What a beautiful story. It’s one of the biggest signs that an Aquarius man is interested in you. If you are serious about getting this Aquarius man to fall deeply in love with you,  you should do two things: For every person who first leaves a comment and completes the quiz, I will receive an email notification. Be up front and talk about it with him. Once an Aquarius man calls you his best friend, a proposal might not be very far away. Unfortunately the fiancé found out and everything stopped. A writer by nature, a baker by heart, and a traveller by soul, Kiranjot feeds her passions with fierce love and undying curiosity. I think if I were you I’d be asking him why he’s so afraid to commit and have intimate relations with you. He started to put wedding things to a stop and moving forward with that. I know who he is. Keep reading. If an Aquarius man likes you, he will not stop blabbering about you to his friends. They’re very telling. Hang in there and you’ll get through it.

He felt guilty bc of his situation and how he felt towards me he said he felt like he was already cheating. Aside from him paying more attention to you; you’ll probably notice an increase in his romantic ways with you. He would keep sending you texts and drop subtle hints that indicate he is thinking about you, or is looking forward to having more of your company. He opens up about his deepest secret for you. When Aquarius man loves you he will worry that you’re not feeling good. This guy will show you Valentine’s Day year-round when he’s in love. Smashing patriarchy and contemporary dancing are just two of her daily activities. An Aquarius man will go out his way to do things for you, but if you want him to fall head-over-heels for you, then you will have to put in some efforts as well. What do u think.. am I just a friend or a friend he could potentially be in a relationship with further down? 12 Definite Signs An Aries Man Is In Love With You, 15 Ways To Attract A Pisces Woman And Win Her Heart. Just wanna spend time.

If you become his confidant, then he is going to feel safe, secure, and able to continue building a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. Ask him how he feels about you and if he’s into maybe having a relationship outside of friendship. He will deliver it to you for dinner.

You may be wondering “how to know if an Aquarius man loves me?” Keep reading to find out more juicy details on this delectable man and how he shows his care. I have NEVER experienced such a loving honest Man such as an Aquarius, it took us 3 years and when we first met I wasn’t into him AT ALL but I kept being cool with him, never kissed or had sex.. Once a woman gets to know what seems to work, she can keep going with that formula and things stay rather stable. Seeing an Aquarius myself and a Capricorn. Aquarius man is the type who never hide their feeling. Lots of questions about you and your life mean he’s genuinely in it for the right reasons. Everything just felt so right. Aquarius men really enjoy experimenting with sex and might not commit to one woman unless he knows he has very strong feelings for her.

However, as meticulous as he is, he writes down all of his expense to the little details, even the dinner bills from last night. Don’t hide it or try to analyze his behavior. Your Aquarius man will constantly make puns related to you and laugh. The two of you probably understand each other quite well. Appreciate ur help! If he talks enough to teach you about some of the things he’s interested in or is learning about, he’s opening up his heart to you in some way. However, once an Aquarius man is in love with you, you will find him to be committed to you and only you. In fact, an Aquarius man in love with you would mean he will love your eccentricities as well. He said it would be easier to go through with the wedding and get divorce then to call everything off. Welcome to my blog about the Aquarius man. These signs are all how to know if an Aquarius man loves you. Moon sign depends on time he was born, not day. No, no.

I asked him tho if he could see himself with me further down and he said yes…. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. We have not had any contact for 2 months now .

He is fun to be with. He’d rather show you how he feels than to say it. When he commits to you, he means it. Sometimes people rush in or get together at the wrong time, find heartbreak, and they don’t understand why. Aquarius takes his time to fall in love and trying to figure out if you will be someone who will match him. The Aquarius man is typically intellectually driven. They may not give up the information without you asking, but if you do, you better be prepared for the cold hard truth. He will even sit through chick flicks if that’s what you want to watch. They were getting married bc of how long they were together (5 yrs) and bc logically it just worked he said, he loved her but not in love with her. This will make him reconsider everything, and it could make him know you’re not the one. In bed, he’ll bring his “A” game to ensure that you enjoy every second you have with him. They even late to realize it themselves too. He would never get tired of knowing more about you and he will never judge you for your quirks. There are many! He is not the romantic type who loves to plan candlelight dinner with pleasant surprise to you. Telling you flat out what he feels, why he feels it, and how deeply he’s into building a closer bond with you, he is an Aquarius falling in love so trust it and trust him.

