Includes a searchable database of investment treaty cases up to May 2010. The Law and Practice of Arbitration (5th ed., 2014). This convention was concluded in 1971, but has been entered into by only 5 countries. The SCC administers arbitrations in accordance with its rules, the SCC Arbitration Rules (2010) or other arbitration rules agreed to by the parties to the dispute. Tzeng, P., “Appointing Authorities: Self-Appointment, Party Appointment, and Non-Appointment (December 5, 2017), Book Project, Conference on the Legitimacy of Unseen Actors in International Adjudication, The Hague, October 2017. d'Aspremont, J., “The Control Over Knowledge by International Courts and Arbitral Tribunals” (September 9, 2017), in T. Schultz, and F. Ortino (eds. Note that most of these searches are very broad, so you will probably want to limit the search results by date, additional keywords, or other options. The false premise that there is an ideal arbitrator for all situations – a sort of “perfect arbitral being” – provides a launching pad to discuss ... Schultz, T., “Legitimacy Pragmatism in International Arbitration: A Framework for Analysis” (May 9, 2018). As satisfying as it may seem to announce that you’ll see your adversary in court, a good lawyer may be duty bound to tell you otherwise.

Abstract: The Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Federal Arbitration Act is universally touted as favoring arbitration. This Research Guide provides a starting point for research on International (Commercial) Arbtration. A synopsis of key features of CPR's international arbitration rules can be found here. Yates, C.R., "Manifest Disregard in International Commercial Arbitration: Whether Manifest Disregard Holds, However Good, Bad, or Ugly" (May 31, 2018). Search engine for international law and arbitration -- includes extensive database of arbitral awards and citator functionality. The list of parties to the European Convention on ICA and any declarations or reservations made by such party to the convention are available through the UN Treaty Collection. But deep workplace issues will have to be addressed first. Volumes 1 through 10 have cumulative subject indexes, while volumes 11 through 15 have individual subject indexes. 1. The RIAA is limited to arbitral decisions between states or between states and international organizations. 5. Nevertheless, arbitration rules generally do not prohibit self-appointment. The content of this guide is on a single page. [. With Neil Gorsuch's appointment to the high court, conservatives regain their 5-4 majority, which will likely benefit employers over workers. 2. Two, arbitrations are normally binding and usually do not allow for an extensive appeal process. For years, comparative law has been considered central to international arbitration, particularly with respect to procedural issues. It also argues that the quest for efficiency creates a tension between party autonomy and the desire of arbitral institutions, several authors and users to attribute to arbitration systemic qualities. Only the English and French versions are official versions. Arbitral awards are also available through the subscription databases listed below (available to members of the CLS community). The CPR created the CPR Rules for Non-Administered Arbitration of International Disputes and Commentary, which were most recently revised in 2007. Also available electronically through CLIO.

Greece might have cause to stop it. The leaking of a key Trans-Pacific Partnership document by Wikileaks this week suggests Australia may side with the US on some key issues including the insertion of an Investor-State Dispute Settlement…. 2. 5, Article 1. The following is a list (and links to) some of the major international arbitration bodies: 1. International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”). Drahozal, C.R., “Empirical Findings on International Arbitration: An Overview”, in T. Schultz and F. Ortino (eds. International examples show that quicker access to arbitration could have avoided the drastic action taken by Qantas chief Alan Joyce. Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute ("SCC"). For ease of searching, there is a subject index for arbitral awards. Links to the updated rules are available below in Arbitration Proceedings & Institutional Bodies, 3. International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration ), The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards, The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration, Hardship and Force Majeure in International Commercial Contracts: Dealing with Unforeseen Events in a Changing World, Injunctive Relief and International Arbitration, International Arbitration and Forum Selection Agreements: Drafting and Enforcing, Interpretation of Contracts in Comparative and Uniform Law, Jurisdiction, Admissibility, and Choice of Law in International Arbitration: Liber Amicorum Michael Pryles, Party-Appointed Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration, Pleading in Arbitration: A Practitioner's Guide, The Powers and Duties of an Arbitrator: Liber Amicorum Pierre A. Karrer, Patricia Shaughnessy, Sherlin Tung (eds. Advancing Innovation in International Arbitration Collection (December 3, 2018). Investor-State Law Guide provides access to all materials relevant to publicly available ICSID, NAFTA and ad hoc tribunal decisions. These links will take you directly to those acts in the ULA in WestlawNext (user credentials required). Berger, K.P., “The Direct Involvement of the Arbitrator in the Amicable Settlement of the Dispute: Offering Preliminary Views, Discussing Settlement Options, Suggesting Solutions, Caucusing”. Individual countries will sometimes provide a list of their BITs. UNICITRAL keeps track of which countries have adopted ICA legislation consistent with the language of the Model Law. 93-120. FINRA's Arbitration Awards database enables users to perform Web-based searches for FINRA and historical NASD arbitration awards free of charge, seven days a week. You may view the WIPO arbitration rules here, but for more information on WIPO, please see the Resource Guide for Researching Intellectual Property Law in an International Context. ‘Expertise’ and ‘’efficiency’ are identified ... Rogers, C.A., “The World Is Not Enough” (December 29, 2017). The advanced search feature gives the option of full-text searching, but limited to a particular category of articles. 9. The following is a selected list of the print resources available at the Diamond Law Library on ICA. For international investment arbitration see the Research Guide on Foreign Direct Investment. Browse Arbitration news, research and analysis from The Conversation Arbitration – News, Research and Analysis – The Conversation – page 1 Menu Close