By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. CANADA IMMIGRATION DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE NOR SUBSTITUTE THE ADVICE OF AN ATTORNEY. Photocopy of your Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292). Calculate your Residence. Submit your mistake-free online application now! endobj If you submit your application on an outdated form ( older than October 2017 ), we’ll return it to you and ask you to resubmit your application using the newest version of the form. endobj Complete the Application" in the instruction guide to know how to complete the form. When and how to apply for citizenship urgently. APPLICATION FOR CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP - ADULTS (18 years of age and older) UNDER SUBSECTION 5(1) Citizenship and Immigration Canada Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada This form is made available by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is not to be sold to applicants. `����pTV���i�](�Y ���n�J�B�m45l�������-�2��n��̒V�������Q5_�#ڑ5υ�?��k��yt���f�5qe����Փ��b�M4,nD�����H�#���3�/�f

Fill out, securely sign, print or email your CIT 0001 E : Application for a Citizenship Certificate ... - instantly with SignNow.

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Permanent Resident Card. endobj Fast, easy and professional. Certificate no. Use the online calculator to check that you meet the physical presence requirement for Canadian citizenship, print the results and include it when you send us your application.If you can’t use the online calculator, you can fill out the form manually: How to Calculate Physical Presence form [CIT 0407] (PDF,

Regardless of whether your status has expired or is nearing its expiration date, complete your application today. 13 0 obj Canada, Case Processing Centre—Sydney endstream 47–49 Dorchester Street endstream For more information, please see Minors applying for Canadian citizenship – subsection 5(1). Do I become a Canadian when I marry a Canadian? I agree. 20 0 obj Certificate no. It will help you fill out your application, Study for your citizenship test and learn about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, as soon as possible after you sign and date the application form. x�ٰ� (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS - CIT 0002 F) APPLICATION FOR CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP - ADULTS (18 years of age and older) UNDER SUBSECTION 5(1) FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY UCI no. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. See section "Step 2. Cit 0001 Form.

You can also obtain an immigration application form through the Government’s website by clicking here. You may apply for Canadian Citizenship using form CIT 0002E if you: You may apply for Canadian Citizenship using form CIT 0002E if you meet the following requirements: Those individuals that have committed a crime in or outside Canada may not be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship for a period of time. b��wAm�Fƍ��A �����#X�p$Qb�|�+ҡ u/�q�g�Ȭ��-�]����!�>X����,���J���9W�&Y.�}���� Application for Canadian Citizenship - Adults (CIT 0002), fully completed, signed and dated. Citizenship Application IRCC Form CIT 0002E. Otherwise, we process them separately. 809 0 obj <>stream Box 7000 Form IMM 5444E.

The application package includes the instruction guide and all the forms you need to fill out. By paying and using our private services you confirm that you acknowledge the above statements. Permanent Residency Permanent Residency Application Application for a PR Card. Canadian Citizenship - Adults (CIT 0002E), Permanent Resident Card Application (IMM 5444E), Replace a PR Card if lost, stolen or damaged (IMM 5444), Are 18 years of age or older (minors can apply for Citizenship using Form CIT 0003E), Meet the citizenship residence requirements, Meet the residence requirements: have been physically present in Canada for at least four of the six years immediately before the date of your application (1460 days), Can understand, speak and communicate in one of Canada’s two official languages: English or French (adults over the age of 65 are exempt), Understand the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship (adults over the age of 65 are exempt), Once the IRCC (CIC) notifies you, appear for the. You can find the version date on the bottom left corner of the form. You must be eligible for Canadian citizenship the day before you sign the application form. C�<��o* THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. Fast, easy and professional. Your fees may include: If you’re submitting more than one application at the same time, you can pay all the fees together. 襝B�g � You will not receive a reply. Form IMM 5444E. %PDF-1.6 %���� The date you sign or mail your form does not change the version date. Turnaround times and appointment scheduling in government agencies may be affected during the quarantine. Certificate no. Click here to know more. Legal Disclaimer: is owned and operated by a private agency that is not affiliated and/or enforced by the Canada Government or any government agency. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. P.O. Form CIT 0002E. FX�#��w�r�� endstream Also, note that in order to apply for Canadian Citizenship individuals must be permanent residents in the country. Find out how COVID-19 affects your citizenship application. The travel journal is an easy way to record your trips outside Canada. Space … 22 0 obj We provide our customers with easy immigration application forms and offer assistance during the process of fulfillment, so that they can submit a mistake-free application before the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. endobj I am a citizen of another country. Sydney, Nova Scotia  B1P 6V6 CIT 0002 form- Canadian Citizenship Application If you are 18 years of age or older, you can use CIT 0002 form to prepare and submit a Canadian Citizenship Application. Renew or Replace PR Card. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy.

Find out what happens if there’s a problem with one of the applications, Case Processing Centre—Sydney This form is made available by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and is not to be sold to applicants. Will I lose that citizenship if I become a Canadian? Form IMM 5444E. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! Photocopy of your Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292). "A�j�T�������>�c���l4R!٨������X��y{1�������cFt4�C=D�G��b�g�i����~�����bU^��M���J\s�+�{��e��r `xyU�V)e&o�,���a�zgI��P5N@�rc��lL�Ta�i4���bR\w�ѱ����u���;>�%?�����M��O�U7�׶�� ˞O�(꾟 `�@0�܋U���qO�_4ᮽ'��:W5B�6W4ږ�͠0�& 9eG��f��b��R�f��j�&f���:������̐!�wA�耜fI��Wr��>��y�P`� �}tȎ� m�e�b�����*��/�Jf��Y{�_K�N� ����$V��oy@� h!P�Ix;�ұ�M�Wh�0YgL)���_#ﰏ��C�6h��Y���z��0�v��� © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. 23 0 obj For example, “CIT 0002 (01-2019)” means the version date is January 2019. <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream Our easy-to-use system verifies your form to give you the confidence that your request will not be rejected due to errors or inaccuracies. Form CIT 0002E is used by permanent residents that are over the age of 18 who wish to apply for Canadian Citizenship. endobj endobj I already have a citizenship application in process.

Citizenship Grants Your fees depend on whether you’re an adult (age 18 and over) or minor (under age 18). See section "Step 2. Citizenship Application - Adults.

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