East side of the large building to the northeast of the district.

2 of Row #2)6:46 - Riddler Trophy #144 (Nr.

When the cars are moved, open the vent and move down the tunnel to find the trophy on the conveyor belt. If she is the ROOT of evil, how could anyone be expected to CONTAIN her?

Get the trophy and leave. Go north from where you found the last trophy and look for it on a set of hot air vents and land mines. This puzzle is more difficult than it might seem at first, as you can't use neither Batarang nor the Explosive Gel to switch off the question marks. What’s a funnyman without his box of tricks?

Top of the right pillar southwest of the Bank of Gotham. You will find the trophy in the northern corner of this area. Or does it run in the family?

Look for the trophy on the ceiling grate. Approach the hacking mini-game and create the password #2. In the west of the section,search for the Catwoman trophy. They are protected by a locked Tyger Panel and en electrified floor. When you are at the bottom floor of the Subway Station, look for the trophy in the center of the room. It’s in the south, on a set of crates. 0. Look for the trophy on the rooftop of the large central building.

Go east from the previous camera and look on the northeast corner of the next building. The key to success here is letting go of the trigger at the right moment, together with leaning out the left analog stick back #2. Charge Remote Batarang with electricity and guide it left through the vent to hit the power supply. Right of the set of doors leading Zsasz’s lair.

You’ll never stop it Batman. Start riding the line and after a short while press RB to make Batman jump onto the line #1. It's important to bounce off the first plate in its upper part, so that you have an easier time reaching the next one.

At the end of cooling Tunnel B, in a room is a poster of Boyle Cryogenics.

Stand at its right and use detective mode to find the riddler mark. Before you enter the large room with three gunmen guarding it, take a left to the first room of assembly line.

Stand on one of the nearby vantage points and turn on the Detective Mode to note that the side wall of the car can be destroyed #2.

You can find the dot on top of the tall chimney, north of the area. Glide from an high position and collect the trophy. You will have to time your run to get it right. In the room connected to the Wonder Tower Foundations is a destructible floor panel. The Riddler mark to activate this is on the other side of the wall, so use a Remote Batarang to navigate around the building.

After you open the vent nearby, destroy the fragile floor at the end to reveal the trophy. Glide from one pressure pad to another get the trophy between the two chimneys.

Move to the left from where you collected last three trophies. Look for this trophy in a small alleyway west of Wonder Tower, behind a cage blocked by hot air.

Look above the Scarface display in the trophy room and you will find a vent. There is an alley southwest of Solomon Wayne Courthouse and there is small gap that you need to slide underneath after leaping a chain link fence to collect the trophy. When you enter the torture chamber, look for a water cooling chamber below the platform as you enter. at the very top of one of the pillars there #1 #2.

You will find this trophy beneath a billboard at the top of the most northwestern building in Park Row. Now you just need to safely fly over the fence #1, landing only after reaching the previously inaccessible area. Look for REC-controlled door and activate it. Charge a Remote Batarang from here and target it to the north through the bars to hit the fusebox. Look for it on the middle platform of the GCR radio. Most trophies require certain upgrades or game events.

To open the case, you are going to require an upgraded Cryptographic Sequencer. Look on the first floor walkways overlooking the road, southeast of the base of the Bank. Inside Solomon Wayne Courthouse, throw a remote Batarang from the rear entrance through the nearby electricity and then guide it downstairs. Will there be a massacre? It can only be accessed through a destructible wall from the north side wall.

Get access to it to get the trophy. Then enter the room through which you can see and this time grab the trophy. If you’re afraid, don’t be scared to crow about it.

Hats off to anyone brave enough to try one on. You need to hit the fusebox in the room where Jokers men are interrogating one of Two Face’s men. How Strange? At the centre of the Wonder Tower Foundations is a large globe. Can you find this cool couple before the romance thaws? Suggestive Themes, Mild Language, Use of Tobacco, Alcohol Reference, Violence, Blood, Sequencer Municipal Code (Talk to Riddler at Church), The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Harley Quinn's Revenge Achievements/Trophies, Batman (Bruce Wayne can only be played as in the Prison/Tutorial Level).

Take the road east from Courthouse entrance and look for it behind a blue neon ‘Lounge’ sign in the corner of the nearby building. When you get to the secret corridor, deal with the fence using the disruptor and get the trophy on the other side. When you turn around, use the REC launcher to target the fuse box through the panel and move up the stairs on the left side. You can use the Tyger panel to get inside.

0. Does Zsasz still pose a threat?

Open the doorway to get the trophy.

Drop onto the next pad in time and repeat to unlock the cage and get the trophy.

After climbing out of the vent into the Chamber of the Demon, turn around and find the seal in the centre of the door. Finally, you can destroy the riddler mark using Batarang. It is behind the ventilation system and you will have to use remote controlled Batarang to destroy the mark. All the collectibles in The Bowery area of Batman Arkham City.

