpe Street Contact the facility for the information of the inmates or just Contact Pigeonly for any further information.. You may not use our service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, Families need to contact Bibb County Jail for inmate’s Offender ID which will be required to create inmate’s offender’s account.

JAIL Exchange is the internet's most comprehensive FREE source forCounty Jail Inmate Searches, County Jail Inmate Lookups and more. The inmates are allowed to buy commissary items during their incarceration, the amount spend will be deducted from their inmate account and may vary depending on your facility's departmnet of correction rules .

Go to the online site for depositing funds.

If you need more information contact the jail by calling 478-621-5555. Who Can Put Money in an Inmate's Account? Information regarding offenders currently incarcerated in the Bibb County LEC What can an Inmate Purchase through Commissary? County Sheriff's Office updates this information every half hour, to ensure The types of items include 28 different health items, 23 general merchandise items, clothing, postal supplies, beverages, cookies, pastries, chips, snacks and candy. Jails typically have limits on how much money an inmate can have on the books at any one time. Funds can be deposited through three modes to the inmate accounts. Contact Pigeonly for more information on inmate money account at Bibb County Jail, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia.