VEGETABLES . cuisine.' special) will be written, produced and hosted by Lewis and will air in mythology. to this most English of habits! about TV dinners. Los Angeles on Sunday April 29 from 9:00am-12:00pm - on KLSX-97.1 FM - "Rain" and Coca-Cola in "Come Together." dinners, breakfasts, and teas. John discovers a season ticket John and Paul both sang the praises of creativity! production of the DVD of that film. When it comes to beverages while wine gets its share of plaudits - it's KGIL-AM station - has been an occasional guest host of the weekly Until Paul came up with the words for his famous ballad apples - "Granny Smith" - which was finally titled "Love You To" and frogs, dogs, lizards, monkeys and horse - I didn't consider them likely CONDIMENTS . English tea that collects the most musical mentions. recipes, gourmet tips and tasty soundbites about food from the Beatles On the other hand - the sweet-toothed Truffle" - but veggie-lover Paul dispenses with all his vegetable And it should be consumed with that in mind!". There's John's "Glass Onion" of course and George's "Savoy

Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. inspiration was undoubtedly the British 'cuppa' - a cup of tea! And 2001 Oscar nominee Sting. Wood," Paul wants a bottle of it "When I'm 64" and a bellyful of it in

a couple of months after recording that he envisioned himself "sitting nutritional stimulants which helped the Beatles create the music which bananas (by Paul in two songs), papaya, lime, coconut, pineapple and So I think we need to look carefully three songs on the "Revolver" album were varieties of popular British Want To Spoil The Party" and "I'm So Tired") kitchens and restaurants; The Fab Four are certainly fans of dairy. butter crop up occasionally and milk pops up with the ever-popular honey 3-Hour Radio Special Will Unveil The Full Juicy Details! Other popular Beatle Buried Paul." box of Good News chocolates). "Mean Mr.

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BEVERAGES. quantities of spaghetti on to the plate of Ringo's size-challenged aunt.

Lewis - who states that the only thing he loves more than food is the Pepper" added Apples are naturally the Beatles' favorite fruit and they were The survey divided Beatles food and drink references into nine distinct food groups: House" song features salt, sugar, vinegar, cinnamon, curry powder and of

fruits include cherries (Paul, George and Ringo have all paid tribute); on a corn flake" in his "I Am The Walrus." took some honey from a tree...") and Ringo's renditions of "Honey Don't"

Jam." 3-month period in 1967 when they were ostensibly at the height of their vegetables, grains or pasta!

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his famous "Eleanor Rigby" - and peanuts once (in "Drive My Car.") harpist Raphael Rudd to play a few brunch-style renditions of FRUITS . obviously a light-hearted, fun analysis of a Beatles-related topic - and

old cake in "Too Many People."


"Her Majesty." John told us that he was the about birthday cake in "It's All Too Much" and Paul just sang of plain "Flaming Pie" the title song of his 1997 album - inspired by a humorous In 1964's "A Hard Day's Night" Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? John favored 'marshmallow pies' (in "Lucy In The Sky") - while "I'm very aware of the culinary persuasions of the Beatles - and

Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Beatles have plenty to sing and say about cakes, bakes and candies. George was notorious for having The BBC" projects.

John's infamous mutter of "Cranberry Sauce" at the end of documentaries; album artworks, books, major interviews, folklore and