Nobody will take your project seriously if its up against copyright problems from the very start, the only one's who will support you are little kids who think and make comments such as "Oh Cool! Note: I do recommend you only watch it till the 15th episode as the SAO MMORPG ends there, episodes later than that start into a new MMORPG called ALO which we can discuss another time.

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The game will look and will have similar features to the anime. I really don't see this happening, just as much as I don't see any fan created Pokemon MMO's happening.

Find external links below! The Oculus Rift is an upcoming high field of view (FOV) virtual reality head-mounted display (VR-HMD).

You will get the true feel and spirit of the MMORPG once you have seen it.

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Next Next post: chronos vr quest. Thus the link is not allowed to be posted. For those who dislike subs (Japanese voiced/English subtitles) Here is a legitimate playlist of the anime in English.

I love how people keep on saying the same thing when in his first post it's clearly stated they are working on obtaining copyright rights.. Goodluck on the project I saw the youtube channel but yeah if you want to make it like SAO don't turn it into realistic world, keep it animeish. Edit* Crunchyroll is legal as far as I know, and is registered to host anime episodes. Also releases them closely after release in japan. (TBD). Fans want a good (SAO) MMO that utilizess Oculus Rift (Me Included) -  Lets face the hard facts - You Do Not Own The Rights To Sword Art Online - You're wasting your time, and your taking a very big chance of being shut down completely and sued big time. It will feature wireless gaming and a 1080p high definition (HD) display. Battle alongside your fellow Ascended, take on the souls of legends, and fulfill your heroic calling. If you think this isn't thought through, I can link you to a another project called 'Argus' who are 6-7 people planning to use everything from the anime without copyright. © 2020 gamigo US Inc., Trion, Trion Worlds, RIFT, Glyph, and their respective logos, are trademarks or registered trademarks of gamigo US, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. In SAO it worked only because 1) it was needed for the drama factor, and 2) because everything was built to prevent any losses (locked and self-reliant serverfarm, built-in battery on player side, even during those hours they were transferred to the hospitals they were stayed connected in the game).

And it's not a dungeon crawler, there's no really any games out there with this setup (that's why I wrote the level boss concept is cool and new). I think (and wrote many times as well), permadeath and online doesn't match in rpg's. Choose how you develop your own character to become the greatest trader, warrior, blacksmith, tamer and more! Welcome to the world of Sword Art Online! Age of Aincrad will currently run on Windows which also will be compatible with the Oculus Rift hardware, a form of Virtual Reality technology. Set aside graphic , gameplay are problem. Which obviously they are going to be sued. Attack on Titan included which is also turning out to be quite the hit is relatively new, and if you think about it. That's an April fools joke. This page was last edited on 4 April 2015, at 23:57. Some mechanics are nice and new, some are already in games (like open tapping and auto-shared quest objectives), but some are outdated or just plain bad (like permadeath).