Newly Formed Group Defends Witchcraft Rights And Beliefs. [goes to a answer... link below] Relates comments by Carl Llewellyn Weschke about the council." At this point in his life, he is concentrating his energy on writing his own books, passing the torch to others as far as organizing and action goes. In one Facebook post, the group said that Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, chairman of the last council (1974), gave “his permission to relaunch the Council.”, However, Mr. Weschcke, through Llewellyn employee Elysia Gallo, disputes that claim. Hoping that I can accurately represent the solitary practitioner this is a big responsibility. Yet those citizens with beliefs that fall well outside of Christianity are often misunderstood and persecuted. In 2011, a new group calling itself the U.S. American Council of Witches attempted to form. Oberon Zell served on the original body, and will be involved with the current body. TWH: What kind of planning and organization? Now another attempt is being made at resurrecting the American Council of Witches and, similar to past years, questions are being raised about its goals, structure, and secrecy. TWH:  Is there anything you can say about the council? And we hope to dialogue with members of other faiths to foster a basic understanding of our beliefs. From posts on their Facebook page they claim a council already exists and that they are investigating murders while waiting to convene on March 1st. However, the Council has stated that Kaye Berry, who lead the 2011 revival, is not associated with this attempt. According to the fan page, ACW2015 has reached out to “Authors, Musicians, Counselors, and even a Publisher or two.” Organizers said, “We have established that this council will not represent just Wicca, but all facets of Paganism that we can…” They added that, after March 1st, they will list the names and bios of each council person on their website. The organization behind it would need to seek real legitimacy within the community before even attempting to convene such a group and there would need to be an actual need for it to begin with. Other than Elwin La Fae Herman, Lady Rhiannon Martin, Brandon Chaffinch (web designer), and Donna Clifton (Council Member in Waiting) not much else is known and all details highly guarded. She said that she first heard of the effort to resurrect the council back in January.

Our current goal is to bring thirteen core members in as a board. It would need to start off with a small grassroots community that would grow over time and momentum. They will then replay bits of the afternoon show and more at 10:00pm EST tonight. The nascent council has already issued a press release outlining its goals and mission. Kaye began contacting Witches and Pagans whom she believed would make valuable contributions to the effort. Make the membership public to the rest of us. American Council Of Witches. Are there any links between this new ACW and the original body? It was open as far as membership and knowledge of each other was concerned. DC:  March will be the time frame that the council will be formed and, at the moment, I do not have the authority to go into that explanation, I will be happy to go to the people who are for you if you would like, and let them explain what can be explained right now. Currently they are not taking questions because they are awaiting the completion of a website. The word Witch may have served the mission statement of the original 1973 board, but the Pagan community has diversified greatly since then. Will this attempt pan out better than the failed 2011 attempt, as Clifton believes? This new council said it was coming together after receiving a request from the U.S. military to update the Thirteen Principles of Belief. 649 likes. TWH:  Are you excited? It’s a matter of timing. That is correct. Wanting more information, I contacted them, and spoke with Wiccan author and musician Kenny Klein, a member of the new Council. Hunter gave this advice: The last time an attempt was made it was so unorganized and immediate that there was no possible way for it to take off and be successful. The American council of witches.

We will engage in an interfaith dialogue to identify and address the legal and social needs of members of our religions, and we will create policy and documents as deemed necessary. I have been helping to identify Witches who are leaders in the Pagan/Witch community who might be assets to the project. How do you respond to that? She said, “Carl Llewellyn Weschcke has obviously seen a lot of Wiccan and Pagan groups come and go in his time, and he receives requests for his personal involvement in different organizations all the time. Who’s driving it? Do you have any specific outreach/interfaith initiatives planned at this time? That material was subsequently incorporated into the 1978 edition of the Army’s military chaplain’s handbook. Who shall gather together in interfaith dialog, to redraft a set of Common Principles, Mission Statement, Purpose, Revision of the Army’s Manual and a possible revision of the The Thirteen Principles Of Belief.”. One arena where we have seen this is the attack on our President by those claiming he is Muslim, which they appear to believe invalidates his ability to lead our nation. She loves red wine, camping, and has no tattoos.

Who is Behind the Council? … So please stop worrying about something that has no bearing on anything that is going on here.

As for your concern about behind closed doors, it is up and coming things are being put together and worked on to be made public.

At this time our goal is to identify the thirteen core members, and to begin organizing committees to work on our three primary objectives (see below). Built with the Largo WordPress Theme from the Institute for Nonprofit News. A New Council Forms Now another attempt is being made at resurrecting the American Council of Witches and, similar to past years, questions are being raised about its goals, structure, and secrecy. There are too many unanswered questions.

Also, I don't think it proper to have this reference: "1974 Council of American Witches History? Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Things in the quest to better understand what was going on with this organization, the US American Council of Witches (which Joe from pointed out abbreviates to USACOW…something I hadn’t even thought about before) heated up last Friday night when someone with access to posting for the Council shared a link on their Facebook page for a 1998 article on Witch …

It fell under scrutiny because it was unable to provide basic and important information, gain the favor of the community by actually courting it over a period of time, and because in the end it was the ego driven dream of someone with a keyboard. After repeated attempts to contact Ms. Herman, we were sent a message stating: I regret to inform you that with such a short time we are unable to answer all of these to a satisfactory solution; however, all of this information will be on our Facebook page come March 1st. In the early 1970's, a paper was released with their findings, and gives a good overall picture of it. Answers given at this present time could possibly change.

For information, interviews and membership, please contact: We are here to protect those and give council to those who need help. No doubt they’ll be in touch with present day active Pagan organizations like COG, Circle Sanctuary, the ADF, the Troth, and others, as things move along. We will engage in an interfaith dialogue to identify and address the legal and social needs of members of our religions, and we will create policy and documents as deemed necessary. 650 Me gusta. For example, Don Wildgrube wrote: I was in the original Council of American Witches in Minneapolis in 1973. New Activity. Additionally, the group has said that they plan to revise the Thirteen Principles of Belief and to write at least one book. (

As Hunter notes, the available information about the group, its goals, and even who is organizing it, is scarce. DC: It is not to re-define anything, but to address the issues of the modern day practitioner.