Jeanne | Son apparence dans la série est prise de sa toute première apparition, Starwing / Star Fox, dans laquelle il s'agit d'un visage blanc aux yeux rouges construit en polygones 3D qui attaque en crachant des sortes de plaques ayant sa couleur (blanc et bordure orange). Rodin, the Infinite One | Bowser |

Count Cannoli | Ashnard | Space Pirates (Kid Icarus) |

Gravity Man | Ridley | Gold Bone |

Shroobs |

Fox can destroy these with a few hits, and can get behind them by doing a loop. Like in 64, Fox must shoot Andross' hands and destroy them, but the weak points on the hands only appear immediately before an attack. Napalm Man |

Cornerian scientist (formerly)Emperor of Venom Entei | Zoldge, Subspace Army Meta Knight | Affinity | Timing Andross's attack pattern is a good way of avoiding it, and he only charges three times while transparent. Therion | Yveltal | Captain Shears | Description . Shadow Beasts | Après avoir mené de dangereuses expériences qui ont partiellement détruits la ville, il est condamné à l'exil par le Général Pepper.

Oikonny's Army, Star Wolf Nihilego | Broom Hatters | Death | Once Fox is inside the barrier, Andross's head then turns metallic and summons two hands. Forever Train Engineer |

M. Bison | Carmilla | Attack(s) Golems (Dragon Quest) |

Chain Chomps |

Gaius | Shy Guys | Mahvas | Fox must fly around Andross and look for an opening in the wall to fly through while avoiding the tiles Andross telekinetically tosses at him.


Shotzos |

Alraune | Plasm Wraith |

The energy burst is released as giant lasers from the openings of the cylinder, so Fox must maneuver around the cylinder and avoid the lasers before it is safe to re-enter the cylinder. Andross In this would lose redeeming traits from Star Fox 64 where Andross was willing to spare the universe and many characters. EyesLasersTeleportationTentaclesOrb mines

Snowmads | Whispy Woods |

Kyurem | Kamek | ", "Andross évolue en arme biologique pour devenir le vrai boss final de Lylat Wars. Akuma | Hooktail | Chargin' Chucks | Occasionally, Andross will fire a series of rotating purple lasers while spinning the column around rapidly, similarly to the Attack Carrier boss.

Bugzzy |

Diggernaut |

Kyle Merkulov | Medusa | Dharkon | Fynalle | Bulborbs |

Nutskis |

Goals TilesRotating lasersRobotic fistsEye lasersBite The barrier attacks Fox by firing debris from certain points of itself.

Boom Stompers | You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. Caiman | Piglins | Arceus |

Rathalos, Playable Characters Ing | Ninja Kong | Hades | Deoxys |

He attacks with a sonic energy wave from his mouth. Sagat | Species Son apparence dans la série est prise de sa toute première apparition, Starwing / Star Fox, dans laquelle il s'agit d'un visage blanc aux yeux rouges construit en polygones 3D qui attaque en crachant des sortes de plaques ayant sa couleur (blanc et bordure orange). Yiga Foot Soldiers.

Dark Man 4 | Fortitudo | Andross est un antagoniste important de l'Univers Star Fox. He can also teleport away from Fox, usually behind him, and if he takes damage may follow him around.

Wart |

Igor | Kip |

Paz Ortega Andrade | Mugly | Hot Heads | Galaxy Man | Emperor Andross is the main antagonist of the Star Fox franchise. Count Bleck | Rayquaza | Swooping Snitchbug | Loptr | Tatanga | Peckish Aristocrabs | Father Balder | Andross aspire la matière par sa bouche grande ouverte et expire de grandes plaques de métal.

Guts Man | Andross' Empire Location Andross will eventually revert into his regular appearance, requiring the 2nd and 3rd acts to be performed again and again until the "bossometer" is emptied, thus completing the game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Andross made appearances in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii, Super Smash Bros. 4 for the 3DS and Wii U, and Super Smash Bros.

Parasite Queen |

Specter Knight |

Noxus | Stu | Weakness Kracko |

Claus | Gray Fox | She may be the only known victim that Andross didn't intend to kill.

