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Additional items impacting our Q3 2020 performance are as follows: The suspension of sequestration added $9 million to our revenue and gross margin for the quarter; continued improvements in clinical utilization and a shift in clinical staffing mix drove a substantial portion of our 440 basis point improvement in gross margin; strong cash selections drove lower revenue adjustments; health and workers' compensation increased $6.4 million, driven by the shift of costs from Q2 to Q3 due to COVID-19 as well as the inclusion of AseraCare, which closed in June and ranges which would effect August 1. -- Analyst.

I want to provide a little more color on our PDGM performance and observations. On an adjusted basis, total G&A was $176 million or 32.3% of total revenue, which is up 200 basis points over prior year, which includes $11 million in additional costs related to our acquisition, $9 million in our Hospice segment and $2 million in corporate. During this call, Scott Ginn and I will cover the following.

We'll probably leave that term loan out there. And ultimately, when we see -- we are able to measure our success. So just on just taking a step back, Paul, it sounds like you guys have gone under a bit of a strategic process.

Home health, particularly in some of the areas where we think that we can start to fill in. I think the idea is that the technical integrations have gone extraordinarily well, largely because we've been doing that. We anticipate Q4 ADC growth and census growth generally lives admissions. ET to discuss its first quarter results. Thank you.

Paul Kusserow -- President And Chief Executive Officer. So I think that's going to push the hospice pricing up even more. But in general, we're really happy with where we're at. The global spread of Coronavirus has meant a decline in home health and hospice services due to social distancing and restrictions on movement. Do you have any comments on that?

By developing a SNF-at-home product, for those who want to avoid a SNF stay, we are showing we can give patients a home alternative. But if you look at the natural growth rates in home health and hospice and Personal Care, they're the best in anything in healthcare. And then you add in some of our innovative products that's going to ease even more growth. Thanks. And then we think our growth prospects are very strong. It's a 20% increase in the number of reps.

Finally, given our scale, acquisition and integration capabilities, strong cash flows and balance sheet flexibility when the current temporary COVID subsidies holding the home health market together are lifted, the true impact of PDGM will finally be felt within our industry. But Chris, why don't you talk about what we got?

“We’re recession-proof,” Kusserow said at the Bank of America event. A man cycles past a shuttered movie theater in Times Square following the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., March 17, 2020. Southwest area did lay-offs yesterday.

So we're excited about it. Nothing is happening right now @Amedisys - I agree that 2014 might be interesting - we have some head winds to face here. Yes. Now on to the regulatory front. I mean, we just -- superstar Nick here did a wonderful job, but we just finished up with it and the Board. So prospects are great.

Similarly, in late June, CMS issued the calendar 2021 home health prospective payment system rate update where CMS proposed to increase payments by 2.6% beginning in January. And for you guys, it just ended up kind of being basically net flat.

I mean, so we're going to do -- to start with the obvious, I mean, cash flow from ops is going to be greater than $300 million this year. If we go above the industry, which is what we expect, that's going to clearly accelerate even more. We had 17 -- over 1,700 unique new referral sources in Q3 that had not referred patients to us in the previous year. Amedisys Announces Second Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call Date. And would you be targeting [to miss at] payers that referral sources?

And it even provides a mechanism for a true-up, if you will, in 2022. I have a question back at you. Paul, I'm actually surprised it took this long. Some of the 385% rise of the last 2 years is justified by the roughly 29% growth seen in Amedisys

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Bill Sutherland -- Benchmark Company -- Analyst.

The platform uses extensive data to show in a single snapshot what drives the value of a company's business. It's like 11% or something.

These forward-looking statements may involve a number of risks and uncertainties, which may cause the company's results or outcomes to differ materially from such statements. Maybe I'll just ask from my one question about the acquisition landscape, what you're seeing out there, both in home health and hospice? Hubbard Radio stations had layoffs in St. Louis , Chicago , Seattle, Minneapolis and Phoenix. The social and 'fun' parts of office culture have all but evaporated in 2020. In home health, revenue was $326 million, up $15 million or 5% compared to prior year, driven by our strong recovery in total admissions and total volume.

Our average length of stay in our home-based census dropped nearly 10 days as a result of patients on census with COVID-19, bringing down the average.

Meanwhile, its hospice business is back to original patients volumes. I mean considering what's available under our revolver right now, with our availability in the -- from cash generation, you're looking at really close to $500 million right there from an ability to fund deals.

SNF- at-home represents an interesting new growth avenue for the company and will be an opportunity for growth even beyond the pandemic. Wouldn't that be a lot of chatter for something like this just ended up not being a big deal?

