The specifics can be found in our Azur Lane Equipment Guide. \begin{align}

In general, victory conditions are as follows: Daily Raids and PvP Exercises have different victory conditions. When you have upgraded ships and can auto-battle an area, only using three ships in a fleet is the most efficient way to level up. Fairey Barracuda (831 Squadron) also have 24% chance to apply armor break any target they hit regardless of armor type. Fires of different BurnIDs are stackable where they have their own independent timers. But here you may have an interesting problem: Main story missions are getting harder with each chapter, but your ships aren’t developing at the same speed. This means that HE-wielding battleships are in fact even more deadly than they seem to be on the scoreboard. 3 & 25 \lt X \le 36 \\ For un-modified reload time, go to Storage and click on the weapon in question without going through the page of any ship girl. This game mode does not consume any fuel or morale and doesn't give any rewards. The total power of a single ship can be calculated by the following: [math] Roughly speaking, Evasion gives +100% eHP for each multiple of the attacker's Accuracy. \end{align} Hyper-focusing on just a few ships to the exclusion of your larger dock isn't very helpful for the harder, higher reward events. Hyper-focusing on just a few ships to the exclusion of your larger dock isn't very helpful for the harder, higher reward events. This allows the stage to be cleared in a single battle, allowing the much quicker collection of Retrofit Blueprints. [/math], [math] \text{Stat} (1 + \text{StatBonus}) [/math], [math] \text{LevelAdvantage} = 1 + (\text{AttackerLevel} - \text{DefenderLevel} + \text{DangerLevel}) \times 0.02 [/math], [math] \text{LevelAdvantage} = 1 + (\text{AttackerLevel} - \text{DefenderLevel}) \times 0.02 [/math], [math] \text{EquipmentReloadTime} [/math],, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. When starting off, your first order of business is to reach stage 3-4 and farm there until you manage to get both Kaga and Akagi.

Double Line: Increases Evasion by 30%, but decrea… + \text{AttackerSkillAndEquipment} Hard Mode has a limited number of entries per day and failing or retreat does not consume a daily entry.

\text{CriticalRate} &= 0.05 At the end of each mission, one of your ships is selected as “MVP” and earns XP points twice as much as other ships. So you can still earn XP points by redoing a completed mission. \end{align} Combat is a basic gameplay element of Azur Lane, and is required to complete a large number of objectives in the game. &\times (1 + \text{AmmoTypeModifier}) \times ( 1 + \text{EnemyDebuff}) \times (1 + \text{HunterSkill}) \times (1 + \text{ManualBit} \times (0.2 + \text{ManualModifier})) \\ All the bomb loads will distributes evenly in a circle around the target later when being dropped. You can lower the enemy's effective Airspace Control Value by increasing your total AA stat. The blueprints needed for retrofits can be acquired in Hard Mode and various other places. Formula is as follows: [math] {4 \times (\text{MapSurveyValue} + \text{ReconValue})} In this context, the most ideal method would be to create 3 fleets: Use one for commissions, the other for ops, and the other for main story missions. If you are overpowered to the stage, go after three triangle fleets immediately. &\times \left(1 + \text{CriticalBit} \times (0.5 + \text{CriticalModifier})\right) \end{align}

+ \text{SkillBonus})}{100} \times \text{BurnCoefficient} + 5 \right )

In this Azur Lane Beginners Guide, we would list out everything you need to know when starting AL and how to progress fast. There are also non-combat nodes that appear in various maps: This is what a map looks like. ... Subreddit for the mobile game Azur Lane. Destroyers have less overall damage output so won't get the MVP bonus as often, for instance. These are similar to commission missions, but more difficult and most importantly, they have time limits. A fire started from a lower caliber gun will be replaced by a fire started by a higher caliber gun (Note: The gun size listed in the name of a gun does not have an effect on fire. Evasion Rate Skills are any ship skills that directly affect Evasion Rate, such as smoke screens or, "Accuracy vs ship type" skills are any ship skills that affect Accuracy against a specific hull type, such as. [/math], [math] \end{align} Once you send them on a commission mission, you just wait for the results.

If you're just getting started, you're probably a little lost in all the upgrading, Limit Breaking, and leveling options available. Sometimes you may see some really large numbers pop out. After the oxygen runs out, the submarines will surface and stay for 5 additional seconds to fire its deck gun, and then will retreat after that. Interested in mor of our articles related to Azur Lane? Hard Mode rewards Retrofit Blueprints and Core Data. Airspace is considered Empty when both Ally ACV and effective Enemy ACV ≤ 150. The maximum probability of hitting is 1.0 (as you would expect) but accuracy is floored at 0.1.

[math] You don't want to waste oil farming chapter 1 stages that give you terrible rewards that aren't worth the cost.

