On the other side we find the path to the exit is blocked by steam.

With the enemies defeated move to the apartment and press X to enter.

Exit into Wonder Tower Foundations. Access Detective mode with a simple tap of L2.

Through the door we learn an important skill. The complexity comes to play in the variety each battle can have. The goal is to defeat the enemies then leap to the ceiling and climb up to the next level.

A: Most likely there is a gadget you need before getting the trophy. The Penguin destroys some bridges but don't let that stop Batman from heading toward the museum.

Cross over via a wire and grapple up higher. Catwoman can crawl on the underside of the platform and find a trap door to bypass the locked gate.

Toss another grenade and use the Batclaw to pull Batman around the drill.

The TYGER guards are now aware of an intruder, so let the claws come out if need be. Now jump over to the ventilation duct and find the next ladder to arrive at the top of the building. When they are isolated drop behind them, swipe their card, and return to the ceiling unnoticed. Access to the Wonder City is unfortunately highly limited. Enter the hole in the ground to enter the Subway Maintenance Access. Throw a Remote Control Batarang through one of the small openings. Follow Talia down the stairs. Redirects are basically an evade move towards an enemy (left stick + X, X). Take on the story mode again but this time armed with every gadget and upgrade you have already collected. Use the Line Launcher to cross the gap and exit through the door. The walkthrough is provided with the Catwoman DLC integrated into the guide and not in a separate section. Once he finishes his talk exit through the door to the left. Now pass through the door and find the first enemy encountered wearing body armor.

Move to that location just to the left of the main gate. Head to the left from the ledge to arrive on the top of a familiar room in Wonder City. Penguin makes another appearance and releases the numerous criminals wanting a spot on his team. This should lead Batman to the old GCPD building. You can't reach it at all at first and it changes only after starting Follow assassin using tracker device to locate Ra's al Ghul. Create an ice raft and float ahead. We return to Catwoman, who we last saw talking to Ivy.

Q: Why have you not listed the location of TYGER Cameras? Use Detective mode to locate the appropriate pipe and follow it to its source. Move to the area in front of the Museum but recessed into the ground.

Not really, simply enter the trap door below and go into the adjacent room. December 2015: Original Arkham Batmobile DLC and Crime FIghter Challenge Map Pack 5 were released. At the end of it be ready for a fight against... Clayface is the boss here. Batman can also create a diversion by pushing a button on some of the displays to draw in a thug then attack from behind. Zap him with an quick electric charge then move in for some offense. This is on the ground near the center of the room next to a poster. The optimal strategy is to attack from behind. With all the enemies down move through the now open path and hack the console to release Mr.

Luring Freeze into an exploding structural weakness will immediately immobilize him. Duck under the beam ahead and fire a Batclaw to the ring on the right to float around. She also grabs Bolas, a ranged weapon that will knock down enemies (think Batarang). When it comes up let go of R2 and pull up on the left stick. Evade these attacks while regularly quick firing an electric charge by press L1 + O. Ra's can only be hit when there is an opening in the men that surround him. Instead travel direction is dictated by a compass on the top of the screen. Freeze was working on the problem for Joker but now has gone into hiding. At the end of the path bust through the boards. They will light up yellow when in Detective mode. Use Square to attack and Triangle to counter. Use the pipe to reach the other side of the tower. When you hear the gun cocked locate the enemy holding it and make them drop it.

A trio of Joker thugs have the next door well guarded.

Batman will then need to glide down and take out the other thugs before the acquire weapons. Use it to cut a slice into the would be actor. Follow the trail and try to avoid hitting the metal beams while flying through. The password should be GOTHAM SAVIOR. Exit the vault. Finally tap circle then repeatedly tap Square to take out the enemy wearing the armor. This time we are on the ground and have a fight on our hands.

Use the disruptor to jam both of the weapons in the room then attack.

Counter the assassin's attack to take care of entry. Additional versions of the Batmobile lack the game version's unique battle mode; therefore, they are only playable in all of the Race maps.

Other than that move from TYGER to TYGER using the appropriate attacks.

Fight them off then when at 100% of scans Batman recreates a video of an alternate entrance. Once the enemies are down we get a cinematic. Batman just made a new toy. Choose your alternative outfit after continuing your game from the main menu. Glide into the next vortex. Use the quick fire explosive gel (L1 + Square) to destroy the three nodes on the floor. The Hard variant is set on Knightmare difficulty: enemies are faster and tougher and counter icons are removed, but the player is rewarded extra points (Knightmare Bonus) for successfully completing the Challenge Map.

There are several ways to perform Silent Takedowns. Grapple up to a higher point then jump to an extended portion of pipe. After the first one is down the rest will be aware of an unwanted presence. Batman does not want to be hit by the hammer counter. Knowing where and how to attack is key to chaining long combos together.

Enter the Loading Bay.

Move to near her location (check the marker) and scope out the location of the snipers. There are a couple of enemies to take out in the Trophy Room then a huge group in the Gladiator Pit. The analysis will determine if the codes are on board. Detective mode will allow Batman to know the quantity of enemies, which ones are armed, which have armor, and more. Toss a Freeze Blast onto the pipe on either side of the corridor to stop the steam. Exit the Subway and head back to the Museum. It is possible to grapple up to the ledge of the room and take out both snipers. Now Batman can use the Batclaw on the rings to pull himself and the raft to each of the officers. Run off the edge of the building and glide toward the marker indicating Catwoman's location. A cinematic takes over. Freeze. The can attack with their shield but I tend to have more trouble mistakenly targeting them with a normal attack than receiving damage. Take out the three TYGER agents below then watch Hugo Strange on the monitor.

It's also worth to notice that part of this location - the Wonder Tower - becomes accessible after beginning Gain access to Wonder Tower. They can be easily destroyed with quick Batarang tosses. XP, upgrades, and Riddler trophies are shared between both modes. Electrification - While Freeze's suit provides protection against most forms of liquid, if that liquid is electrified this will temporarily leave him stunned. After all three nodes are destroyed the second time move over to Grundy to finish him... Not so fast he gets up and is even more angry.