So we have a really strong team, Mike North has -- who we brought in from Humana a long time ago, who was in charge of integrations there, worked with me there, has been doing that. Next is growth. Three-Month Periods Ended... | November 5, 2020 That was a joke. After a 82% rise since the March 16 lows of this year, at the current price of around $249 per share we believe Amedisys stock (NASDAQ: AMED), a home health and hospice care company, has reached its near-term potential. It was really us disaggregating all the components, identifying the revenue levers and the cost levers and picking a path to those. But yes, we feel like the visibility is there, especially on the cost side, really felt good with the revenue levers coming through this quarter on the rate side. Revenue per episode was up $50 or 1.8%, which was driven by the suspension of sequestration and reduction in LUPAs, lost billing periods and an increase in case mix. We have now over 20% of our actual contracts out there that have some sort of upside based on quality metrics.

Human Nature. CMS implemented massive and comprehensive home health payment reform in 2020. Good morning. None of these results would be possible without our over 21,000 employees' unwavering commitment to providing outstanding care to our patients in their homes.

The space is so broken up, that even the largest home health providers control just 4% to 6% of the overall market. Add to that, economics, at home care is what people want. But what we've shown that we can do in the past and we continue to do today is when we see those areas, we react pretty quickly. But we're still -- we're moving it forward. Also, and I'll have Scott cover this, we've been doing an incredibly good job on de novos and are still putting out between 10 and 15 de novos a year.

We drove total voluntary turnover to 19.3% for the quarter and 18.5% year-to-date with an early exit rate of 11.3%, down from 13.2% in Q3 2019. So yes, I mean, we feel that it's certainly in our sites, less fearful of kind of the ability to handle COVID. I do not want to be laid off. And if I think about some of the comments you made about the tailwinds earlier, how are you guys thinking about kind of the long-term growth algorithm of the enterprise?

You can play with assumptions, or try scenarios, as-well-as ask questions to other users and experts.

That really offset that year-over-year impact of -- I mean excuse me, PDGM. Really just how they're tracking versus plan -- any modifications to the integration plan given the pandemic changes?

The challenges that we run into is it's still a very fragmented industry out there even though the plans are interested in quality. I don't know, Chris is with me.

Returns as of 11/05/2020.

The company assumes no obligation to update information provided on this call to reflect subsequent events other than as required under applicable securities laws. So we'll be bringing this out, but it's -- you add all this together, again, if we just sit and float down the river, it's still pretty nice. And if you look at our cash flow position, we've got tremendous opportunity into 2021 to really take some inorganic growth into the portfolio. I mean, there's some noise in there, but $75 million I would say is good. And I mean, it's just -- it's a great sign. What is the likelihood of Amedisys layoffs in Baton Rouge in 2016? So we see a lot of players there.

Keep in mind that every 1% shift in utilization equates to approximately $450,000 of cost savings.

So that's where we've been focusing on it. We have some regional hospices that were out there looking nice-sized regional hospices that were out there looking at. Sie erhalten auf kostenlose Realtime-Aktienkurse von. Scott, this comes under Scott Ginn and Chris so I don't know if I missed anything, guys.

Is this going to be an interesting year as it relates to Amedisys Layoffs 2020? And kind of, as Chris has talked about the trajectory we're seeing going in, I mean, it's certainly a nice progression for us. Congratulations on your performance, and thank you for your efforts. The Company will host an investor conference call to discuss these results at 11:00 a.m.

On the SNF diversion, which we kind of distinguish that from kind of the futuristic SNF- at-home, which is more kind of down the road. And what do you think will be driving that both from a macro and company-specific perspective?

We want to invest some dollars in increasing that pipeline of de novos.

On a same-store basis, total admissions were up 5%, and total volume was up 6%. The cultural pieces are always what you try to figure out when you get in. Ideally, we want to really kind of close the gap between our Medicare fee-for-service and our Medicare Advantage. Once we have them, there is no reason why they should leave us. You can see through AseraCare, we'll continue to pay down our revolver pretty aggressively. It's a different model. So the amount of prep work that was done, the amount -- and our coding folks did a fantastic job. The reimbursement outlook for both home health and hospice which will set up 2021 to be our best Medicare reimbursement year in recent history.

Our next question is coming from Justin Bowers of Deutsche Bank. Yes. How much of that is on your radar screen now?

Amedisys is focused on delivering the care that is best for our patients, whether that is home-based personal care; recovery and rehabilitation after an operation or injury; care focused on empowering them to manage a chronic disease; or hospice care at the end of life. BATON ROUGE, La., June 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amedisys, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMED), a leading provider of home health, hospice and personal care, … As a reminder, we have chosen to apply our Cares Act funds only to direct costs associated with COVID-19.

And then the second question was just about LUPAs in the quarter.