Cairenn (kaw-REEN). Lasair – (LOH-seer) Old Irish=lassa “flame.” Several queens and saints with this name, including Saint Lassar of Meath. The name was considered too sacred to name a child and was not used before the 17th C. Children were given Mael Muire “devotee of Mary.” Moira, Maura, Maurya, Mairin (maw-REEN). Maeve – (MAYV) from Old Irish Medb “intoxicating” or fragile.” Medb Lethderg was a name of the goddess of sovereignty at Tara. Rioghnach, Riona. The feminine form of Laurence, Laurentia originated from Rome. We hope you have fun choosing the right one! Rionach – (REE-uh-nak) Old Irish=name Rignach “queenly.” Queen Rionach was legendary ancestor of the MacLoughlins, O’Donnells, O’Gallaghers, O’Gormleys, and O’Neills. Bevin – (BAY-vin) Old Irish=be “woman” + binn “sweet, melodious.” Name of several early Irish queens and saints, including a 12th C. abbess of Derry. When Conn Cetchathach was about to kill her son at Tara, she appeared as a wailing woman. Toiréasa – (toh-REH-suh) Irish also can be Teresa “harvester.” Theresa, Tessie. Isibeal – (ISH-a-behl or i-se-BEL) From Norman French name Isabel. Her. Fans of the cult favorite TV show Fireflyalready are familiar with the mysterious allure of the name Inara.But most probably don't know about the Middle Eastern (Hittite-Hurrian to be exact) protection goddess named Inara.She was the protector of the wild animals for the people on the Eurasian steppe. Caillech – (CALL-yach or KEE-lek) goddess known as the Veiled One; teacher of the arts of war and viewed as a Destroyer aspect of the Goddess.

Nafertari means “the most beautiful.” This is the name of an Egyptian queen of the New Kingdom, the favorite wife of Ramses II. Madailéin – (MAD-e-lehn) Magdalene. Her place of martyred death is marked by a monument in Gheel, Belgium, where she had fled for her life and virtue, as her own father (an Irish king, as the story goes) was determined to wed her, his own daughter, following the death of his wife and queen (Dymphna’s natural mother). Labhaoise – (LAU-ee-shuh) “holiness.” Louisa, Louise. Erin – “peace.” The name for Ireland which comes from an ancient goddess whose name was Eriu. Is Switching to European Baby Formula a Safe Deal? Sibby, Sibi, Siobaigh (shuh-BEH). Slany. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Diana, has an air of royalty to its name and was borne by the absolutely stunning and gorgeous princess of Wales. also can be Latin male name Angelus. With this sumptuous list of Roman catholic baby girl names with meaning, you will surely find the perfect match for your little bundle of joy. Ena – from the Celtic word for “fire.” Enat. Eibhlihin, Eily, Ebliu, Aibhilin. Conchobarra (KON-kho-var-ah). accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Dairine – (daw-REE-ne) Old Irish=daire “fruitful” or “fertile.” The name of a legendary princess of Tara. Donnfhlaidh – “brown princess.” Rarely found in history. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Aodhnait – (EH-nat) ancient Irish name of unknown meaning. Eithne. Caitlin (kayt-LEEN), Cailin (kay-LEEN or KAY-leen), Caiti (KAT-ty). Nora, Honora. Thanks to their […] An uncommon name, Nerilla is a head-turner. Fianait – (FYAN-it) Old Irish word for “deer.” Two early saints by this name. Fiona – (FYUN-a or FEE-nuh)(Celt) from the word finn “brillian, white, fair.” Finna, Fionn. Niam, Nia.

Emer – (EE-mer or ah-VAIR) In legend, Emer was the wife of hero Cu Chulainn. According to Crossland (1982), the evidence of names from the Dacian, Mysian and Thracian area seems to indicate divergence of a 'Thraco-Dacian' language into northern … Sile – (SHEE-la) “blind”; Irish= Cecilia. Beautiful as the name, Alba, means “bright”. She is. Erina, Eryn, Eriu (ERR-I-oo). Winifred, Uny, Oona, Unity. Cahan – from cath “battle” or “a warrior.” An abbess of Kildare. The town is now known as Teltown on the River Blackwater. This gathering was guided by St. Jerome in religion and learning. Melva – from the Celtic word for “chief”; “mill worker”; also can be Melvin. Alphabetical lists of Irish names and meanings –, by Maggie McGee | Feb 24, 2017 | Names of Irish & Celtic Descent - Boy | 3 Comments. You have entered an incorrect email address! Brianna – also can be Brian; “the strong.” Briana. Dubheasa – (doo-VAH-sa) Old Irish=dub “dark” + ess “waterfall”, probably meaning “dark lady of the waterfall.”. Guennola – from the Celtic word meaning “white.”.