A collection of scales & arpeggios for brass. Scales are eternal.”, “Decelerated to the impossible perfection of 60 beats per minute.”. Below is a classic augmented lick in C Augmented. A collection of scales & arpeggios for absolute ear training. Escalas & Arpegios para Eufono (Clave de Sol). You have to do this with each guitar position below.

This next lick uses the Maj7#5 in a similar way moving down one set of strings. And also, much like the Diminished Scale, you can create modes of the Augmented Scale by just starting on a different note.

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This lesson will shortly describe the augmented scale, how it is constructed and some of the arpeggios it contains.


You have to know that two augmented triads are making this scale.

But it can also be thought of as three major triads superimposed over each other:

Chord charts, scale charts, tabs and much more. A collection of scales & arpeggios for horn. Escalas & Arpegios para Eufono (Clave de Fa).

Books, albums, and primers of scales & arpeggios are now available for trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba & aural skills. This package contains a guitar method available as a PDF with tabs, audio files and theory providing 40 dominant jazz guitar lines for teachers and students. Polychords Try creating polychords from the 3 major and 3 minor triads (or combine any notes in the scale).

The orange note "R" is the root note , each scale as a root note, this is the main note that a scale is built from. This is sometimes notated 1­3­♯5.

That could be these chords: So the idea is that the scale fits a part of the chord but the chord is not necessarily diatonic to the scale. It may also be called the "minor-third half-step scale" due to the series of intervals produced. The augmented scale is a symmetrical scale that could be named "minor third-half step scale" because it is made up of three minor thirds and a half-step cells, in other words it is a repeating sequence of minor thirds and minor seconds. Theoretically you have to apply this scale over dominant seventh raised fifth chords (7#5) but, it can be interesting to play it over any dominant seventh chord when you want to bring #5 color. The augmented scale can be seen in different ways. Much like the Diminished Scale is actually just two diminished chords superimposed over each other.

Scales. Contact   [All] Leroy (Jung): better scaler wins Use my search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for. So to find some material to use in lines when improvising. This printable method is available as a PDF file containing 40 easy dominant jazz-blues guitar lines with tabs, standard notation, analysis, audio files and scale charts. Indeed each augmented scale consists of three minor triads. So there's one. Because this scale is symmetrical and stacked in major triads it can only be transposed to 4 different keys. In this example the scale would consist of C Eb E G Ab B C. Since both of the chords are symmetrical every major 3rd the scale is also symmetrical in that way.

To me (and that is of course also a question of taste) I find the scale and it’s sound more useful when applied to a more modal or at least a longer period of one chord sound, so on a jazz standard that would probably be 2 or 4 bars of a chord. Here is another pattern built with major triads from the C augmented scale, ascending and descending. Last time, we talked about the blues scaleand how it is often the first “jazz” scale taught to young musicians.

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This scale was popularised by John Coltrane, Oliver Nelson and Michael Brecker. Now that we have some sturctures that are contained in the scale we can start putting those together to get a bit familiar with the sound and how the scale is placed on the fretboard. Jazz Guitar Licks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. A collection of scales & arpeggios for tuba. This is a good way to find and connect the triads on the fretboard, and a great exercise for that in it’s own right. All four augmented scales are structurally integral to augmented scale theory's complete chromatic palette, as evidenced by the geometry in the examples below, but, of the four scales, the subtonic augmented scale is the most chromatic and tonally distant in relation to the central tonic. In the augmented scale, the semitone (1 half-step) and sesquitone (3 half-steps) are repeated throughout the scale. Gives you an altered V7 chord. The principle is simple, it is to play the six augmented triads from the Bb augmented scale, ascending and descending.

So a C Augmented scale would go: C D# E G Ab B C and as there's only 6 tones in the scale before we come to the root again, it's a Hexatonic Scale.

You have to know that a minor triad is made up of a root (1), minor third (b3) and fifth (5).

Escalas Lidias Dominantes 1 Octava: MIDI MuseScore MXL PDF.

