Football is not a British game, it’s actually Chinese! This is the heart of tactics! Because two defenders and two Segundo Volantes got me wondering who on earth thought this was a feasible idea. This formation has the following schedule: (4) defence, (2 + 3) midfield, and (1) attack. All in all it’s a very basic tactic with an asymmetrical twist, nothing fancy but it works a treat. A little disclaimer: I am not good at writing amazing tactically insightful posts so this may end up with me rambling on but I hope it comes across OK and I hope you enjoy! This means that everyone must contribute both in defense and in the attack. These two guys are the real heart beat of the team, the primary assist makers (as you’d expect) but also two of the main goalscorers in the side. As it turns out, there were 5. Four players in the defense + huge international experience are more than enough to activate the “use offside trap,” and the marking scheme is a little bonus because I set closing down – less. It was so f***ing weird but I was on the edge of my seat in a few of the games.

There were struggles at times, mainly in terms of finishing chances, but this may have been down to the fact that players weren’t entirely comfortable in their roles. The standard 442 and 4231 formations are very commonly used in Football Manager games, both because they’re popular in the real world and because, with the introduction of player roles in FM, it is easy to find the players that fit nicely into these tactics.

Oleg Wagner on the Right (a Winger on attack) has been one of the mainstays in the side since I joined and also at Magdeburg where he played the same role. Analyzing the situation on the ground, I realized that the team had no potential for attacking style of football. The main problem was the lack of quality strikers in the team. So there you have it, 5 successful FM20 tactics that will make the opposition (and probably even your own players) incredibly confused. Jimenez didn’t suit the DLF role, but I should point out that I did have to play the entire ‘Top 6’ in my opening 10 games. When I plugged this tactic in after leaving Magdeburg I had my Right man as a WB on attack and my Left as a FB on support, playing as wide as I could have them, my RB was brilliant at attacking but because my CMs were told to defend I never had a problem. But hey, it’s always fun to be a little different. Try to change the Def-Line every 10 minutes and you’ll notice a small improvement in the game of your team. Making sure your central midfielders compliment each other, your wing back instructions set so they know exactly when to overlap, strike partnership modified so both of them aren’t pushing too far forward. Based on personal experience, the 4-2-3-1 with “exploit the middle” doesn’t work well against strong teams.

I don’t do tactical reviews, I’ll be honest I’m shit at it but while driving to work tonight I decided I wanted to speak about the tactic that I’ve been using for quite a few seasons now on FM20. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The high defensive line I play leaves us vulnerable to quick attacks so it’s imperative he gets out to the attacker fast. The man who is always there when you need him, the defensive shield when teams attack us but also the man who arrives late into the box to grab the odd important goal. I leave it as it is – normal. The one big change as mentioned earlier was the switch from two CM’s to a CM and a DM. The main thing I want in my keeper (as we all do in a SK) is for him to quick off his line. Football Manager Tips - All Rights Reserved | Designed By, 2021 Season Update for Football Manager 2020, The Two Team League FM 20 Multiplayer Update.

Positioning is key, as is decisions and anticipation, these are just a few of the attributes I look for. Fm Shot is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to With the right guidance a youngster described as a ‘Wonderkid’ could become a world class player. A left sided CB on cover and the right side is a BPD on defend. Frequently altering the squad status of a player risks unsettling him and make him unhappy. I could argue that this should be higher up the list, as there were several fixtures where we were hard done by due to red cards and last minute equalisers/winners.

Jack scored […]. I decided to find out. Football Manager 2021 Beta Release Date Confirmed, How To Make Football Manager 2021 Load Faster, Football Manager 2021 System Requirements: Macbook & Windows, Football Manager 20 Fans Vote For The Best Player On The Game, Best Teams To Manage On Football Manager 21, Coronavirus On Football Manager 21: SI Announce Whether COVID Will Feature, Football Manager 21 New Features: New Recruitment Features, Football Manager 2021 New Features: End Of Season Features, Football Manager 21 New Features: New Matchday Features. It would be stupid to choose defensive against two different teams – the first and the last in the table. Feedback is always welcomed! It is much better to use the play out of defense. Distribution is also a big one for me.

I want to play it quick from the back and that all starts from the goalie, once he’s picked it up his main aim is to get it out to one of the back four and get the ball moving quickly to catch teams out.

I decided to carry on for an extra 10 games to see if my fortunes would change and, by the end of the calendar year, I was sitting pretty in 3rd. There is an abundance of weird and wonderful Football Manager 2020 tactics all over the internet that FM veterans and enthusiasts like to share, some of them more unusual than others. As for the cover CB Joe Lawrence and then most recently Drago Mestrovic have been perfect for this role. Here is how the formation looks all together: I’ve always been an advocate of keeping “TIs” simple, these plug and play “exploit” tactics seem to have rafts and rafts of instructions but for me you don’t want to bombard the team with loads of these! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The midfield was dominated most games, the players were often exhausted, but the front 5 had a lot of firepower, Pedro Neto showing his quality so early on in the season. I started using this tactic way back when I joined Magdeburg, it has morphed from a base 4231 to a 4231 but with 1 of my CMs dropping to DM, the roles have been changed, changed and changed again but now, as you can see from my season reviews, I seem to have created a tactic which works well for me and my lads! It’s best to start a match with “fairly width” because the Volksparkstadion is 102×65 m in size.

