We are a APBA baseball face-to-face/mail league. I am new to APBA as I first played the board game last Tuesday and purchased the online computer game (APBA Go) last Friday. They add a different, more intimate element to the game of APBA as members have forged life-long friendships. Don't forget about our classic Football, Hockey, Golf and other great sports strategy games. If your friends become top prospects we will reward you with gameplay benefits. T Collections Votes 0 • Posts 2 • Views 20.

MIL 010 111 11x - 6 11 2, MIL- Anderson 2-4, 2 runs I would like some opinions on it and see if I should. (PHI) Lajoie- 3-5, hr, sb, run, 3 rbi. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Duffy, who has a hit in every game, drove Gilbert home in the ninth with a walk off knock to hand this game to the hometown Brewers. Hart (D) vs. Husting (D). New games, cards, charts, rules, replays and leagues can be found here. A community replay so to speak. Invite your friends and start playing today. Start with two free teams and invite your friends. Then play seasons of baseball with those cards and dice. A forum designed to promote discussion of APBA's 60-plus years of sports strategy gaming and general sports conversation! We use google sheet to compile the stats and track rosters limits and rotation of starters. One of them introduced me to Strat-o-matic and another to APBA. Our biggest challenge was finding enough players to play the not so good teams. NoScript). CLEVELAND BLUEBIRDS @ MILWAUKEE The acronym stands for "American Professional Baseball Association", the name of a board game league Seitz devised in 1931 with eight high school classmates. Discussions on all forms of sports board games. The score now 6-4. CLE- Connor 1-4, hr, 1 rbi, 1 run, INFIRMARY REPORT: He was someone I looked forward to seeing as a friendly in the All-Star Game but at no other time. The Brewers had another homerun, this time off the bat of Wid Conroy. PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS @ MILWAUKEE BREWERS If rain starts and enough innings have been played for a legal game it is rained out. I looked at buying the windows game, but after reading about the new online game - I went with the online game instead. We lost Gibby to pancreatic cancer on Friday only days after another Cardinal fan favorite, Lou Brock passed away. The move to the mountains meant that I had to be a one-man league. for travel? J rating of 0), PHILADELPHIA ATHLETICS @ MILWAUKEE BREWERS It’s a great way to meet APBA friends and have a great time playing APBA! Push your management skills to the limit. Any updates on this fascinating replay season? Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Boxing, etc. He tersely yanked starting pitcher Reidy from the game in favor of hurler Garvin. After World War II, he formed APBA Game Co., working out of his living room. Play with your friends no matter where they are: Across the country or around the world! We plan on doing more in the future. Discussion of hockey and table-top or computer hockey games. He hit .356, eleven points above his actual average and bullseyed his 41 actual homeruns for the season (see Willie’s card featured…, Reader Neal writes: Can you tell me the first year APBA Baseball went to 2 column player cards and did all cards have 2 columns that first year or did some still have just one?

Answer on the homepage or right here.

No matter, Chic Fraser leaned hard on his B grade to get out of jam after jam and the first game for Mr. Mack was a success. On October 17th, Jeff Boeding managed his 1906 Cleveland Naps to victory at the 14th edition of the Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament hosted in Shakopee, Minnesota. In the top of the ninth, Washington would threaten again. Keep an eye out. against the computer manager, solitaire, against a live opponent). MIL 010 002 000 - 3 9 1. There is no cost to sign up for the online game and it also gives you a chance to try the game out with 2 free teams when you sign up. Includes recaps of current and past projects, discussions that delve into the numbers behind the cards and features year-by-year season analysis and recommendations dealing with the perceived flaws. Looks like your connection to APBA GO Forums was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.

–Nate I am taking a weekend roadtrip to Lafayette College to see my niece perform in the pep band (ok, admittedly I will be watching the football game) and catch up on first series stats than the replay will again roll along. Just pure APBA baseball bliss.

I may dabble with the master game at some point and if and when I do that it will be noted. BALTIMORE ORIOLES @ MILWAUKEE BREWERS WASHINGTON SENATORS @ MILWAUKEE BREWERS Loved 'em both. Some even complete them! CLE- McCarthy 14 Games Do you want the real pure thing or only in part? There are many items available featuring all sim game engines and baseball publications. The Scouting Program makes inviting friends. Deals with the host's extensive experience replaying APBA baseball as originally designed; straight-out-of-the-box. Jeff Boeding and the ’06 Naps go all the way at TCABT-XIV!! Garvin has recorded the first shut-out of the season. I ma considering downloading APBA Baseball 5.75.

Profile; Chat; Bookmark 0. This topic has been deleted. Home; Recent; Tags; Popular; Users; Groups; Search; Login; Search Home APBA GO Baseball General Discussions Log in to post. I am going to purchase APBA Baseball 5.75. Playing 'baseball' with those friends are some of the best memories of my childhood. We are replaying (finishing) the 1994 strike shortened season. Read up on APBA replays that fans have done!

The Company website has the answer…. APBA Baseball has been a leader in sports gaming since 1951! You can see cards in both games, but APBA GO displays all the hitters without having to look at them. We discuss APBA league operations, simulated APBA replays and the fun of playing APBA. Not much time for anything else. WAS- Clarke 2-5, 2 runs, rbi Earl was a…, Hey APBA Fans, The 2020 MLB regular season is over. Most relevant is this: APBA WILL OFFER THE USUAL 2020 BASEBALL SEASON PRODUCTS: (1) A 900 CARD (30 CARDS PER…, The era of the good-hitting pitcher seems to be coming to an end. ), the APBA Company has some relevant information on their website now. Thanks in advance! MIL- Garvin, 9 scoreless innings pitched. With runners on first & second, Grady would double in Waldron from second but the slow footed Dungan would be cut down at the plate by a great relay throw from the shortstop Conroy. A blog for the fans of the sports tabletop game by the APBA Game Company. Fraser (B) vs. Reidy (Cz). No extra math or figuring things out. Wow. APBA Leagues have been around for decades. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled (i.e. (PHI) Cross- 2-5, 2 runs, 2 triples, 2 sb. A forum designed to promote discussion of APBA's 60-plus years of sports strategy gaming and general sports conversation!

This topic has been deleted. Howell Cz vs. Garvin B. If you want to play one team through a season with very good mangers for the other teams, BBW is a far better choice. I really like the idea of the micro manager managing every team but yours. GOP shifts strategy from challenging election rules to individual ballots. BuffaloHead .

95%+ of the games I have played in the last 5 years with cards and dice and BBW have been league games. A forum designed to promote discussion of APBA's 60-plus years of sports strategy gaming and general sports conversation! MIL- Maloney, 2-4, run Hey there everyone. I know “back in my day” we all appreciated a pitcher who could pull his weight with the stick.