In their first encounter, Doggett faced off with Krycek but Krycek merely allowed the vial to fall from his hand and shatter on the ground.

Krycek then disappeared – going absent from his work at the FBI – in an effort to escape suspicion, once his actions were brought to light.

Krycek continued to act as Mulder's partner and was present when Mulder entered a hostage situation, held by captor Duane Barry. Type of Villain The X-Files He then called the CSM from the airport and informed him, in no uncertain terms, that – if another attempt was made on his life – he would reveal all that he knew to the public. His character is credited as Michel. [8] In the season eight finale, "Existence", Krycek is shot between the eyes and killed by Skinner, during an unsuccessful attempt to kill Mulder. Krycek had been assigned to a case Mulder had requested but agreed to work with him as an investigative partner and revealed everything he had learned about the case. He later made the point that, clearly, the rebels had left her alive in order to expose them. He then gave Mulder and Scully information regarding other "bombs", which led them to the diplomatic pouch. The pair later successfuly recovered the DAT tape from Walter Skinner after beating him in a stairwell.

Krycek learned that Mulder had requested permission to investigate the death of Doctor Saul Grissom, who had apparently died in a fire, although no evidence of a blaze had been found. When she showed Mulder the corpse, Krycek acted as if he was troubled by the shocking sight of the deceased body by coughing loudly into his fist. In an unlikely meeting, the two agents spoke with Krycek and Skinner about what Billy Miles had become. Due to his efforts at creating an alliance with the Supersoldiers in 2001, Krycek was forced to submit his DNA to their doctors to prove his loyalty.

Occupation Before he could kill Krycek, or find out the answer, Scully arrived and shot Mulder to preserve his innocence, allowing Krycek to escape. After striking a deal with the Well-Manicured Man, Krycek briefly conducted some work on behalf of the Syndicate.

When Krycek asked what they were doing there, Mulder explained the Tunguska Incident to him, claiming that he was positive that the rock had emerged from the site. TBC ("Incursio, Phasmatis Ex Preteritus"), As well as acting as an emissary between the Rebels and Schattenjaeger, Krycek's other duties included the 'induction' of former Syndicate operatives. Krycek's demand appalled Skinner, who instead chose to send Agent Doggett to forcibly retrieve the vial from Krycek. In the next couple of episodes, Scully is kidnapped by a Duane Barry, deranged man who claims to have been abducted by aliens, and takes her to a ski resort in Virginia where he was also abducted. — (Ascension). During this time, he seemed to serve mainly as the CSM's adjutant. Note: Krycek's ghost does not have an artificial arm. The hunt leads Krycek and Mulder to Tunguska, where they are held captive until Krycek maneuvers his own release.

After the ship docked in New York, Krycek phoned the Syndicate, openly insulting the Well-Manicured Man and making clear his scorn towards his former employers. He waited in the office of a Hong Kong company that Jeraldine Kallenchuck worked for and, when Jeraldine entered the room with Mulder, Krycek pulled his gun.

He uses any knowledge he has to gain leverage with the syndicate. A vision of Krycek appeared exclusively to Mulder inside the courtroom while Marita Covarrubias was giving her testimony.

— (Requiem). He then brought the tape to Barnes in an introductory meeting.

He even has had romantic ties to their secretary, Marita Covarrubias (who apparently was using Krycek for her own means in assisting Mulder). Skinner eventually refused, prompting Agent John Doggett's attempt to get the vaccine off Krycek by force.

Alex Kryeck

Down at the base lodge, Krycek kills the tram operator and stalls the tram, so that Mulder is too late to save Scully, although he succeeds in capturing and arresting Barry.

Returning from Oregon, Krycek met up with Covarrubias and personally contacted Mulder, at FBI Headquarters, to inform him that the Smoking Man was actually dying and that the conspiracy was therefore ending with the CSM.

Full article is available at X-Files Wiki, Krycek – realizing the error, once he viewed the body – quickly fled the scene with Cardinal.

Krycek acted as if he was interested in Mulder's unlikely beliefs and even that he believed the same things as Mulder. — (The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati). Krycek later escaped an attempt on his life via a car bomb by CSM, and fled to Hong Kong with the tape. Mulder, however, had taken his attention away from Krycek, who appeared out of nowhere to smash Mulder's car window with his prosthetic arm and ripped Mulder's cell phone out of his hand. Mulder was transcribing wiretap tape at FBI's Headquarters when Krycek alerted Mulder that he was present. The agents go behind bars to stop a horribly disfiguring virus that is killing prison inmates at an epidemic rate. Kryeck was shot and killed by Walter Skinner in 2002. Under the influence of the black oil, Krycek returns the tape to the Smoking Man, in return for knowledge of the location of an alien ship. As soon as Mulder left the area, Krycek could be seen talking to Barry.

Krycek escaped, and took the tape with him, threatening to expose the Syndicate and the contents of the files if any further attempts were made on his life. He was last seen with X behind the judges, as Mulder responded to his guilty verdict. As a result of these deceptions, the Syndicate was tricked into a false meeting with the rebels and were slaughtered, along with Cassandra, with only the CSM and Diana Fowley managing to escape.

Krycek then killed William Mulder in an attempt to frame agent Mulder for the murder — (Anasazi). Krycek escaped from Mulder, but as he attempted to reach the camp via the Siberian woods, was confronted by local one armed partisans who took him and amputated his left arm as a defence against the black oil.

One of these individuals was Dario Vukjovic, whom he travelled to meet in Hong Kong.

Once Duane Barry was in custody, Krycek was ordered by Mulder not to go into the questioning room where Barry was being held. After locating his hide-out, Krycek and two other guns-for-hire parachuted into the mountains of Canada looking for the CSM, locating his cabin, but unknowingly tripping off one of his outdoor detection sensors.

When Lea appeared as Krycek, the producers felt that they could kill him off if the portraying actor didn't do a good enough job. Krycek himself drove to Robert Forrest's beach house to meet with Vukjovic, who was unhappy with the methods employed by his new colleagues. Away from Krycek, Doggett revealed to Skinner his informant was a man named Knowle Rohrer. [9] Krycek's ghost briefly showed up to help Mulder escape a military base in the series finale.[10]. He later killed Barry by unknown means before disappearing after Mulder had become suspicious of him. Alex Krycek taucht zum ersten mal in #2.04 Schlaflos auf.

However, Billy Miles critically injured Skinner in the attack. Krycek witnessed the Rebel Alien attack in Kazakhstan, along with a unit of Russian soldiers under his command, and remained hidden until daylight broke.

However, the CSM prevented Krycek from leaving, effectively trapping him in Silo 1013. Male

He first worked with him on a case involving the murder of a number of former army doctors in strange circumstances.