Intel Core i3 vs. Read on to find out if it is, or if it deserves to be knocked out of your list. The latter could obviously be from a bad batch of monitors sent out, which everyone is unfortunately susceptible too, but this doesn't seem to be something I hear coming from AOC monitors. There is big interest in these monitors and also for upcoming vg259q by Asus.

Major gamma issues. Here are the models that will have this panel. One question, what's the contrast ratio after calibration? Contrast isn't as good as a VA but that isn't near enough to make up for the VA's downsides to me. Aoc 24g2 has good responses but the Od for them work better at certain refresh ranges. Anyone think any other monitor is worthy enough to challenge in this price range? © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, AOC 24G2U 24in 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review. Out of the box gamma is 2.06 and can't be fixed unless you use sRGB mode which locks down brightness and color settings, causing even more issues. November 6, 2019

It’s even possible to rotate the screen into portrait mode. Definitely. The Asus pg259q has this annoying blurriness when reading text. You can then sell these and recuperate the additional cost. If you are looking for a good gaming monitor up to $450.00, then pay attention to the AOC 24G2U or AOC 27G2U. An accomplished product with vibrant and varied colour output, pleasing contrast and responsiveness for an IPS-type panel and very attractive pricing. The AOC 24G2U provides some solid gaming features and great colour accuracy for a reasonable price. Other specifications are typical for IPS, with a 1,000:1 contrast and 250cd/m2 maximum brightness. The colors and all that are stunning and with gaming mode there's no noticable input lag compared to my old monitor, the 24G2U simply is much faster than I expected it to be.

It offers smooth performance, a great image quality, plenty of useful features, and excellent design quality. AOC 24G2U has mediocre response rate at 144hz, and pretty bad ghosting when you drop below 80Hz, its most noticeable in 60Hz territory.

I am doubting between the AOC G2590PX and the AOC 24G2U. Overdrive set to strong is significantly faster than the VG240Y Pbiip and doesn't have overshoot issues that the VG240Y Pbiip has at extreme. Press J to jump to the feed. Another great + is the build quality and overall minimalistic design as it don't take up much space on the desktop, feels very sturdy and can be adjusted in all possible ways.

I want to know how others that have this monitor are calibrating there monitor.

I have been doubting to buy the AOC 24G2U due to the fact that there are no reviews online. Planning on purchasing the AOC C24G1, heard great things about it and it fits my budget. You're paying premium for a better stand, but just go for the 24g2. I dont think it is lottery as in "lottery", I think majority of them have it. The MSI (although a great option) mentioned above isn't for sale here and is the same panel. Only difference I'm aware of is the 24G2 doesn't have the 4 USB 3.0 ports on it like the 24G2U has, Yes, same models different names for different regions. I am willing to spend money on an Asus monitor if it's the best option. However if you are willing to spend more, and don't mind using your own DisplayPort cable and VESA stand, then the VG240Y Pbiip can achieve better color accuracy and image quality due to much more flexible and accurate on-screen … Everyone who wants a 24.5 inch IPS screen that is true 1MS GTG should actually wait for the 240hz panels. I ended up settling on the AOC after FAR TOO MUCH research. Normally I would not care to wait a little bit longer, but I will build my pc tomorrow and do nog have a monitor right now. Deciding between 27 and 24 inch, strange but 27 is cheaper now in my country :D Building 1080p budget PC build so want to keep it best for the $. The first two settings keep it around 2.05 and the third one puts it at 2.4. Better contrast, measured at 1474:1 out of the box. It can also be fixed with an ICC profile, but this causes banding in the latest version of Windows and also won't be usable on other devices (like consoles). > Asus TUF VG 249Q. This is a video found in an amazon review, on the left is C24G1, on the right is an IPS monitor. Reminder: this panel is like $200 USD which is absolutely amazing. Also keep an eye on the Viewsonic XG2405 which uses the same panel as the Asus VG249Q and AOC. I want the best 1080p 144hz IPS display out on the market right now, and I think I've narrowed it down to 4 choices. I returned 24g2u, got vg259q. Fantastic reviews all round. Between these 4 monitors which one do you believe has the best mix of, text sharpness, visual quality and response times? Just received my AOC 24G2 yesterday and wanted to put my thoughts out about it. James Morris I got the monitor 2 days ago (in Canada) and so far it's been incredible. Great review!, sama paneeli noissa on. > AOC 24G2. It offers smooth performance, a great image quality, plenty of useful features, and excellent design quality. Might as well shoot for a vx2758-2kp-mhd for $319. Any advice, please and thanks. On some monitors, particularly but not exclusively those with high refresh rates, interlace patterns can be seen during certain transitions. Better white color temperature out of the box, hitting 6754k. I got the 27 inch variant cause I sit far enough where I can't see the individual pixels anyways. Could I ask one question? I am looking for a budget monitor, and like you, I find color accurary really important. I’ve been searching the internet for experiences of buyers or reviews. I think I will wait. However there are some significant differences between them: Much better stand, with height adjustment and rotation.

As for the VX2758-2K-MHD it's a 1440p monitor and my gpu is an RX 580 4GB, not the best for 1440p gaming, so I will stick with 1080p 144hz. Response time at medium overdrive (generally the optimal setting) is the same between both. No dead pixels either, so I think I was pretty lucky with my unit. That said, it's a 200€ monitor, not a 400-500€+ and if 99% of the time on the computer is playing FPS games well, then you might want to spend some more and go with a 165-240Hz TN panel or wait until next year in which I've heard that 240Hz IPS monitors will be widely available. Not many cards even have vi anymore, and you have no idea how hard it is to find a dp to DVI adapter which supports 144hz, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Can change overdrive while using FreeSync, while the VG240Y Pbiip locks it down to medium. MSI MAG251RX seems to be the best.

If I have a Nvidia Gpu can I use free sync? Any idea why it's so cheap? I've seen these options, but I don't know what to do. I bougth this 24G2U monitor since I recently upgraded graphic card and since all new GPUs have removed dual link dvi support which is required for my old gaming monitor, a Benq XL2411 in order to get 144hz refresh rate and playing on anything less is horrible so I bought this AOC monitor and so far I'm happy with it. The brightness in the dark is too high, so a lamp as a backlight is a good idea, and the viewing angles are unworthy of an ips panel - but otherwise just about everything beats this screen. I'm worried about the size...24,5 inch it's quite big. Video connectivity is well catered for, with two HDMI connections, DisplayPort, and even VGA for legacy attachment, although no USB-C. There’s a four-port USB 3.0 hub, analog audio input and output, plus stereo 2W speakers (although gamers will most probably be using headphones).