Wildvine has two home planets, like Big Chill, and the Galvan. Connie Maheswaran • Dukey • Chloe Park •

Although he as never trained himself to do so, Wildvine can grow vines, thorns, fruits or flowers in many different bright colors and variations, depending on the conditions of the environment. UA Heatblast • Wildvine's vines can be tangled. Wildvine combo list. Brainstorm | Rose Quartz • Numbuh 1,600 • He has one blue eye, and a lime green leaf on top of his head. Wildvine can cross gaps and swing through them. Blizowolfer • Harold • Ditto | Knuckles • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction, https://benult.fandom.com/wiki/Wildvine?oldid=8022. In Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Wildvine looks more like the Florauna from Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix. 11-year-old Ben as Wildvine in Omniverse looks the same as his 16-year-old self, but wears the original Omnitrix symbol (which has been recolored green) on his chest to reflect his original appearance. [DJW 1], Wildvine can tame Gracklflints using his fruits, as demonstrated by Pax.

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Luhley | Robbie the Robin • Fluffy, UniKitty • https://ben10reboot.fandom.com/wiki/Wildvine?oldid=412. • Crashhopper | Wildvine is a playable character in the game. Wildvine is capable of quickly digging underground. Sherwood and Ed • In Ultimate Alien, Wildvine looks more like the Florauna from Ben 10: Secret of The Omnitrix. Vector •

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Shockquatch • In Omniverse, Wildvine is the same but taller and more muscular, he now has four legs instead of five. Wildvine is able to use the vines on his back to grapple himself to higher areas. Turbo K.O. The Fungies. Wildvine has two arms with four fingers on each hand, and his hands look like they are covered with a leaves. Bumblebee • Wildvine wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. Hoss Delgado • He can also grow vines to trap others, which appear to be his fingers coming off. Lothar• Irwin • Bubbles • Professor Utonium • Enid • XLR8 • Aside from his singular-eyed head and large collar of teeth, his body is made up entirely of green and brownish-green vines and roots. Home World Marceline • Cooper Daniels • Play games online with Cartoon Network characters from Ben 10, Adventure Time, Apple and Onion, Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls and … He has a large yellow-green leaf connected to his neck and torso, and has dark green lips. Da Samurai •

Wildvine is a playable alien character in the game. His hands and feet are dark green, and his body, arms, legs, and head are lime green. Buttercup • Gravattack •

Ultimate Beast | Tetrax Shard • https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Wildvine?oldid=1953201. Lupe Toucan • Max Tennyson • He can also increase the size of them. Driba | Zoonatiks • Help him! Ultimate Big Chill | Edd • Rock Blonko • Numbuh 4 • Wildvine flytrap.

Samson • Wildvine's vines are not indestructible and can be torn if pulled too much. Nazz •

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Max Tennyson | Wildvine is the first alien to have more than 4 legs. Mr. Woim • 11 year old Ben as Wildvine in Omniverse looks same as the 16 year old one but wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. Chester • Upgrade • Numbuh 1 • Wildvine is a plant like alien with a flytrap around his head. Clyde Fife | Updated: October 31, 2020. Astrodactyl • Nurse Gazelle, Ben Tennyson • Pfish and Chip • Monroe • Starfire • Raven • Aelita Schaeffer • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger • Sam-R-I • Captain Buzz Cheeply • Persky • Pearl • Spidermonkey • Rook Blonko, Allies Kevin Ethan Levin • Hawkodile •

Tiki Torch • Malcom and Melvin • In Omniverse, Wildvine regains the green skin color from the original series, he now has only four legs, and his fingers are much shorter and thicker. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. BMO • Wildvine is one of the aliens used by 10-year-old Ben. DeeDee-Bot, Major Glory • Spidermonkey |

Beast Boy • Wildvine can also stretch his arms. Pizza Steve • [4], Wildvine is immune to the effects of gases, such as a flame retardant. Skurd • Brainy Barker • Mortimer, Wonder Woman • Wildvine also has a DNA Force and Dark Heroes skin. Game Statistics. Ghostfreak • Grey Matter | Numbuh 10 • Cannonbolt • Yana • J.P. Mercer • OV His pods can also grow vines.[4]. He has one blue eye in the middle of his face. Eddie • In the original series, Wildvine had green skin, five legs, the eye on his head was blue, and he had secondary eyes of the same color on each of his shoulders. Alien X | Reginald Skarr • Humungousaur • His vines can be tangled, as shown in Rad Monster Party when fighting Kuphulu.

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Kid Flash • Association of World Super Men, Cow • Eduardo • Witchy Simone, K.O. Wildvine … Ship, Robin • Starfire • [4] He can also be tangled up in his own vines. Numbuh 60 • He wore the original Omnitrix symbol on his chest. Mammoth Mutt • Tramm • Numbuh 83 • Powers and Abilities Transformers Heroes. In Omniverse, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Wildvine can grow seeds on his back that contain a whole host of substances (lethal and non-lethal). Kevin Whitney • Swampfire • Wildvine has five vine-like legs, four long fingers on his hands and flytrap-shaped flaps covering his head.

Baz-El | He also has dark green leaves on his back. Nothing can stop the mighty vine! Gwen Tennyson •