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The sky is truly the limit to your cruelty. You’ll land on top of them every time and you’ll be snowballing before you know it (no pun intended). Pangolier is a menace even on his own, imagine what he can do if he is paired with a hero like Bane. IO can also take other insta kill heroes with it and get a kill. BEST DONE IN: Off-lane. But only problem is small radius of its ultimate and enemy escaping its area of effect.

Hopefully by this time Tiny can close the gap and Avalanche the opponent for another stun/nuke. The result?

You’ll always hit that static target precisely. You’re guaranteed to hit every hero in the Call for hundreds of damage. Apart from this SandKing is very annoying with his Sandstorm ability which was buffed in patch v7.21d. With the change to how lanes are played, it has been vital to win offlanes and crush enemy safe lane. This one is my long-time personal favorite hero combos. Leshrac has a difficult to land stun but can be paired really well with Sven’s Storm Hammer to land two perfect AOE stun and damage spells. Bane is able to initiate with the sleep setting up for Mirana to hit an easy arrow. The chain stunning and double nuke of these two is absolutely crazy. The enemy team is not able to attack the egg if it's located inside the arena and your opponents are outside. Put a Shadow Blade on your Spirit Breaker for maximum fun.

We want to hear them! In latest update his counter helix Damage has been shifted from physical damage to Pure damage. Getting bored of your normal matches? This hero combos makes it easy to dominate the off-lane. What hero makes best combo with Undying at one line and why? By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Underlord’s Firestorm and Pit of Malice is already a damaging combo on its own. Halo Infinite Delayed & Shroud Is Back – Daily Esports Recap August 19, 2020,, Underlord and Dark Willow are two of the best heroes at making the very ground a treacherous trap to navigate. It’s no surprise that one of the best early-game disablers in Crystal Maiden will go well with the hero. Remember to right click on LC to pull her in the snowball. disables, will keep an enemy in place long enough to land a whopping 5 second Arrow. The best partner for a hero ended up being a beautiful Crystal Maiden, who can help BS to make easy kills with the help of two disables. Another strong combo in lane with potential to be powerhouses late into the game especially with a good start. Yea, thats right Lifestealer. In GOSU.AI’s latest infographic on the best offlane hero combos in Patch 7.27d, Bloodseeker stands on top, boasting a 62.41 percent win rate when paired with Crystal Maiden. Build an Aghanim’s Scepter (or get one from Alchemist) for Lifestealer. Most of the time, unless the enemy is out of position, it’s simply not enough to get early kills. Have any fun, effective, or just plain twisted Hero combinations or lane ideas? If the opponents start to run this is even better for Riki! So, IO and Ursa will tether and TP behind any solo enemy and kill him instantly and then come back after 10 secs. When the time comes, Infest your friendly neighborhood space cow and give the enemy team a fright.