667 Det. Knightquest itself was divided into two separate arcs named "Knightquest: The Crusade" and "Knightquest: The Search". Jan 01, 2020 Keith rated it it was ok. Detective Comics #668, Robin Vol. Collected Batman #484 After the Joker and Scarecrow take Batman to his mental and physical limits Bane makes his move and attacks Batman.

Detective Comics #655 Batman: Knightfall Volume Two: Knightquest Be the first to ask a question about Batman. I know the Jean-Paul Batman fights the Outsiders Detective Comics #670-- Cold Cases 10. Next Event:  Batman: Prodigal, Black entries are ongoing series Indeed, in several issues Robin is left horrified as Jean-Paul ferociously attacks common criminals, often with a weapon and sometimes nearly to death. The Batman/Azrael and Abattoir just keep taking turns inflicting violence. Now, longer answer. I've probably made better decisions, but this is also likely what I deserved. Detective Comics; Batman: Shadow of the Bat; Batman; Catwoman; Justice League Task Force; Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight; Robin Knightquest: The Crusade follows the story of Jean-Paul Valley as he became increasingly violent and mentally unbalanced as he replaced Bruce Wayne as Batman in Gotham. Detective Comics #673, Shadow of the Bat #26 Bane frees all of the inmates of Arkham Asylum. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Batman Storylines category.

Kinsolving's brother-by-adoption Benedict Asp kidnapped her to use her special powers to kill people at a distance. It is the second chapter of a three-part trilogy colloquially referred to as the "Knight Saga". He does not return to Gotham until a while later, when Dick Grayson persuades him to do so in later issues. because of debilitating injuries sustained during a recent clash with Bane.Now it's up to Jean-Paul Valley (a.k.a. His “system” just keeps getting more and more tiresome as does his “crusade”. https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Batman:_Knightquest?oldid=2803489, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function.

Unfortunately, Valley is wrestling with his own demons and is struggling to meet the high standards set by his p Also included is the aftermath of the Knightfall Saga. Batman: Shadow of the Bat #20-- Everybody Pays the Tally Man 6. Shadow of the Bat #20, Detective Comics #669 I have/have ordered the Sword of Azrael 90s trade, Batman #484-490 and Detective Comics #654-658, along with all the KnightQuest: the Search issues not included in the second Knightfall trade.