Baby ducklings available now

-Owl $100 (powerful o, Supercoat Dry Dog Food-Chicken & Duck 7kg FREE GIFTS, Almost FULL /opened bag of Supercoat True Origin Chicken and Duck Smartblend dry food 7kg. Arakana but our rate of hens is 19 out of 20 Sexes unknown Call : 10 day old unsexed Pekin and Khaki Campbell ducklings for sale, I have unsexed 1 week to 10 day old ducklings for sale.

Contact me with any questions, Laying hens, ducks roosters for sale free range various sizes hens from 15 ducks from 35 roosters from 25 please call daryl on 4445, 1259101387 Report Ad •beehives w/w.o bees

$30 each Cross breed young chickens, sexed, 10 x Baby Pekin ducks $10each 2 x 1 year old Pekin drakes $20 each 1 x mallard drake $20, Fertile Eggs- (03/11/2020)(chicks and ducklings) yes-available, Fertile eggs of the following breeds (photos of parents) Pu Pakenham Will not sell single ducklings as they need a friend. Shamo Location Frankston South, Ducklings hatched during week! Chickens start at $20. But I can not guarantee this on delivery by Australia Post, Hi Everyone, We run a small family business called Uneek Poultry.

8 WEEK OLDS x 1 UNSEXED MIXED COLOURS MUST TAKE TWO OR MORE HOME AS THEY NEED COMPANY, THATS IF YOU HAVE NO OTHERS AT HOME. Pick up Gembrook by appointment only Copper maran Roosters from $ 25 Please call Daryl on, SPECIAL Fertile chicken eggs and duck eggs $15 a dozen. Lightweight Pet Playpen, Folding and Portable - PRICES FROM, * Contact us to order this item with FREE DELIVERY * or visit our website (OnTrack Outdoor - Pets) - This lightweight 8-panel playpen or fence is perfect for giving your pet a secure place to play. Quail $10 each Frankston location Silkie cross Wyandotte’s Only pay for shipping if you know the seller.

Also available 6 week old turkey poults light sweetgrass colours, they are off heat $22 each Contactless trade. wheaten marans Baby ducks for sale. You can mix and match your ducklings and choose whichever sexes you want. Pair of Muscovy ducks for sale. I will also have with me 12 month old isa brown hens $15 each Report suspicious listings by clicking on .

Plenty to choose from Selling a minimum of two at a time, as they are social creatures. We found 13 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. They eat mice! -Kookaburra $65 For anyone who is interested l’m currently taking orders for our Indian Runner Duck eggs for incubating. $15 Each, DUCKLINGS FOR SALE AND PICK UP ASAP- Pekins and Khaki Campbell x Pekin, I have 6 little ducklings for new homes. Sex is unknown, I'm selling my cayuga drake as we have two and they are starting to fight I have had him since he was a duckling we just don't have enough females to have two drake's he has beautiful colours when the sun hits him. Pick up Rockbank We offer several breeds of adorable Day-Old Ducklings shipped directly to your local post office. And have been known to try eat mosquitos too. 5 Pekins and 1 Pekin x Khaki Campbell, $30 each. Since we have placed our Ad we have had a lot of interest in our eggs. Uneek Poultry specialise in Incubators for Chicken, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Quail Eggs. Will not sell one individually. With our two bird minimum order and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will not be disappointed ordering from North America's favorite duck and goose hatchery. Chicks for sale. Muscovies are a unique breed of duck: Adult Muscovy ducks do not quack, but make a ‘hissing’ sound, great for the suburbs as they won’t annoying the neighbours. *, Free range ducks for sale: Mail ducks only $50 each, borne in 3/06/2020. Have you thought of hatching your own baby ducklings? 10 available Chickens available Adults Isa brown all laying young 10 months old And welcome to have enclosure too Pekin and Pekin Drake x Khaki Campbell ducklings. baby chicks and young adult laying chickens also available. Here is a list of things available They will need a heat source/lamp for their first 6 weeks of life. ** Happy to throw in a scoop, food bowl, blanket & brush for fre, We have 10 Muscovy ducklings for sale. One blue pied drake and one white hen.

Bainsdale saleyards 1-3pm. Will only posts on Monday or Tuesday. Indian/ Cornish game pair $150 Arakana Silkies Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. We are located on the Bass Coast. $20 per doz. Females are laying at the moment. Just let us know! Unfertile eggs for eating are $5 a dozen $25/Dozen, fresh eggs layed each day, free range, Raised outdoors on pasture. $70 for the Drake and $50 for the hen $100 for the pair Also have 10 Muscovy ducklings for sale. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. Pick up Frankston South. Fertile Duck Eggs For Sale - Mixed Breed

-Owl $65 : (barn owl) Also Pekin Ducks that are 4months old almost ready to start laying . All healthy and ready to go Sexed. - Pardalotes $55 $25, Day old to 2 week baby Chicks, Ducklings, Chickens, Ducks Chooks chic. They are $25 each. *Please contact me on my mobile to inquire as I do not respond to email/gumtree messaging.

