Holes should be drilled from the outside of the rail. Sales Centres -

Aluminium Finishes - To know more about Orange Aluminum click on the button below. Contact Details - Orange Aluminum was started in 2007 with a vision to be the national leader in aluminum extruded trim, shape and bar supply. If you are replacing a different gunwale system, these caps can be ordered from your authorized Mad River Canoe dealer. There are sufficient fasteners used to secure the gunwale. Our custom and OEM aluminum extrusion services allow us to meet any need our customer may have. This should include holes for the bolt hangers for the carry handles (two holes per each handle); seats (four holes per seat); thwarts (two holes per thwart), if applicable; and yoke (four holes total). Taping the gunwale will keep the gunwale in position as the rivets are removed and prevent the gunwale slipping or springing free and scratching hull or striking someone. Gunwales take a bit more circuitous route getting from end to end. Start your gunwale replacement project by visiting or calling North West Canoe. Do not use same holes as this can create a loose fit. News - Home - The hole through the bottom of the rail should remain at 13/64". This step is much more easily accomplished if addressed by two people rather than one. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 200kg. Building Products Division - Slide rivet gun over rivet stud to point where head of gun is flush with head of rivet. 2 one-piece aluminum gunwales of sufficient length (for a complete re-rail), Up to 80 HA/A612D rivets or equivalent (actual number will be determined by length of canoe), Equivalent:  Buttonhead aluminum rivets with aluminum mandrels (5/32" diameter); grip range: 3/16" to ¼"; Hole diameter .160 to .164, Rubber caps to fill holes in top of gunwales, Kerfed seat trusses (8) (if replacing wood or vinyl gunwales), Wax or Grease Pencil, or non-permanent marker, 10 Quick-Grip spring or Bar clamps or 3”+ C-clamps. Each side of the deck should get two holes, one in each end. Transfer locations of seats, thwarts, yokes from hull to top of rails. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This will give you a good reference point to make sure the new gunwales are fully pressed down on top of hull. The one-piece aluminum gunwales also require a modified seat truss to work properly. If you are replacing same style gunwales your original decks will work with these gunwales. The gunwales are shipped “bent” on a constant curve to facilitate installation. Timeless and Rugged. Need more? in the top of the gunwales. Explore our catalogs. Aluminum gunwales for Royalex hulls cannot be used on composite hulls or vice versa. Care and maintenance of aluminum gunwales Aluminum gunwales are basically care free.

To pricey. You may need to use a shorter bit to allow access to hole locations up in ends of canoe. Squeeze handles together to snap rivet. Holes should be drilled from the inside of rail. Polar MI units mm4

The T-Formex Remake.

All hand rail and fence products are resistant to corrosion and are easy to machine, cut, form or weld. As you work your way along hull, tape or clamp gunwale down over top of hull to prevent it from popping off behind you. Extrude-A-Trim stocks 1,000's of aluminum extrusions. Contact Eagle Mouldings for more information about our Aluminum Rail Extrusions and Aluminum Fence products at 1-800-844-2044. Cladding, UlltraClad® -

Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Make sure rail ends are even and are evenly spaced end to end. One piece Aluminum rails will fit canoes up to 16 ½’. This is a cosmetic issue only, the function and durability of the gunwale is not affected. Ix & Iy units mm4, Ullrich Aluminium Company Ltd, New Zealand, Aluminium Castings - In stock and ready to ship.

These will serve as centering marks for replacement gunwales. Manufactured Al Products - Please note this will not be a permanent "repair" and will likely need periodic repainting. Position tape so that it does not cover any rivets. Install seat or component and secure with flat washer and locknut. Be careful not to wash away reference lines for gunwales or for seat locations, etc. Aluminum gunwales are a "unibody" one- piece construction that incorporates inwale and outwale into one piece. If one pull doesn't do it, release handles and slide gun forward until head of gun and head of rivet are again in contact and then squeeze handle. Mark location of all seats, thwarts, etc. Eagle Mouldings is your aluminum extrusion resource. We stock full-length wood and aluminum canoe gunwales from Bell, Mad River and Old Town, plus hard to find stainless hardware. These cookies do not store any personal information. Keep rivet gun aligned level with rivet. Do not pound rail down with force as this can also cause laminate to fracture. Position the prick/punch on mark and tamp with hammer to indent top of rail. Over time and use, the black powder coating can be abraded, revealing the natural silver color of aluminum. Run tape measure around hull just below existing rails. Serial numbers are located on the right side of the stern, just below the gunwale. Insert black plastic caps into the holes used to hang seats, thwarts, etc. They provide standard and custom aluminum extrusion stocking solutions through an unapparelled combination of logistics, technology and innovation. Place rivets through holes (four total), and pop with rivet gun. R = Radiused corner (mm) Our handrail and fence extrusions are made of top-grade aluminum.