Full Name Tiki Tak Tribe (Kalimba | Gong-Oh | Maraca Gang | Wacky Pipes | Cordian | Banjo Bottom | Xylobone) |

During the attacking animations, the hands will show a red (turns yellow after a certain amount of damage is dealt) symbol on the palms, so Fox must shoot at the symbols to damage the hands. False Zelda | Mr. Sandman | The start of the brain fight, will also have Fox saying to Andross "So, Andross, you've shown your true form!"

Wood Man |



Incineroar | Eggplant Wizard |

Shaft | Metal Man |

Galleom |

The fact that Andross shifted his goals from ruling to destroying the Lylat system might be due to different writers.

Palkia |


Wigglers | Hewdraw | Octoroks | Hammer Bros. | Galactic Fiend Kraken | Dive Man |

Star Fox franchise Banzai Bills | Sword Man | Skin Andross's Brain He's the arch-nemesis of Fox McCloud due to possibly murdering/brainwashing James McCloud. Kritters | Shake King | MurderAbuse of powerUnethical experimentationBrainwashingPollutionGenocideMaleficAttempted universal hegemony

Strong Mr. L |

In Star Fox 64, Andross is once again faced at the core of Venom. Its eyes are its weak points.

Ses yeux sont son point faible.

The Wolfen trophy in the fourth Super Smash Bros. also relates that Andross was the ship's creator, and that Pigma had a hand in their design.

Obtaining power and the ability to spread destruction throughout the Lylat System.

Zako | Ridley | Juri Han | Sylux | Andross retains his attack pattern from when Fox McCloud fought him Star Fox 64. Cranky Kong/Donkey Kong (Arcade) | He attacks with his two hands, which are vulnerable before they attack and must be shot to destroy them. Origin Sarumarine Captain | His battles are the only ones in where Fox screams if he dies, unless the three teammates have been forced to retreat before reaching a boss. Dans Smash 3DS, un trophée le représente dans sa forme de cerveau, le modèle étant tiré de Star Fox 64 3D. Vaati | Spinies | Flages |

Wiki Super Smash Bros. est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Jeux vidéo. was presumably killed/brainwashed etc. Waddle Doos | Mewtwo | Zero | Scarfies |

Crazy Hand |

When he was younger, Andross was once a well-intentioned, authoritative and respected scientist. When hit, copies of that image appear to fall out. Once defeated, Andross will be destroyed in an explosion created by the last of his power to take Fox down with him.

Rhea | Ender Dragon | Panther Caroso | Trace |

C’est depuis la planète Venom qu’il met tout en œuvre pour se venger du système Lylat. Pico | Jade Face | Big Boss |

Peppy mentions that after being defeated by Star Fox for quite a few times, he began thinking that Andross could have developed a device to neutralize the Venom Sea, and after completing it, he hid it on Titania, spending his remaining days there. Majora |

Marx | His main weak points, however, are his eyes. | Andross a deux Trophées dans Melee : un avec son apparence de Starwing et un avec celle de Lylat Wars.

Duon |

Kanden | He is a malevolent primate scientist who seeks out to take over the entire Lylat system and has clashed against the Star Fox team on many occasions. The hands will try to crush, grab, and punch the Arwing, so Fox must outrun or fly away to avoid the attacks. Leon Powalski |

Box Boxer |

Bowser | Thanatos | Walkys |

Malladus |

Once the hands have been destroyed by shooting the gemstones, the entire 1st and 2nd sequence is repeated again, except that star fighters will now occasionally spawn and fly into Fox from behind Andross. The first, based on his SNES Star Fox appearance, can be summoned using the cores of Porygon and the Commander.

His emblem in the form of a "Jolly Roger" symbol is marked on Venomian carriers as a disembodied head above two cutlass swords.

Ice Man |

As Fox tries to make his getaway from the exploding Venom, Andross attempts to take his enemy down with him by biting the Arwing. Zombie, Bosses


Andross a eu plusieurs formes selon les jeux.

Kludge | Andross

King Dice | During his first phase, Andross attacks with his two hands.