The cost of Trash Can Willys removing 2 full size pickup trucks worth of junk before discounts averages $240-$280. Preferred solution: Which works better for you—buying a 3-yard Bagster or renting a 10-yard dumpster? You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Below we will explore different options and the value they offer. It's for single use, and you must first purchase the bag. And because the Bagster bag is made of flexible material, it will conform to the shape of your load, wrapping itself tightly around odd shaped objects at collection time. Schedule Now . $35 to $55 per ton is common in the many parts of the country, with $80 to $100 per ton not uncommon on the coasts. If you're only pitching 3 yards or less, a dumpster bag is a great option. Click here and enter your Zip code to find out if yard waste is accepted in your area. I should have known better than to try to do business with Waste Management. The center of the Bagster bag must be placed on your property no further than 16 feet (two Bagster bag lengths) from any point on your driveway. I bought a couple of bags because I had two different lots to clean. Here's an *example of the above put into an understandable, common day occurrence for our customers. The Bagster bag is available in one size only. By folding the sides of the Bagster bag down before you begin filling, you are enabling the unique, self-steadying feature that helps the sides stay up. Typically, the materials allowed in a Bagster and a dumpster are very similar. You are making a trip out to get a bag, you are carrying all your unwanted junk, debris, and unwanted furniture 20-30+ feet from where its all currently at (probably a few stairs involved), then the call scheduling the pickup, supervising the pickup, calling to make a payment.. An average of 4 to 8 total hours and $220+ all to get rid of a little more than a pickup trucks worth of junk?! There are a few small competitors available in limited areas, such as the Gorilla Dumpster Bag. A different company used a flat bed truck to deliver a 20' x 8' storage unit onto my driveway but this company can not pick up a 8' x 4' bag. Well, just like your parents may have told you in the past "sometimes when things sound too good to be true, they typically are".

Each time we are rescheduled it's a new 3-day waiting window. Bagster won't pick-up the bag because my driveway is less than 12' wide. Restricted materials may vary by area. Yard waste is unacceptable in some areas. All rights reserved.

Safety is our main priority when picking up and hauling your Bagster bag. Set up delivery to your location, and call the dumpster company back when you're done to schedule a pick-up. We promise our customers: *example - this is just that, an example of pricing and does not reflect every customers pricing experience. NOT CONVENIENT!

Your Bagster bag must be accessible from the alley.). The Bagster truck needs at least 18 feet of vertical clearance to operate. On Friday afternoon, I put in an online request for pickup. The Bagster is available at home improvement stores and online. And it's gone! To ensure the strength of the Bagster bag, fill it according to the directions included with the bag. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Before filling, make sure the yellow lifting straps are outside of the Bagster bag. To view and print the Damage Waiver, choose United States or Canada, KEEPING THE COLLECTION TRUCK IN THE ALLEY: The center of the Bagster bag must be placed on your property no further than 16 feet (two Bagster bag lengths) from the alley. Setting up your Bagster bag is simple. When it came to pick up they came by and said my driveway was too narrow for them. You do not need to be present for collection. Worked fine but rules scattered! The standard size bed of a full size pickup truck is 8' long x 5.33' wide and 1.5' high. For at least 20% less we come out and remove your items from where they sit, all you need to do is point and we remove it. A Bagster is a bag offered by Waste Management that serves as a portable dumpster bag that a person can purchase at Home Depot for roughly $29 to $49 although you may be able to find it for less by using a Bagster Coupon code. The Bagster bag is not waterproof. Waste Management is expanding the Bagster bag collection service to more areas across the United States and Canada. If your Bagster bag is damaged, Waste Management may not be able to collect your Bagster bag and additional fees will apply.