Robin Nordin was that man and he had everything I wanted. This was brought on mainly by the fact I had Ross MacLeod who is a natural DM, I wanted him in his best position and because I felt we needed more solidity in front of the defence.

On the other hand, players need to achieve a certain level of tactical familiarity in training.

For this post I am just going to talk about how this has happened in my 5 seasons at Newcastle. But what if you wanted to live life on the edge? I like to call him my “Box to Box Defensive Midfielder”. Brazilian legend, Pele, scored 92 hat-tricks, 4 goals on 31 occasions, 5 goals on 6 occasions, and 8 goals on an occasion.

I tried to counter-attacks to surprise an opponent but unsuccessfully. The standard 442 and 4231 formations are very commonly used in Football Manager games, both because they’re popular in the real world and because, with the introduction of player roles in FM, it is easy to find the players that fit nicely into these tactics. A proper superstar midfielder. The well-known 4-2-3-1 formation works great for Hamburger SV this season as we achieve fantastic results. I don’t do tactical reviews, I’ll be honest I’m shit at it but while driving to work tonight I decided I wanted to speak about the tactic that I’ve been using for quite a few seasons now on FM20.

Beautyman has taken this role onto another level in the past season, scoring bundles and also being the main chance creator, he doesn’t run at defenders but plays lovely 1-2s with his left full back companion and DM Ross MacLeod to create space to then create chances. By choosing “Be more Disciplined & Stick to Positions” I’m doing a favor to my opponents. FM 20 | Patch 20.4.4 | Tactic Rating : 6.0 GO TO THE TABLE As I said at the beginning of our analysis, the attacker needs help (AMR and AML), but their place, during the transformation, is filled by players at DR and DL positions. Spending chunks of your precious evening meticulously tweaking your perfectly balanced 442 formation. With just Wing Backs and no Full Backs, I was worried that the wide areas would be exploited and I was right. That’s it. Frequent changes will represent a major obstacle along the way. They’re a safe bet, a comfort blanket. To say they were thrillers was an understatement, a 6-4 hammering of Aston Villa a personal highlight. By the way, I like to use the following combinations when I move the defensive line: Finally, I have one question for you – what do you think about the 4-2-3-1? This is a role that has changed numerous times over the years, it started at Magdeburg as a PF(s), this was to compliment the SS(a) behind him, it worked well at Magdeburg but not so much at Newcastle. They competed in 1999 for the second Bangkok League Seven-a-Side Competition. © FM Shot 2020 - You may not copy and distribute the work in full without permission. For example, using 4-2-3-1 with More Direct Passing + Higher Tempo I had poor results during the season.

Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af0984b32de624bdc770e69e7dd9b066" );document.getElementById("i90da8f204").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); When taking over a club for the first time, ask your Assistant Manager for a team report. This will help you familiarise yourself with the team and single out areas that need improving. The Wolves players I was using for testing seemed to fit nicely into this formation, however, and as 10 games whizzed by, I was mightily impressed. Since Butcher has left and Nahuel Gomez has come in, the role has stayed the same and has worked OK, it complements the positions around him, he stays centrally giving the wide players the space and freedom to do their work and also has the ability to drop deep giving the CM (and sometimes the DM) the ability to get forward. With Antonio Giovanelli I have found an absolute gem of a BPD, he has been told to not bring the ball out too far but to be the calming influence in defence, the link between the GK and the midfield. Slightly Deeper (def.line) + Hit Early Crosses + Whipped crosses; Normal (def.line) + Play Out of Defence + Pass Into Space; Slightly Higher (def.line) + Run at Defence + Clear Ball to Flanks (only 10 minutes). And if anyone would like to try this tactic out (disclaimer: it works for me, it MAY NOT work for you!) Joining Newcastle we instantly ran into a problem, the Premier League is far better than the Bundesliga-2 and the wide players were much quicker and teams attacked us a lot more.

I always say if you buy the best you expect them play to their strengths without being overloaded by instructions!

Could you be a managerial success? A player with a high penalty taking attribute is likely to be a good choice to take your spot-kicks. We’ve all been there. Thank you for your attention and time. It’s not enough for me to choose a favorite formation and I expect the 5-0 win against Bayern Munich. Nordin is probably more of a primary goalscorer than my attacking midfielder, getting into the box late, leading those counter attacks but also picking the ball up and scoring from long range! I think it’s best to start the match with the “mentality -standard” option. Numerous times our full backs were caught out by quick wingers or counter attacks when my men were too far up the pitch. by Tom Payne | Sep 7, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. If we’re playing a better team I tend to add “counter” just to try and catch them out if they’re attacking us.