First of all is a love for the subject. The results were easily memorized, with a 9-inning game taking 15-20 minutes to play. From this love comes determination and dedication, additional and necessary elements in making the whole thing work. There is also a clutch hitting rating that kicks in with runners on base. 4.3k votes, 126 comments. Ironically, I usually find something to like in almost all the baseball games I’ve played.

Decks of dice-less fast action cards are also available. Shortly after the Wiz Kids won the National League Pennant in 1950, Seitz decided to commercially produce his game in 1951 as APBA (photos below). The original Replay game (now referred to as “Classic Replay”) met its demise at the hands of MLB royalty issues in 1991. Certainly not to tease GA Report readers. Excellence is not enough.

Anything over that half hour means sacrificing playability for accuracy. NEW!

One of the teenagers playing National Pastime, Richard Seitz of Lancaster, PA, formed a league with his friends called “American Professional Baseball Association” (APBA).

Dombrov Baseball is now a free download at and includes many seasons as well as ATAS sets.

I’ve played almost all of the games I’ve mentioned at one time or another…either as a child or as a board game critic who mostly plays games of European origin as an adult. If the games of the 50’s and 60’s (APBA, Strat-O-Matic & Big League Game Co.) are viewed as last year’s season of MLB, then the second wave of statistic-based baseball games can be viewed as the opportunity for game authors to add their own unique stamp to the game design of the previous two decades. The player cards were now 2-sided, basic on the front and advanced on the back.. A Super Advanced edition started in the nineties and included clutch ratings, ballpark effects and better stolen base procedures and provided symbols on the advanced side of the cards. Seitz brought hand-printed versions of his baseball game with him to the 2nd World War.

Fortunately, Jim Barnes gave permission to fans to create their own card sets. The beauty of combining pitcher and batter ratings for a result was to make it difficult or in some cases impossible for a contact hitter with no power to hit a homerun (unless the opposing pitcher had a ‘5’ rating in column ‘6’. Looking in the rear view mirror, we know how last season went for the home team. So, what is the answer?

The ‘4’ column was reserved for infielders and added together the fielding rating for the infielder and the batter for a result in a chart book. Pitchers could exert control only by denying the hitter the chance to connect. until we discovered Strat-O-Matic Baseball.

The sets being produced for Statis Pro Baseball are from James Yonushonis with compatible cards to the present season and most notably Derrick Beckner producing his Advanced Statis Pro Baseball card sets and charts.

The first printing of S-O-M Baseball was in 1961 and was an All-Star edition based on 1960 statistics. All written material is Copyright © 1986-2020 by Gamers Alliance and/or HM Levy, all rights reserved. If no result was found (a green blank space) on the chart for the pitcher, it was on to a second roll for the batter. Jeff has also released a set of classic teams from the 60’s to 80’s, the entire 1926 season, Negro League teams and some specialty sets including the gang from the Peanuts comics. (See photos left.) As a 17 year old, I remember replaying the entire 162 game NY Mets season with my kid brother, Gary, and manually keeping full statistics to compare with the actual.

Time Travel Baseball is not for the serious statistical baseball game junkie…but it IS a lot of fun to draft a team using players from different eras within a salary cap constraint and play a series in an evening. This makes for finer grades of pitching and more accurate results than the original design. Fans started creating their own charts and/or cards, the two most notable being Randy Cox’s Ultimate All-Time All Star color charts (UATAS) that were used at the World Boardgame Championships and Phil Graham’s Superstar Baseball ATAS card set that was updated for careers through 2006. So why bring up a 1979 game that is long since out of print? APBA added a Master Edition to improve base-running, fielding with throwing ratings, HRs allowed and additional advanced strategies. When it comes to tabletop baseball board games, one of the more passionate topics is whether a player’s card will provide accurate statistics. In 1979, designer Stanley Frohlich released Time Travel Baseball.

While the popular Statis Pro Baseball game is no longer in production, new updated Statis Pro Baseball player cards are available through this website.

Dice Baseball and Clubhouse Baseball next issue! Steve returns to his baseball game roots in Part I of this, his 59th review.]. From my perspective, a game has to first and foremost be FUN. Baseball fanatics follow their game and favorite team through statistics that go back over 120 years. The same 11-66 dice format from NP was used (see photos right) but modified by pitching grades which turned certain hits to outs and fielding ratings (added up for one of 3 team fielding ratings). The first full season was released in 1963 based on the 1962 season.

The other two dice were added together to form a sum from 2-12.

Columns ‘1’ and ‘2’ were mostly for strike-outs and outfield fielding plays. Baseball and statistics go together like a steamed ballpark hotdog and mustard. Baseball on the Table-top - Part III Games of the 70's by K-ban The annual rite of Baseball’s Spring Training is a period where hope springs eternal. Pitchers cards had ‘A’ regular ratings that flipped (printed upside down) to their ‘B’ ratings when tired. 1.3m members in the baseball community. SIBB was the first table-top baseball game to utilize batters being rated separately for their ability against right-handed and left-handed pitchers. 5)       Running (10) – How are both base running and stealing treated, does a fast team alter your managerial moves? DMB creator, Tom Tippett, is now IT Director for the Boston Red Sox. Advanced Statis Pro (ASP) can be purchased on eBay as either pre-printed color cards or PDF files that print nicely onto perforated business card stock. Whatever you were brought up with is the likely path you will continue to follow.

A pretty box can be tempting. AH assigned the Sports Illustrated banner to ALL their sports games.

2)       Flow/Fun (15) – Does the game feel like baseball and play quickly yet realistically? Pete Ventura came to the rescue in 1999 and re-issued Replay Baseball and has published a new set every year since. Seitz added pitching grades/ratings, defense and base-running to National Pastime.

BASEBALL- Big League Manager: 1915 American League: 07/01/2019: adml--143: 0--The 1915 American League for BLM Baseball. For each batter, hits were in green, outs in red, strikeouts in blue and walks in yellow.

Always a fan of sports games (with a strong affinity for baseball and race car simulations), K-ban has always been a strong influence in spreading the joy of gaming, from running backgammon and Strat-O-Matic Baseball leagues in the 1970s and early 1980s, to reporting on the New York International Toy Fair for GA Report, to voicing on internet forums his always intelligent opinions about games and gaming, to playing host to fellow game enthusiasts from around the world (providing these lucky folks with food, lodging and a venue for game playing), to being one of the founders (AND the main organizer) behind weekly game sessions of the Long Island Gamers, one of the longest running and active gaming groups in the United States! Today’s sets are pre-cut and include color.

Dice were first rolled for the pitcher’s chart. Thousands of baseball fanatics, mostly kids and teens, supplemented their love of the game of baseball with playing baseball board games during the off-season and on rainy days. Here you will find information about several of the more popular Tabletop Baseball Games (Baseball Board Games), with an emphasis on the various Avalon Hill Baseball games such as Statis Pro Baseball and Superstar!