The value is determined by your ships' Aviation and the aircraft they have equipped (not including ASW aircraft). \text{ReloadTime} = \dfrac{\sum_i^N \text{reloadtime}(\text{Equipment}_i)}{\text{NumberOfAAGuns}} + 0.5 &\times \dfrac{100 + \text{CorrespondingStat} \times (1 + \text{FormationBonus} Formula is as follows:

Each fleet starts with 5 ammo. However, it should be noted that there are special cases when it comes to fire stacking. Just as important as leveling is getting the proper equipment to maximize your damage and evasion. \mbox{Node HP Reduction Percentage} = 0.15 \times \sqrt{ \text{Submarine Fleet Power} } + 0.25 \times (\text{Average Submarine Fleet Level} - \text{Enemy Level}) \end{align} [/math]. 1 year ago. For example, U-81 would inflict flood damage based on Torpedo stat while Saratoga inflicts damage based on Airpower stat. When farming a stage, take a look at the number of triangles on any enemy fleet. The probability of starting a fire by different types of guns are as follows: Most fires do not stack. \text{DamagePerTick} &= \text{WeaponBaseDamage} \times \text{WeaponCoefficient} \times \text{SlotEfficiency} \\ If a Mystery Node is encountered that gives ammo and the fleet is at maximum, the ammo will be wasted. If you are struggling with a stage, its best to retreat when there are multiple three triangle fleets sailing around the map. If there is only one victory condition available, all victories are S-rank by default. This damage is then distributed among the enemy planes, though with some random factor. The ships in your currently selected fleet are shown on the left. The dorm is a great source of free exp Air Supremacy does not occur when Ally ACV ≤ 450, conditions that results in Air Supremacy will get Air Superiority instead. The probability of an encounter occurring increases gradually as your fleet moves around the map. Some shipgirls can be retrofitted - this upgrade would increase their stat and add 1 extra skill. \text{FinalDamage} &= \left[ \text{LoadDamage} \times \text{SlotEfficiency} \times \frac{100 + \text{AirPower} \times 0.8 \times (1 + \text{StatBonus})}{100} + \text{random({0,1,2})} \right]\\ Make sure to put your entire leveling team in the dorm to get the good mood bonus before farming! (If you have to repeat a mission, of course it takes longer.) &+ 2 \times ( \text{Evasion} + \text{Hit} ) + \sum \text{EquipmentRarity} + Normal bombs(fighter bombs and bomber bombs) can only be dropped one at a time with the cooldown of 0.1s for each bomb types for each aircraft.

In these cases, do not upgrade this equipment. This means that you can gain multiple levels at once. Create a second fleet to complete 1-hour missions, as the ships participating in a commission task are not available for main story missions before the task is completed. VANGUARD FLEET (9 oils) - Phoenix lv100, skill lv10, full gear +10 (max HP) 2. \dfrac{\text{AttackerLuck} - \text{DefenderLuck} + \text{LevelDifference}}{5000} EXP can also be acquired in PVP or "Practice" mode: As a new player, you probably would not be able to beat anyone, but just field your fleets and battle - even if you lose, you would get exp and Merit (shop currency). For example, if there is a ship that can dodge 50% of the time and has 2000 HP, another ship that dodges 0% of the time and has 4000 HP will have the same survivability on average. As with most games, Azur Lane’s real activities begin in the late-game phase. This accuracy (probability of hitting) is determined by two factors: the hit of the shooter (a hidden stat) and the (evasion) of the target. This is not a mistake, on the contrary, a special mechanic: Azur Lane wants you to do the missions you complete once more.

Windows 10 is recommended.

\text{Air Denial} & 0.5 \lt X \le 0.75 \\ Genshin Impact Mobile Requirements: Can Your Phone Run It? &\times \left(1 + \text{CriticalBit} \times (0.5 + \text{CriticalModifier})\right) [/math], [math]\min \left( 0.05 \cdot \text{OwnShipMaxHP}, 0.025 \cdot \sqrt{\text{OwnShipMaxHP} \cdot \text{OtherShipMaxHP}} \right) \cdot \left(1 + \text{OtherShipRamAttackBonus} \right) \cdot \left(1 - \text{OwnShipRamDefenseBonus} \right)[/math]. Like I know skipping to the boss is pretty out of the question. From chapter 3 onward, you would need to upgrade them - the materials dropped from world 1 - 5 can only upgrade the gears to + 6 max - you would need to grind quite a bit at world 6 to get enough purple materials to upgrade your equipment to +10. To use the least oil for the best return, go straight to the flagship when it becomes available in that stage.

The general rule is to field one of each class in your fleets, with the BB in the middle to shoot down suicide boats and trigger their barrage skills. Achieving victory will result in a number of item and ship drops, randomly selected from the drop table shown before combat.