A low-maintenance alternative to the traditional ash, aluminum gunwales that save approximately 3-5 pounds per canoe.

At Eagle Mouldings satisfied customers are our passion. Push rail down onto hull, starting at one end and gently sliding rail over top of hull working towards center. The marks should be located on the inner half of the rail, such that a hole drilled straight down would penetrate the upper and lower Surfaces of the rail without contacting the hull itself. Sheet, Plate & Rollformed Aluminium - UlltraClad® Cladding -, Company Profile - Hang seats, thwarts, yokes, etc. Thanks for the responses gang. Using 5/32" bit, drill holes for rivets through lower lip of deck and through hull from the outside. New gunwales are placed over top edge of hull and pushed down into place. The decks that Mad River Canoe stocks for aluminum gunwales are sized to fit our Explorer and Malecite models. Place orders for replacement gunwales through your authorized Mad River dealer. If you are replacing gunwales of other materials or a different style gunwale, it would not be unreasonable to expect to have to replace the decks. Canoes are measured straight down the keel line. They will not fit shorter/wider canoes such as Winooski’s or Mississiquoi’s. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Repeat process with second rail on other side of hull. If this can be arranged, there is no freight charge for the gunwales. This can result in rivet stud being jammed in rivet gun. Do not force the rail down onto the hull laminate and keep a close eye out for any crimping of the hull. If existing hole is at 6 ½”, mark gunwale at 3 ¼” and then space rivets at 6 ½”, marking location along flange extending below gunwale on inside of hull. Rivets should be 6 ½” apart. Clean exposed hull surfaces with a good household cleaner. This will allow the heads of the bolts which the seats, thwarts, and yokes hang from to pass through the top surface but not through the bottom surface. the aluminum extrusion is 65 dollars canadian for a 20 foot length... 20 foot length. Position one rail over side of hull, aligning center marks. Aluminum Gunwale Replacement for Composite Hulls. Do not attempt to start at one end and then push/slide rail down hull towards other end. Remove old gunwales by drilling out rivets or unscrewing screws. Measuring width of gunwale and wrapping tape at corresponding length on drill bit will help prevent accidentally drilling through the outside of the gunwale. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

Holes are drilled through the flanges on sides of gunwales and through hull.

Rivets are inserted and set in holes to secure gunwales. Set replacement gunwales on the ground next to your canoe hull.

Custom and OEM aluminum handrail and fencing products, Exhibit and Display Manufacturers Use Aluminum Trim, Aluminum Increases Safety and Durability of Specialty Vehicles, Aluminum Slatwall Inserts vs Stackable Aluminum Slatwall. To be sure to drill through top of rail only, wrap some tape around drill bit approximately 1/4" from tip and insert drill bit only until it contacts tape. Remove all seats, thwarts, yokes, etc. Starting from stern end of each rail (end of canoe with serial number on right side), measure and mark locations of rivet holes on flat flange of inside of rails with grease pencil. Do not attempt to "help" the process by bending or "torqueing" the rivet gun. The throat of a gunwale for composite hulls is quite thin, generally less than 1/8” wide. Note: Red Indicates – MILL RUN ONLY, Non … Choose from our selection of aluminum extrusions, including T-slotted framing rails, metal trim, and more. With rare exceptions, gunwale re-rail starts marking the hull with locations of seats and components followed by removal of components and then of original gunwales. Decks are reinstalled followed by hanging of outfitting such as yoke, thwart, seats, etc. Our products are resistant to stress cracks and are non-magnetic. Tighten hardware fully. Over time and use, the black powder coating can be abraded, revealing the natural silver color of aluminum. Marine Extrusions Ullrich manufacture a range of marine extrusions. We carry a huge stock of extruded top rail, square tube, handrail and fencing extrusions in many sizes and lengths for almost any project. The new rivet locations should “split the difference” from the old. Align so that the wide part of the gunwale will be on the inside of hull and the narrow part on the outside. Eagle Mouldings supplies aluminum handrail and fencing extrusions.