Fertile Quail eggs - $10 per dozen Goslings $50 each Ehree day old Cayuga Ducklings and a couple of Gold Sebrights chicks ready to go to new homes as pets. —WILDLIFE NESTING BOXES — Rhode Island Red -$40 per dozen The ducks started laying in august and have laid an egg a day since beautiful birds I currently have a batch of 20 eggs in the incubator at the moment, I candled them last night and 18 out of 20 are looking good $70 Pickup Sunbury Never delivered eggs by post so would rather not

Hatched 28/10 Baby Ducklings for sale. This hatch started 25th of October. -Galahs $90 (Heavy!) Minorca Baby’s Fertile Pekin Duck / Khaki Campbell duck eggs, Fertile Pekin Duck / Khaki Campbell duck eggs for Sale

-Possums $60 (brushtail, ringtail, feathertail glider, Pygmy possum or sugar glider.) Chicks $20 Day old Pekin duckilings $30 each.

Pair of Muscovy ducks for sale. $25 EACH PICK UP MOUNT COTTRELL. Pekin Howdy all We are having a massive sale day tomorrow on various stocks! Warragul saleyards 8-10am Find Ducks for Sale in Melbourne, FL on Oodle Classifieds. Baby Cayuga ducklings and some baby Sebright cross Dutch Bantams are available to keep as pets. $250 for 10, Comes with food Will make great backyard pets.

5 days old and will need heat for at least 6 weeks. For sale

White girls $25 This list below contains our breeds - as some breeds are not always available please contact us for an update. Black males $50 I also have baby ducklings available for $15 each. $50. -Rosella $60 (eastern, crimson) They are ready for pick ASAP PLEASE BRING A BOX OR CRATE TO TAKE THEM HOME IN. Black girls $30 White male (one available) $45 •dried spices Bought last week, on sale at Woolworths for $29. DELIVERY TO CERTAIN SUBURBS AVAILABLE. Hatched on the 23/10 and will need heat for at least 6 weeks. Chicks for sale now. One blue pied drake and one white hen. Pics included are of the mums and drake. Genuine, Khaki Campbell X Pekin ducks chicks need heat brooding box, Rouen duck eggs Or 2 week olds $17 each Pure black bantam Langshan point of lay pullets 6 months old and laying

Laying chickens $30 each. Fertilised pekin duck eggs $4 an egg min 3 or 6 eggs for $20. Pekin ducklings from approx 1week old to 4weeks old penkin x khaki campbell aprrox 5weeks old - 2 available Fertile Eggs for sale. Will include 2 dozen fertile eggs for FREE Call/text if interested. You will need t, Selling breading pair of Musgovie ducks.

Khaki Cammpbells light ( 3) •pollen Sale saleyards 1030-12pm We do have procedures in place to comply with the rules Please message us to book a time Postage is available at an ad, MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS 3 weeks old PLEASE TEXT OR CALL ME MY GUMTREE MESSAGES ARE NOT WORKING I CANNOT REPLY TO YOUR MESSAGES THANKYOU

Ducklings also available unsexed $15 each , chicks from day old to 8 w, Fertile duck eggs! If interested please call . They will require a heat source of 36oC for approximately 3 weeks. Many different chicken breeds are available including Plymouth rock, road island reds and bantoms. Fertile eggs will be available during the breeding season at $50.00 & $60.00 per dozen plus postage. $15each •fresh honey Friday 12-4pm Also open sat sun To learn more, visit the Safety Center. Hatched on 09/10/2020

Hens from $15 For Sale Brand new LUMIA 16 AUTOMATIC INCUBATOR Holds 16 duck or chicken eggs or up to 64 quail eggs. Contact Andrew for more information on

Plymouth Rock - limited $50 per dozen none available (half dozen available)

I will supply a small bag of this with each purchase. Can deliver depending on location and quantity. Shamo 70 per dozen -Parrot $60 (red rump) Has been sealed & stored in a cool, dark spot. Saturday 17th Silkies -$50 per dozen (half dozen available) They like to perch like chickens which is very cute to s, Muscovy ducklings available. Pick up only. •LOTS of chicks & chooks Please note that ducklings are sold at a minimum of two +. $70 for the Drake and $50 for the hen $100 for the pair Also have 10 Muscovy ducklings for sale. $27.50 each or Have some beautiful Muscovy lady and gents ready to go. One blue pied drake and one white hen. Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. They eat mice! Yarram footy ground 2-4pm We have pure brown Chinese goslings for sale, some 2 week olds and a few 1 week olds Khaki Chambell and Pekin 5 days old and will need heat for at least 6 weeks. Pick up Napoleon's, 3352 (H X W - each panel) FEATURES: - Strong and lightweight steel frames - Easy to assemble - Enclosure designed to keep your pets safely re, *** VERY LARGE CUSTOM MADE DUCK / POULTRY ENCLOSURE ***, CLASSIC PET ENCLOSURES ....... Ph: 03******1800 or " AUSTRALIAS CUSTOM MADE SPECIALISTS " FOR OVER 38yrs **************************************************************************************************** We will beat any competitors price on the same item, same materials, same quality.