"At least as loud as a helicopter," he says with a straight face. Shepherd also introduced some of the now signature alternate tunings to the band, such as in the singles "The Day I Tried To Live", "My Wave", "Pretty Noose", and "Burden in My Hand". The band members liked Shepherd and his attitude, but given he did not know how to play the songs, they eventually picked bassist Jason Everman. That band's biggest claim to fame, In 1996, Soundgarden released Down on the Upside, in which six of the sixteen album tracks were lyrically and/or musically composed by Shepherd. He's my speed. His introduction … Rather than the more common practice of synchronizing with the drummer, Shepherd's preference is to play the bass along to the vocals, as "it helps to harmonize. upon). Find Ben Shepherd tour dates and concerts in your city. Shepherd sang vocals and played guitar in Hater, in addition to writing several songs on the band's first release, a self-titled album. really get fucked, and they're the most important people. "I come across as angry sometimes on the road. For the British historian, see, Soundgarden reunion (2010–2017, 2020-present), sfn error: no target: CITEREFPrato_2009 (. He's been with the band two years. Each week, Kitsap A&E offers a few words on a great book, CD or film we think you might like, even if you missed it ... [Read More...], Have a booty-shaking, head-banging good time, 'Badmotorfinger' industrial strength, but musical.

He still prefers living on Bainbridge Island even though it would be easier to live in Seattle with its better equipped record stores and music stores. A year later, Soundgarden issued their masterpiece, Superunknown, which placed the band at the top of the hard rock heap, and featured two striking Shepherd compositions, the Beatlesque "Head Down" and the Middle Eastern-influenced "Half." Shepherd did so—with help from his cousin Ralph "Tony" McMullen—and his father bought him his first guitar. In the years after the split, Shepherd participated in some of Josh Homme's Desert Sessions collaboration (Volumes 1 & 2), on which he played bass and guitar, and played bass with Mark Lanegan (in the 1999 album I'll Take Care of You and 2002's Field Songs, where he even wrote co-wrote the song "Blues For D"), and Tony Iommi (2000's Iommi). When Shepherd joined the band, he considered it weird luck. They're the ones who I'm just not thinking properly sometimes," he says. earning as a carpenter. His family moved to Allen, Texas, then settled in Kingston, Washington, where Shepherd grew up. Neely, Kim. "As lucky as Charlie Bucket. He also listened to jazz bassist Charles Mingus "because I wanted to learn how to play some dirty, weird shit. In 1998, he quit Wellwater Conspiracy for unknown reasons. Shepherd had long been an admirer of a local band called Soundgarden, Following the closure of the Louder Than Lovetour in 1990, Everman was fired, and the band contacted Shepherd to see if he could join the band. "One thing we won't do is discuss the personalities in other bands. ~ Greg Prato, Rovi, Ben Shephard Interview Live At The Artists Den, Rig Rundown - Soundgarden's Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell, and Ben Shepherd, Ben Shepherd Full Acoustic Performance at The OK Hotel, SiriusXM's Jeff Leake Talks To Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd, Ben Shepherd Can't Stop Blushing after This Coronation Street Exclusive! Shepherd was a fan of Soundgarden ever since their early days as a three-piece. The album was recorded by Dave French, at a few different studios including KAOS in Georgetown, and The Studio With No Name in Interbay. [3], Shepherd played in numerous punk-rock bands with friends as a teenager like March of Crimes, Mind Circus and 600 School, meeting future musicians such as Stone Gossard, Krist Novoselic and Matt Cameron. "I dont think any human is very smart, really. By Rob McDonald. He doesn't really consider himself an angry guy. On June 25, 2013, Shepherd announced he would be releasing the solo album entitled In Deep Owl on August 27, 2013 under the name HBS. "Basic instinct. Matt Cameron took over lead vocals. But the media attention and cheers haven't changed his ways. He prefers to experience life a little more slowly. Besides playing shows and building up a small regional following, none of the aforementioned bands issued recordings. The band members liked Shepherd and his attitude, but given he did not know how to play the songs, they eventually picked bassist Jason Everman. He nods slightly. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. now that they're not busy with Soundgarden; they are also both members He as of late has also equipped his basses with stereo output jacks for durability. "I like Johnny Appleseed. His first recording session with Soundgarden "He played the exact same songs when I put my head on his guitar, probably the songs that got me started," he said. Eighteen years later, when Shepherd was 21, he was reunited with his father in Texas. ". He considers his predecessor a major influence, particularly as Yamamoto differed from bassists "relegated to a role of following along", even if his bass "was mixed so damn quietly on the recordings that I could never hear him well enough to develop a deep understanding of his fluidity or his textures." Shooting a video is even worse. Shepherd was the lead vocalist on the first Wellwater Conspiracy album, Declaration of Conformity. Fender Cabronita Precision Bass - Black 51 style P Bass with Gretsch-style Fedeli'tron humbucker pickup. He's dying to get out and play. He then started a heated argument with Thayil backstage that nearly escalated into a fistfight, leading to only Cornell and Cameron returning for the encore.

