Always review your work for accuracy. However, in the midst of the initial bankruptcy proceedings the creditors became aware that Sports Authority was listing inventory as an asset when the inventory was in fact part of consignment deals and therefore not assets of Sports Authority but still assets of suppliers (creditors). All proceeds that are received over and above any debt owed must be returned to the customer or to a subordinate security interest holder.

Collateral – property subject to a security interest. Upon default you may require your customer to assemble the collateral and make it available to you at a place of your choosing and is convenient for both you and your customer. Therefore, a second-priority creditor has no grounds to complain about prior security interests that are a matter of public record.

Article 9 regulates the creation of security interests, and the enforcement of those interests, in movable or intangible property and fixtures.

If the goods are accidentally lost or damaged any shortfall in the insurance rests on the debtor. At least annually all states must review their filing-office rules to ensure compliance and effectiveness. To possess collateral, a person must have an intention to possess it. security agreement secures future loans, as well as previous/current, "secure this loan and any other amounts you now owe or will owe this financial institution", essentially value will come in the future as well). After finishing a test, you can review your answers. Each test contains 10 questions.

§ 9-204(c).

In 1998 revisions to Article 9 were completed and were approved by all fifty states by 2001. Control – Control of collateral does not mean the same thing as possession of collateral.

Louisiana is now the only state that has not fully ratified the code, although it has adopted Article 3, relating to checks, drafts and other negotiable instruments. This would mean…You aren’t perfect!

These tests will help you to learn, review, and refresh your knowledge about Must not vs Need not Tests in English. silent light

English Grammar - Articles Test 016     Hard, English Grammar - Articles Test 017     Hard, English Grammar - Articles Test 018     Hard, English Grammar - Articles Test 019     Hard, English Grammar - Articles Test 020     Hard, English Grammar - Articles Test 021     Hard. A blanket interest securitization can be made and is often the case with banks that have an interest in all applicable assets of a buyer (except for some real property, aircraft, ships and motor vehicles). Complications arise from the need to understand the common legal definitions used throughout article’s many sections, the fact that its rules have exceptions that a credit manager needs to understand, and that timing of actions and the specificity of documentation, if not followed, will endanger the legal protection the creditor seeks.

Perfection happens when a creditor is able to establish him or herself in a position of priority or supremacy over other creditors who may have a claim on the same collateral. The creditor can exercise its rights created under Article 9. UCC 1 Financing Statement – a UCC form prepared by company granting credit.

Furthermore, the date and time of the filing is critical given the hierarchy of security interests by date. In 2002, Article 9 was revised to substantially modernize and expand the scope of what can be used as collateral to include credit card receivables, electronic chattel paper, accounts receivable and business inventory. If the buyer is registered in multiple states, multiple security interests can be filed per state.

Attachment can be said to happen when a security interest is effectively created between a debtor and a creditor.

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A purchase money security interest is a legal first claim to repossess property financed with its loan when a borrower defaults. Each test contains 10 questions. 9. 7. A person may be in possession of an asset but that does not imply ownership.

A PMSI grants a security interest to the trade creditor sold on credit terms for the price of the goods sold.

It is usually a formal document signed by the credit provider and sometimes by the buyer who agrees to the amount due.

a/an, the, no article – grammar chart . The prudent and risk free approach would be to require payment at the time of the transaction. Therefore, the date and time will be recorded with each filing as well. UCC Article 9 for Dummies is here to decode and help explain from a credit manager’s perspective, the more relevant aspects of the article and demystify the relevant aspects so we know what to do when it is required to secure a transaction.

The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that a creditor bank did not have a perfected security interest in the debtor’s accounts receivable because “the bank failed to include ‘accounts’ or ‘accounts receivable’ as part of the bank’s collateral in its UCC financing statement” even though those words were used in the security agreement.

Pop Quiz Answers. After finishing a test, you can review your answers. This usually is where the debtor is.

This is done before granting a loan or providing something of value in order to maximize the likelihood of payment in the event that the debtor does not comply with the terms of the agreement.

Method of communication depends on the state requirements.


When it is filed appropriately it gives public notice that a creditor has a security interest in collateral belonging to the customer documented in the statement. You are entitled to an accounting of the unpaid indebtedness secured by the property that we intend to sell (lease or license) for the amount of $_______.

The Uniform Commercial Code has been fully adopted by most states in the U.S. Security interest is a legal claim on collateral that has been pledged, usually to obtain a loan, that gives a creditor the right to repossession. Here is a list of what day you should expect a Pop Quiz and the correct answer!

Article 9 provides a detailed instruction manual on steps to take to legally protect a debt by staking a claim in the debtor’s property. This is a critical part of UCC Article 9 and important for all creditors to be aware of in their dealings of consignment issues. Check out Free Online Tests English (Articles Test 1) have 20 Multiple Choics Questions designed for Various Entrance Examinations in India. I saw an old woman with a dog in the park. The financing statement must be filed with the office of the appropriate government agency, generally the office of the Secretary of State of the buyer’s location.