", Young is married to a Dutch woman named Ellen van Lochem. To match this image the press and public were told that Young was born in 1959, not 1955. Five months later, Back in Black was released as a tribute to Scott. To us, the simpler a song is, the better, 'cause it's more in line with what the person on the street is. Angus, determined to finish what the band started, recruited Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose to stand in for Johnson for the remainder of the Rock or Bust World Tour. At least two of his SGs (whether modified Gibson product or ground-up construction) circa 1977 and the Paris "Let There Be Rock" tapings featured on-board wireless going to his amplifiers, the circuitry installed in a cavity routed into the back of the body. His seemingly out-of-control onstage body language has always come naturally.

[7], A common criticism of AC/DC is that their songs are excessively simple and formulaic. He still owns it to this day and it’s still one of his favorites. Young was 18 when he and older brother Malcolm formed AC/DC in 1973.

[18] On 16 May 2012, he was named the "Best Australian Guitarist of All Time" in a poll conducted by Australian Guitar Magazine. Young was ranked 24th in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 greatest guitarists of all-time list. They own homes in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands. His first real guitar was, not surprisingly, a Gibson SG.

AC/DC members Angus Young and the late great Malcolm Young discussed former singer Dave Evans in a recently unearthed Classic Rock magazine interview, claiming that … Angus is a big smoker, but doesn’t drink and never has.

[13], Young tried a number of stage costumes, such as Spider-Man, Zorro, a gorilla, and a parody of Superman, named Super-Ang,[14] before settling on his signature schoolboy look at the suggestion of his sister.

To celebrate his birthday, here are here are 15 things you might not know about the. 12. Angus is a big smoker, but doesn’t drink and never has. 3. [34], Young was advised by older brother George that, if he ever tripped over his guitar cable, to keep playing and make it look like part of the act. 13. 15. Me; I think if I fluff a note I'm robbing the kids. - IMDb Mini Biography By: You're gonna pour it all on until you drop, so even if they hate you they can still say 'At least they tried'. It had a real thin neck, really slim, like a Custom neck. and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". To celebrate his birthday, here are here are 15 things you might not know about the AC/DC guitarist: 1. Over the next three years AC/DC cemented themselves as a popular hard rock act, especially in Australia, with the follow-up albums, T.N.T., Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock and Powerage. Young has been married to his wife Ellen since 1980. Beginning in 2009, Young started fitting Seymour Duncan humbuckers to all of his touring guitars.

His wife Ellen (married in 1980) is from the Netherlands. In the beginning, Angus messed around with brother Malcolm Young's guitars for years before his mother finally bought him his own, a cheap little acoustic. [7] He eventually became sober and returned to the band. 12. Happy birthday Angus! Later amplifiers included Marshall JMP 2203 and most recently, Wizard Amplifiers. Angus McKinnon Young [19], Young has used Gibson SGs in various forms (his original, and the basis for his current signature model, was a 1968 - '70 SG Standard) throughout his career. After they broke up he was in a group called Tantrum. [2], The 'big freeze' of 1963 was the worst winter on record in Scotland with snow eight feet deep. If you believe you shouldn't play just three chords it's pretty silly on their part. [1] In 2003, Young and the other members of AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. By the time he was eleven Angus had flirted with a tutorial course, but he prefered to learn by himself and most of his musical education was pure trial and error. [10] He is a supporter of Rangers FC. Such trademark Angus moves as his patented duckwalk could be handy attention-getting devices when playing for drunken, rowdy barroom crowds.