You can use the launcher at the top of the waterfall. 5 of Row #1)17:58 - Riddler Trophy #158 (Nr. There are three riddler marks on each wall. After reaching the seemingly inaccessible room, equip the Batclaw and use it to grab the Trophy attached to the ceiling #2. Open your map and look for the building with Park Row written over it. To the south side wall in the smelting chamber is a water cooling chamber you can break to collect the trophy. You need upgraded Line Launcher to create a tightrope after firing the second line to use it to grapple up to the edge and get the trophy.

You will find one just after you enter the collapsed streets.

Cross the electrified floor using Line Launcher and get the trophy. When you get the previous riddler trophy, look above and you will find a cage with an access grate. Go east from the Confiscated Goods Vault to the Baudelaire store. Each of these are on either side of the large door to the final room of the Chamber of the Demon. Batman: Arkham City Riddler guide.

Next Secrets & Challenges Bowery Batman trophies (22-30) Prev Secrets & Challenges Bowery Batman trophies (01-09) TROPHY 10. There is a hidden corridor on the far west side of the Armory.

In the room with the train tracks, look for a vent in the north section. In the northwest corner of the Maintenance area, you can find one on the ceiling.

Use the upgraded Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the case then the Batclaw to collect the trophy. Right of the display reserved for Batman.

Jump left through the wooden panel at the entrance of the museum.

There is a gate with lights on the west of the rear entrance to the Steel Mill. Look for a cage along the west wall blocking entry to the Wonder Tower. Use the freeze blast grenade to neutralize the hot air inside. Run across it and slide into the tunnel when the gates open to get the trophy. Look for it behind a destructible wall south of previous trophy. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer on the local control panel #1. In the northeast corner of the bottom floor of the Subway station is a poster you are looking for. Afterwards collect the Trophy #2. Use the Batclaw to cut the Riddler trophy down, then create an ice platform to collect it. In the section in Collapsed streets where you need to use the line launcher, look for a small room with a trophy inside to the south. After you have lowered the bridge, use the electric current to charge a Batarang and then navigate through the opened chamber to strike the fuse box. You will find one beneath one of the walkways in the eastern section of the Smelting Chamber. Get onto the roof of the Museum and search for the collectible #1 #2. 2 of Row #4)8:23 - Riddler Trophy #146 (Nr. It is behind a chain fence with a weak wall on the right. Look out! In order to leave this are safely, make use of the crates which will let you jump over the fence. Search for a mirror and when you use the detective vision, you will be able to see the reflection in the mirror. Look for a riddler trophy inside the room connected to the bottom floor of the Iceberg Lounge. After you destroy all the penguins on Joker’s game, you can use the batclaw to reveal the trophy in one of them. In the northwest corner of the west set of Collapsed Streets. Bruce Wayne has never felt quite so wanted. 6 of Row #3)22:56 - Riddler Trophy #165 (Nr. BOARD at drive-time?

This makes it easy. You will need to use the freeze grenades to create a platform here to get the trophy.

Drop through the grates in the central section of the loading bay. You can come back later if you don’t have freeze grenades, just mark its location on your map. You can use Batarang to activate it. Center of the district, on top of the Naval sign. You will have to hack the nearby Tyger Panel to get access to it. You will find it in the center of the rooftop garden building – overlooking frozen swimming pool.

Destroy it to get the trophy. 7 of Row #2)26:26 - Riddler Trophy #169 (Nr. It is on the arm of the toy soldier statue, above the large gates at the entrance to the Steel Mill.

Look for a penguin statue beneath the mammoth statue that you will find under the bridge.

Open the door to get the trophy. Destroy the wall of the small roof access building to get access and follow the tunnel inside to get the trophy. The trophy is behind the wall. Right of the door leading to the area Nora Fries is held hostage.

There is a Tyger Camera guarding the place. It is southwest of the entrance to the Courthouse. You will find another one a pressure pad. Get yourself on the chain ceiling and access the cage using the grid to get this trophy. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. 4 of Row #5)16:38 - Riddler Trophy #157 (Nr. Gadgets used: Cryptographic Sequencer + Cryptographic Sequencer Power Amplifier, Batclaw.

During the same ride in the cooling tunnel D, look for the vent on your right side.

They say the more things changes the more they stay the same.

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Search the poster with Cancelled writing across it on the north-wall on the east-side of the building with rooftop garden. You will find the trophy in the center of the roof.

Scan the large neon sign above the Krank Co Toys building. Location info. Note that it has led to the grates behind your back to raise #2, but you shouldn't trouble yourself with it now.

You need Line Launcher to get access to it.

There is a small platform with a shelter on the rooftop of the large building in the northeast.