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I would use the C augmented scale (the one I am using in all examples of this lesson) on a Maj7 or Maj7#5, but I’d approach a mMaj7 in a different way. In example 1 the C and B augmented triads are shown and I’ve added two ways to play the scale. These jazz lines come with tabs, standard notation, guitar neck diagrams, backing track for practice and 25 audio files for each riff. Una colección de escalas y arpegios para metal. All images, diagrams, tabs, videos and scores on this website are the property of their respective owners. Escalas Lidias 1 Octava: MIDI MuseScore MXL PDF. It is constructed from two augmented triads a half step apart. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
. Scales & Arpeggios for Flute A collection of scales & arpeggios for flute. This PDF method contains 40 exercices with tabs, scores and audio files for practicing jazz guitar chords over the minor 2 5 1 progression. Brass      The Fugitive (Top) For example: You can use both the C minor-third half-step scale and the C half-step minor-third scale over a C7alt chord:

This is gonna be a great PDF. You have to know that two augmented triads are making this scale.

As you can see the scale contains C, Cm, Cmaj7, CmMaj7, CMaj7#5 and B augmented chords, besides the C augmented triad. In example 1 the C and B augmented triads are shown and I’ve added two ways to play the scale. Augmented scale a half-step below the root of a tonic minor seventh chord Use C augmented scale over C#m7, Fm7 (E aug scale), or Am7 (G# aug scale).

It's in the key of Bb so we have the following notes Bb, Db, D, F, G, A. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
, Because the scale is symmetrical, there are only 4 unique Augmented Scales (i.e. This package contains 3 PDF methods for jazz guitarists with tabs, audio files, analysis about the II V I progression. I hope you can use the scale and the examples I gave here to make some new lines over chords. One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four. These are : C major built with C, E and G ; E major made up of E, G# and B then G major with G, C and D#.

“Excerpts come and go. Escalas Lidias Aumentadas 1 Octava: MIDI MuseScore MXL PDF. The first example is using all three major triads C , Ab and then E. The C is in the 2nd inversion and the two others in root position.

It is constructed from two augmented triads a half step apart. This guitar method is a printable PDF with tabs, diagrams, theory and audio files providing 40 minor II V I jazz licks. Since the scale doesn’t contain any dom7th or m7th chords it can only be directly fitted onto Maj7, Maj7#5 and mMaj7 chords.

So for example, C minor-third half-step scale contains all the same notes as E♭ half-step minor-third scale. Survival of the Fittest ~ Freddie Hubbard.

The three minor triads played in the pattern below are : C minor (C, D# and G) ; E minor (E, G, B) and G# minor (G#, B and D#) . This jazz guitar method about walking bass lines and chords is available as a PDF files containing 35 exercises with tabs, analysis and audio files. Augmented Chords An augmented chord is like a major chord with a raised fifth; thus an augmented chord consists of a root, a major third, and an augmented (raised) fifth. The Augmented Scaleis just two augmented chords superimposed over each other. Exemples with Caug : The augmented scale is built with three sequences of minor thirds + minor seconds : The augmented scale is built with two augmented triads, you need to know that an augmented triad is made up of three notes. The approach that I mostly use is to regard this scale as fitting an C augmented triad, and then use this scale when a C aug triad is part of the chord being played. But it can also be thought of as three major triads superimposed over each other:
Una colección de escalas y arpegios para eufono (clave de sol). Sections of the following songs use the Augmented Scale: While all my lessons are free, if you find them useful please consider donating to help keep them coming.

You ... What's a Scale?! This PDF eBook method contains 25 altered jazz guitar licks with tabs, patterns, scale charts and audio files to master, apply and develop the altered scale. MIDI MusicXML PDF: Lydian Scales 1 Octave.

By now you might have noticed that I mostly make use of the major triad when improvising with the scale, probably because that is fairly easy and also because the major triad is the strongest melodic structure to use. Scales & Arpeggios for Euphonium (Bass Clef).

C, E, G# = C augmented triad = Related chord is C+. A collection of scales & arpeggios for trumpet. Lydian Augmented Scale in All Keys - The Key to Playin' In Key. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and feel free to connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter to keep up to date with new lessons, concerts and releases.