This is an embarrassing issue for anyone not straight out of school.

I think canteens are still glitched as well. Spela ansvarsfullt. right: 0; @TygressD @Glorthoron Not working for me. So you lose more with a character then just dinos.

Not a wildcard issue. @survivetheark Anyone else having problems transfering official xbox ? We experience the problem playing on xbox/pc cross play server and we are on pc and just instantly crash when attempting to plot any item. @survivetheark So, Cloudflare seems to say on their site that the issue is “resolved”.

when hosting a dedicated Nitrado server). Is the server down?

Via typical Ark doesn't work when you want it to, you'd thing after what 5 years? padding: 1em; So you lose more with a character then just dinos. Our whole cluster loved prim but switched back to regular due to the issues that constantly arose with every.

Anything that involves putting something on the ground i.e.

@survivetheark I do not understand why everyone is so fast to blame wildcard. I filled out another ticket that they referred me to but haven't heard anything. @Dylan25108663 font-size: 2em; Les joueurs sont mis au défi d'utiliser principalement le bois et la pierre sans l'avantage de matériaux avancés. border: 0; ?

@NotDollie @survivetheark #issue is I can't use any of the building features without #crashing any ideas? @survivetheark 5 hours gone and still down ? @CesarLo57268590 @survivetheark The last time there was a roll back for Playstation users, was when Summer Bash event deleted the Ab varient dinos from the code. Cheers , @KosterShaun @J_Teddy_H @survivetheark This might have to do with the server outage. 1...yeah, I know, cloudflare issue. This is an embarrassing issue for anyone not straight out of school. Sorry if you do lose anything of importance.

@survivetheark Pleaseeee role servers back we lost so much due to this glitch and I really don’t wanna loose days of work just because of a server bug. Yet I still get the JSON error. @survivetheark Will you be extending the event at all?

People not being able to load into the game and such. My game just crashed for no reason and showin this json error, @evilstew22 The items and mechanics focus the players on 'primitive' survival. background: rgba(0,0,0,0.85); I was told there’s a fix coming, but haven’t seen or heard anything. User account menu. @reganwi25380522 @ComplexMinded @J0K3RGaNg @survivetheark @NotDollie @CudaCores tbe game is broken now cant load, @survivetheark hey the Xbox severs are down . When will it be fixed I just want to play the game ffs. Real-time problems and outages for ARK. (Unofficial server) Non-Primitive+ items disappear after server restart: It is possible to add engrams or items that are normally not available in P+ by implementing it in the Game.ini (if one has access to it, e.g.

@survivetheark 4hrs down and no update.... @FrosttBytte @UntamedWarlock @survivetheark @nitrado @Nitrado_EN Are yours working again?, Via its not the PS4 its only ark that is messed up. @survivetheark Is this the error issue json Token?

Cloudflare is a 3rd party company that deals with dns and several stuff. Weirdratman Created on March 20, 2020 I purchased the Ark Genesis season pass, but the map isn't showing up in primitive plus or survival evolved map selection list.

This has happened since the Halloween update. Players still in possession of the old kibble can still use it, but old kibble can not be created anymore. campfire or foundation, my game immediately goes blue screen and kicks me out immediately. @survivetheark Wow.