I know it might make the clicky keys weird but surely they could just put in a potentiometer or something on the keys to measure how far down the keys were pressed without making them feel different. THey never really took off though. Put your controller on the table and then make it rumble, you'll see. Anyway, an office chair that rumbled would be awesome though. Unfortunately, to make it work the mouse was apparently attached to the pad which meant you couldn’t really move it very far. AMAZING BACKLIT RGB LED KEYS: Choose immersive lighting effects with 10 pre-configured, vivid RGB lighting modes and adjust the brightness with our backlighting. but mouse, that would be an awesome idea if you could pull it off, and would really immerse you in the game.i could just imagine lining up to a shot and then suddenly a grenade explodes in front of me, shaking my mouse, pulling it off aim for a few precious seconds, as i reel backwards from the explosion. If you had a rumble mouse, imagine how hard it would be to aim well when there are explosions near you. Rumble doesnt affect aim on a controller all that much though so have to try it out first hand i guess. Is it difficult to do due to it being on a desk rather than your hands? I’ve mostly scanned in posters that came with issues of Edge magazine. Logitech released a couple different kinds of these over the years. User Score. I’m not a programmer and I didn’t want to set any expectations of my student’s computer skills so I had them use Twine. Now I had never heard of this magazine but the cover caught my eye: An article on how a college IT staff can help launch an esports team. Some things I’ve scanned and uploaded to Archive.org. I think I saw that as an accessory for car seats. Anti-Ghosted Keys, 16 Keys Rollover -The 29 Anti-ghosted keys provide that great mechanical feel with quick responding keys. I thought they made that back in the 90s. Unsurprisingly it failed because it was weird looking. I’ll post my syllabus below if anyone is interested in it. I’ve also been down on narrative in games. Sure, the shaking of your mouse/gun direction is realistic, but dying because of it is not. It was, however, apparently useful outside of gaming as it could be used to rumble when you moved the mouse over a link, a window border, or something else. VIEW TEAMS . So if anyone has any interest in them, here they are: https://archive.org/details/@jccalhoun. So here are the games my students made. There were controllers that basically tried to make the keyboard more comfortable like The Claw, the Wolfking Warrior, the Z-board which offered replaceable keyboards for a specific game, or the Razer Orbweaver and similar products but all of these are just putting buttons in the different spots. Yeah thats a good point. Instead of having students play educational games I had them make games that illustrate the concepts of the course and I think it worked really well.