If you want to use gems, this is where you should use them.

database; friend finder; Part/Appl Finder; Tips; Best Recipes by Time; ... Big Apple Oven.

Ask for items* -place varies depending on whether you are playing bakery or restaurant story (x) is replaced by a number, so it may say serve (x) recipe 1 and mean serve 8 mochas . For example, if you have a serving table with 100 brownies and you have an empty table and an oven with 100 plates of brownies, ready to be served. As you progress through the game, you will be able to purchase additional appliances, generally one every five levels, with your final, eighteenth appliance slot opening at level 73. Blue Mixer: Costs 15 gemsDrink Mixer: Costs 5,000 coinsForever Mixer: Costs 42 gems, recipes made using this never spoil Green Mixer: Costs 5,000 coins Pink Mixer: Costs 15 gems Sonic Mixer: Costs 42 gems, recipes prepared on this are completed 20 percent faster. Have fun and don’t take the game too seriously.

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Each machine requires a number of parts, which you can either request from your neighbors or purchase for two gems per piece. Each neighbor can tip up to 6X which equals 120 coins. If they gift cappuccino that is 500 coins plus the tips = 620 coins. They include: Most appliances, except the normal Oven, Drink Mixer and the sonic and forever versions of those, require you to purchase the machine for a number of coins and then construct it before you are able to use the machine. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question.

March 4, 2013. 8. "https://secure." Empty ovens and drink makers don’t make money.

Or can you help others? Try to find 4 star neighbors that will add you.

You cand add a second door but u can add a second cash register beacause all the costumers come in one door i hope i helped.

Keep your own star rating at 4 so others will be willing to add you. The larger your bakery, the more tables you can have. Need some help with this game?

10. :) Restaurant & Bakery Parts Tool. 2. Expand the size of your bakery as soon as you can.

Are you playing Bakery Story on iOS and having trouble unlocking the Classic Bread Oven? You can make more money with ovens than drink makers.

You can block the door to your bakery with anything and it will keep customers from coming into your bakery. When you begin playing Bakery Story, you will have two appliances: an Oven and a Drink Mixer, but there are many other appliances for you to purchase, each with their own unique recipes. 6 tips worth 20 coins each = 120 coins and 50 plates of cappuccino which sell for 10 coins each = 500 coins, so each neighbor will leave 120 + 500 = 620 coins. Gamerologizm database and websites are provided to the public for free. I accept all friend requests, because I know how hard it can be finding neighbors that will accept people starting out. 320 Total Appliances / 6 Total Pages / 60 per page, var sc_project=7243277; var sc_invisible=0; var sc_security="5a432af3"; var sc_text=2; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? As you climb levels you can add new appliances to your bakery or restaurant.

It is better to make s lot of items you can make quickly and store them on serving tables, (See #3 above).

You can also open additional appliance slots at any time by paying 49 gems.

The #1 FREE virtual world "Story" series returns with Bakery Story! You don’t have to make any of these items. You maintain a 4 star rating by tipping and gifting your neighbors often.

50 ………….. 4 ……… 200 coins Brownies ………………….. 200 ………….. 1 ……… 200 coins Chocolate Cake ?? Always try to have something in your ovens and drink makers. Therefore, my results concluded that having more doors and counters only makes a difference online, but can drastically increase your revenue per day.

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Our story. Below is a list of all the ovens that you can buy in Bakery Story, along with their cost and any special features: Blue Oven: Costs 15 gems. I use the block feature to clear my wall and is only temporary. ;^), You cand add a second door but u can add a second cash register beacause all the costumers come in one door i hope i helped. https://bakerystory.fandom.com/wiki/Appliances?oldid=12632. :), Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6 Officer Ranks updated, Sometimes, I don't complete goals as fast, so sending screenshots help to provide the information more quickly :). Just like a real business, you should re-invest in product and equipment so you can make money and expand your business. Forever Oven: Costs 42 gems, food cooked in this oven never spoils. 6. To build a Deep Fryer (which needs constructing), you first of all need 10,000 coins.

Some will argue that some items take longer to make, but these are all gifts and take exactly the same amount of time… 0 sec. How did you hear about Gamerologizm?

Bakery Story CandyCane and Marzipan Oven Guide, League of Legends Free RP through Bing Rewards Guide, Magic: The Gathering Arena Promo Codes List, Valorant Map Defense Default Positions Guide. You will find that some quit playing or never return the favor of tips or gifts. *** Completing all of these Goals will unlock the Classic Bread Oven ***. Game content copyright Storm8 and its licensors.

Old Appliances, removed and not purchasable. In restaurant story you can add either grills, stoves, ovens or build a drink machine (see constructable appliances section). Are you playing Bakery Story on iOS and having trouble unlocking the Classic Bread Oven?

I don't tip often; mostly silent tipper. To check whether this was more efficient than one door offline, I did an experiment – testing: Offline with 1 door, online with 4 doors and 4 sections, and offline with 4 doors and sections. Here is the full list of appliance types from the game.

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This cooking game let’s you bake, design, and have fun all in the same cooking game restaurant!


If you are a good neighbor, this should not be a problem. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Today Earth to Oven has grown into a company with a storefront at … March 4, 2013. Based in Redwood City, California, Storm8’s network includes over 45 mobile games across multiple genres—so there is something for everyone.

Yields Valentine cupcakes ??.?. RD: 2012-05-31. Don't forget to make sure your customers are happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decoration and tasty new pastries! Kim's (Sehana) Gamerologizm. Added a recipe count when viewing appliances, not the appliance itself, but in All appliances, New appliances, and appliance Parts. 9. 4 Responses. bakery . 3. Bakery Story has the most baking game options out there! RD: 2012-05-24.

Your email address will not be published. Cook the best food by baking it first! As you increase your level, you will be able to prepare more products that pay more than the items you now have available.

Definitely add me again! "); document.write(""); Special Ovens and Drink Mixers can be purchased.