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Begin the class with an open forum where an image of a celebrity, hero, or someone who falls into both categories is projected in front of the class.

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Role of the Teacher in Performance Tasks.

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Big Six auditors, les six plus grands groupes d'audit financier au niveau mondial, voir Fat Four (Big Four) ;; Big Six, un groupe de polymères bon marché d'importance économique majeure et utilisés dans de nombreux domaines.

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AP Research Assessment Overview.

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• Logically defends the alignment of a detailed, replicable research method the purpose of inquiry.

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Appendix B: AP Research Timeline.

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AP Research Performance Task Rubric: Academic Paper . E��M\�yh:Ol���;v��Fq�? • Logically defends the alignment of detailed, replicable research the purpose of the inquiry. 69 . The paper identifies the topic of inquiry.

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Equity and access for students is a primary goal, therefore, student presentations can be delivered in a remote, hybrid, or in-person setting. 4 0 obj

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A*�-�����s.����,��=�� rogram AP Research Course and Exam Description iv. Save favorites to read later - even offline! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. Contact Us. Explore over 15 million presentations, videos and infographics in stunning, full-screen layout.

x�Z�v�F��+���IƜ�;��&��>Ҽ��EO5�S�������?�3�-9�(�M�c� ��B��-}&�P� ?>�qD��?Tk�H��h$� y�_��O������-�(�b�I���&��q���3)4�������E�۳�7:�|B�����jk�3��`�J� ����$a��o�N���!�8z��n�>&�����)5��Z��2�l�G(a��"8f�%F�N�9��:�k�U_�?�e�" Inquiry Proposal Form.

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The paper identifies the topic, and describes the purpose and focus of the inquiry. Le terme anglais Big Six (les « six grands ») peut désigner : . When a new image shows up they have to say if that person is a celebrity or a hero and why. endstream endobj 471 0 obj <>stream

2020-21 AP Research Presentation Guidance The Presentation and Oral Defense (POD) must be delivered in real time, and not pre-recorded. \n�K� &[ p��p�ԗYl-��'�s=ڂc�KCa�`z�ù��V5��~�&w���pƳ << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> ���������� (�5��LfbéTҳXk�krUk�K��:|��um���] AP Research Through-Course Performance Task. ���'���cKj�B�J���p�=]E�lF���w��D'Zk>�}6�I��dHZ�g��'hG����f����|�|챊�}�/;�Q�@Y�l B���*�I9����>�2�ՏK�X���얱'"/H����ƀσF/0g��EݥK�7Y��r �:�0ʲ�����[a�B�w>���f��'�c�b����7��7����LWS��eeJVKTh�*AOt

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*q�t��B��D_�e�67�J�qr�ȵ*A�L�͑�"lΦ�ʘL��:���[�8�g�+B���N��� breathing_research.pdf : File Size: 1263 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Boost your knowledge anytime, anywhere with the official SlideShare app. • Summarizes or reports existing knowledge in the field of