An Aquarius man is always curious about exploring new places and trying new things. When I’ve tried to shake him due to him not really being interested in me he panics and calls and pesters me. This is one of the huge signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. Therefore, Aquarius men do like being chased, and if you could chase him, you should chase him! He will hold your hand in public, possibly even steal some kisses when no one is watching and once you’re all alone, he will act as if he can never get enough of you because he really cannot. He has had a lot on his mind during the corona and he told me he couldn’t be in a relationship right now but I’m his bestie . He feels no reason to waste time once he knows for sure that you’re the one. He said before he cares about me, appreciate me and really likes me but when we’re apart I sometimes get insecure.. I’m in no rush for a relationship right now so I don’t pressure him and I don’t like feeling needy. Whether that means he loves you or he’s not that into you, he’ll let you know. If an Aquarius man is interested in you, he will trust you enough to be comfortable with you and he will put in extra efforts to create a special bond with you. He would say I know you feel it.

He only trusts a few people in his life. Bored at home? It was a great night him and I talked about nothing and laughed at everything that evening along with all our gym friends. He spends his free time for you. He will do it out of love, only for you!

So this is something you have to work on from within otherwise you’re likely to always be this way with any potential partner. Signs an Aquarius man is falling in love with you – his friends = your friends. He starts to like everything that you do, even the weirdest one.

He wants to know that your inner core values will match his. Not the bad way. He makes me so happy I cry at the thought of the beautiful things he’s already shown me. A classic sign of an Aquarius man in love is your participation in his inner circle.

If you want a fun, intelligent, hard working and honest man… get an Aquarius!! Scolding is a pretty common form of portraying concern in an Aquarius man. When he finally told me he loved me it was the best feeling.

If he’s willing to start giving you... 2. He’ll make lots of jokes to make you laugh.

Only the worthy make it to his inner circle. He would share all his thoughts and his ambitions with you. You are wise and I know that you know what is going on with yourself.

I was married at the time and he was engaged. This is why it takes time for him to get rid of his inhibitions about moving too fast or being too attached. I told him once I’d be patient with him. Been reading ur page for a few months and it’s been really helpful:), I’ve been seeing this Aqua guy, he’s 30 I’m 31, for just over a year now and yeah it’s a bit confusing. Good for you! He will be intrigued to discuss things that are important to him.

He will not think about another person. Unbeknownst to me after that evening he felt the same connection I felt that night. But he will not do so if he doesn't like the one he talk to. I have always had a little school girl crush on him.

That’s typically what is required. If you’d like, you can learn more about me on this page here.

We’ve known eachother as friends since high school, and gotta say what we have is better than the deceitful Sagittarius I married and my Virgo ex-boyfriend. It’s a matter of letting go and letting nature take it’s course. My point is they are the best men in the zodiac, in my opinion, they are so worth the time and effort you put in the relationship, and the will commit to just you. Only when he feels he’s found the person he thinks is worth it; will he give up his freedom and settle down. He is never satiated with the regular places and would keep searching for new adventures and exciting journeys. He has also said these words but don’t know if they are genuine. If you chase an Aquarius man, it would make him realise that you want him in your life as much as he wants you in his. It is commonly said that men do not talk about their feelings to a lot of people. However, to understand Aquarian men, it is important to realise they are in constant doubt and confusion. Based on the nature of his sign, this guy yearns for his personal … Being besties is perfect! This means it could take quite a while before he takes you home to meet his family. An Aquarius man in love is no joke.

Aquarius men do not like to open up about their personal lives. An Aquarius man having an intellectual conversation with you is a sure sign that he is in interested in you and would love to keep talking to you. The inevitable distance between two people in love, the restless neediness of love. Getting you to understand that he is devoting all his energy and effort to you is what his goal is. Everyone knows it’s for all the wrong reasons. He said it would be like shooting a puppy bc of how excited his fiancé was about planning Ect he didnt see how it was all wrong until i crossed his paths. If not directly “I’m falling for you” then he may say it in other ways like “I’m into you hardcore” or something similar. He is my everything. But I would not leave him EVER. A friendship with an Aquarius man means a thriving bond.

Sharing private thoughts, hopes and dreams is not a likely trait of an Aquarius man.

I’m a Capricorn… and Lord knows I hate it these people are crazy flip!!! Once he’s really in love with you, he’ll fully commit to you.

Aquarius men have a limited social circle, and even fewer people he truly trusts. We showed eachother things that were missing. If he has a moon sign such as Scorpio or Sagittarius; he may feel he isn’t able to commit. If you keep receiving cute texts from an Aquarius man, he is certainly interested in you and is NOT trying very hard to hide it from you. It takes a lot of trusts for him to introduce someone to his family. He loves to have fun with you. Not just on a personal level but on an intellectual level. An Aquarius man (January 20 to February 19) is a very curious species.