Any help would be appreciated. Arctic Thunder computers suck to work on. $1,995.00 SUPER BIKES 2 Sit-Down Arcade Machine Game for sale by RAW THRILLS - LINKABLE! You can't ghost the HD, or get the HD from the usual ebay suspects because it writes itself to the hardware, so if it craps out, you pretty much have to reload through the system disk (if you have it), or take it to Betson and bend over. The tracks have many shortcuts and free falls, just like in Hydro Thunder. Explore More Arcade Parts. $30.00. Area 51 Maximum Force Hard Drive.

Arctic Thunder was one of the first Snow Mobile arcade machines. EPROMS. The game allows you to pick from six snowmobile riders and six tracks to race on. The following is a list of the Parts that can be used by this game. Thank you. PC Boards. Archived from groups:, I have the following part for Hydro and Arctic thunders for sale.

If not do you possibly know of another contact that i can make to find this board. During the race, the player can pick up power-ups, ranging from boosts to atomic snowballs. Archived from groups: I have replacement parts for Hydro Thunders and Arctic Thunders.

It makes for great fun and realistic feeling from the fan that blows air onto your face and the seat that rumbles you will feel like you are actually riding.

If you want to make a purchase I would suggest to purchase it on eBay as I am enrolled in the global shipping program and eBay will cover any losses and its not very expensive shipping.

Area 51 Site 4 Hard Drive.

Where Hydro Thunder was an arcade title with only nine boats, a few secrets, and only one machine gun, Arctic Thunder is out for the Xbox and has many, many, many different riders, lots of secret material that you can unlock in the point mode, and a host of radical firepower. ELDORADO GAMES, LTD. 115 W. DALLAS ST. MOUNT VERNON, MO 65712 (417) 471-1005 Fax (417) 471-1006 We offer FLAT-RATE Board Repairs on most Pinballs and Video Games from the

Located in the middle of the board is an LED Legend.

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Email Arcade Services. EPROMS/Security ICs/Components/IDE Cables.

SKU:Arctic ThunderUPC:600713141610Condition:NewWeight:350.00 LBSAssembled Dimensions:30''W x 74''H x 64DPower:Standard Household OutletAmps:3Tech Support:Lifetime, Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, Garbage Disposal & Trash Compactor Accessories. Arctic Thunder Hard Drive Ver.

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