Asphalt Roof Coatings #1 Special Heavy Mastic. Fiberglass Roof Coating. Our company carries out mastic asphalting and sealing and has its own machinery specialized in this work, as well as employees who are always at the cutting edge of technology through continuous training. Oil based mastic compounds leach into the mastic asphalt coating and will slowly break down the bituminous content as any oil based product will attack the chemical properties of mastic asphalt.

Mastic Asphalt Coating.

Thanks to this material get a very durable and abrasion resistant floors, production plants, and it is also used as adhesive means. Binder is made of inorganic substances with the addition of silicate additives and mineral filler. Systems for storing, filling and handling water-polluting substances must have material-impermeable fastenings as a secondary barrier in accordance with the Water Resources Act.

Two-component polyurethane sealant used for waterproofing of drinking water reservoirs, water pipes and high humidity areas. Due to the constant increase in traffic density on German roads and bridges, a highly loadable and durable asphalt is necessary for the construction and rehabilitation of bridges. Such materials are called bitumen-latex and used for attaching roof coverings. Mastic is widely used to create isolation of ventilation systems. it is Also used for repair of mastic roofs and performs the function of the adhesive composition when using rolled roofing materials and to create a waterproofing design and construction. Polymer mastic.

Also called liquid roof and can be used as an independent roofing material. The mastic asphalt coating is applied to the surface substrate to form an extremely strong and watertight bituminous surface black in colour. Made in a thick white mass, used for sealing joints, gaps, cracks and joints in concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Due to its low void content, mastic asphalt is impermeable to liquids and water vapour.

A method for improving the quality of mastic coating system by using a tiecoat which is composed of an aqueous latex-modified asphalt emulsion. The tiecoat is applied to a substrate and then at least one subsequent coating is applied to the tiecoat to yield a mastic coating system having superior resistance to lack and bleed-through discoloration.

mastic asphalt, roofing felt, corrugated iron, cast iron, fibre cement, slates, lead, copper, zinc, concrete and timber.

Problem, 3 leaks in different places from 10yr old asphalt roof. The material used for waterproofing walls, roofs, foundations, balconies, chimneys, cement or metallic gutters. After complete drying of the mastic it can be treated with paint coatings. It is composed of various mineralogical, bitumen emulsion, special additives based on synthetic resins. After installation, the pavement is sanded down in several operations using special tools until the chippings become visible. Two-component polyurethane. With a mastic asphalt screed, long waiting times are avoided: It requires neither drying nor setting time and is ready for covering after cooling. Mastic asphalt in combination with a bitumen welding sheet has proven in the past to be one of the best construction methods for sealing parking structures and guarantees long-term protection of the building fabric. Emulsion (Non-Fiber) Emulsion (Fiber) Jet Black Fiber Roof Coating (Plasticized) Wet/Dry Fiber Roof Coating.

The low-cavity mixture is an optimum solution for repair work in the event of road break-ins or fire damage to road surfaces after accidents, but also for the construction of drainage channels, as it can be installed by hand and does not require compaction.