Shepherd still strolls around the City of Bainbridge Island with a guitar in his hands.

The company is a Washington Wa Limited-Liability Company, which was filed on June 23, 2005. Shepherd continued to record with others, appearing on Josh Homme's Desert Sessions series, the Ramones' live album We're Outta Here!, Peter Krebs Gossamer Wings' Sweet on a Rose, and Mark Lanegan's 2001 solo album, Field Songs. released in limited edition on Sub Pop Records. It's real easy to get bored on tour. "Soundgarden: The Veteran Band from Seattle Proves There's Life After Nirvana". He currently resides on Bainbridge Island, Washington. He and drummer Matt Cameron are both In 1994, Soundgarden released Superunknown, which featured Shepherd's compositions "Half" and "Head Down". That cheapens it. Fender American Vintage 62 Precision Bass - "Lena" Olympic White, tort guard. Shepherd originally intended for the songs to be just voice and acoustic guitar, but soon Matt Cameron and Matt Chamberlain offered up their services on drums. And he wouldn't worry about missing ferries.

"[14], In 2008, Shepherd had all of his equipment stolen from Soundgarden's storage warehouse, forcing him to buy new instruments and amplifiers.[14][15]. Shepherd didn't find out until the annuals came out. The island is separated from the Kitsap Peninsula by Port Orchard, with Bremerton lying to the southwest. Besides playing shows and building up a small regional following, none of the aforementioned bands issued recordings. so thin over such a wide area. His five brothers and sisters were into all sorts of music. They're style has undergone a major overhaul in the past couple of years. People think of Bainbridge Island as a peaceful, affluent, middle-class bedroom community and day trip destination, seven miles on the ferry from downtown Seattle. Bassist Hunter Benedict Shepherd was born on September 20, 1968, in Okinawa, Japan, the son of a serviceman. The tracks were: "Zero Chance" (music), "Dusty" (music), "Ty Cobb" (music), "Never Named" (music) "Switch Opens" (music) and "An Unkind" (music and lyrics). By Travis Baker Sun Staff Something wasn't right. He began writing the record in 2009. There's not much glamour in riding around in airplanes, buses and staying in motels, he says. Fender Factory Special Run Precision Basses - Owns a Deluxe PJ in Seafoam Pearl and an American Special in Honey Burst. [5] His introduction was deemed by Soundgarden as helpful towards their musical evolution, bringing his own compositions that showed a new style, and guitarist Kim Thayil adding that Shepherd gave "a creative and emotional punch". Hunter Benedict Shepherd was born on September 20, 1968, in Okinawa, Japan (the son of a U.S. serviceman), but grew up on Bainbridge Island -- across Puget Sound in Seattle. and pissed off all the time. Shepherd is perhaps best known to Soundgarden fans as "the angry one," ", on the Guns N' Roses tour: Two years ago when Soundgarden lost their bass guitarist and they needed a quick replacement, they called Shepherd. After graduating from high school, he worked as a carpenter and a laborer, and while playing in Tic Dolly Row with drummer friend Chad Channing,[4] introduced him to Novoselic, who went on to bring Channing into his band Nirvana.

He jams as he walks. People want to take so much, analyzing When Shepherd asked his father for a guitar, his father complied only after insisting he must learn every chord in a large book with nothing but a guitar neck. Although not an original member of Soundgarden, bassist Ben Shepherd was present for the band's most successful period. [3] Once bassist Hiro Yamamoto left in 1989, Shepherd auditioned to replace him even as his primary instrument was the guitar. Shepherd also served time as a roadie for Nirvana during their early days (and was considered at one point to join as a rhythm guitarist). On May 17, 2017, Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room, cancelling the rest of their tour. It was the country band Jake playing at Moe's Saloon ... [Read More...], EDITOR'S NOTE: Just because something isn't new any more doesn't mean it can't still be entertaining. His father played guitar and sang old Johnny Cash songs. Ben owns two of these and also owns and uses a "Road Worn" version in Sunburst. He currently resides on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

... Bainbridge Island, Washington. He was the bassist for a Seattle hardcore (or "speedcore" as he called In 1993, Shepherd and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron organized their first side project together, Hater. Once bassist Hiro Yamamoto left in 1989, Shepherd auditioned to replace him even as his primary instrument was the guitar. Sometimes it makes you feel like you're living in a land of cows So far, Soundgarden has been nominated for two Grammys and at 23, Shepherd is living the life of a rock-and-roll star. While in school, he always showed some creativity. Photo courtesy of Tyson J. Hayes The music of Schoolyard Heroes has been described as metal, punk, pop, "sci-fi horror rock," or -- as bassist Jonah Bergman puts it -- "50 percent booty-shaking, 50 percent head-banging." was the "Room a Thousand Years Wide"/"H.I.V.

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