African Buzz Strain is a variation of the Malawi Gold Seedsman used to offer in previous years. The high zaps you at first with a energy spike, then relaxes you about 20 minutes later.

I was absolutely stoked when I found out that the fantastic Autofem Seeds of Spain had got hold of some South African Landrace genetics and were using them as breeding stock. Cant beat them prices anywheres else !!!!

We are dedicated to our customers and have a rock solid reputation. It got cloned and successfully spread through the UK. People reply on consumer reviews and posting reviews is a way of giving back. Taste: Fruity skunk. Cannabis connoisseurs are very concerned with complex flavour profiles. Some use it to treat insomnia, and others use it to increase their appetite. If you purely want to enjoy a smoke, cheese will be a good option for a stress-free session and ultimate relaxation. kinda upper front part of the temple.The Buds are a bit dense and it busts up nice and rolls good. Smell: Fruity Cherry, Mixed Berry. We strive to provide easier access to information and products around South Africa. It has a fruity berry aroma with a CBD level of 0.73 per cent and high levels of THC: 15-20%.

I like to top the cheese 3 times for a mega yield of dense nugs. We crossed this with a fast-growing Malawi Gold father and African Buzz was created. Overall this is a great bud to just chill and game with or to have a toke before a walk. Dont try to hide this bud without a container cause it reeks!. Rumour has it that the Californian cultivator, known as Sam “the skunkman”, moved to the Netherlands to really get into producing some cannabis crops. If you grow this plant the right way you’ll be left with a big, bushy marijuana plant. Cheese is a vibrant emerald-coloured bud of relaxing medical marijuana, which is brightened by florescent orange hair that covers the bud.

This kind doesn't smell at all like cheese to me. An energizing head high that left me actually “enjoying” housecleaning!! When grown indoors, flowers will be ready for harvest around 9-10 weeks. Smell is amazing and overall just a very good weed!!! Still, these symptoms are not particularly harmful; they are common in the initial period of intake. Unmistakably, the unique aroma of cheese obviously has a pungent cheese smell. Its physical appearance relates more to sativa than indica strains, with thin, light-green leaves. Very relaxing mellow high after the initial dazed feeling wares off. Cheese is the ideal kind for night time relaxation and pain relief. Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1. I don't really understand how people function... aziancook: I have been smoking for more than 15 years. Woo: This is my favorite! not too sticky but still got some good stick to it. A pleasant surprise! IT HAD NO RED HAIRS IT WAS STR8 GREEN WITH A YELLOWISH LOOK LIKE CHEESE, STR8 ARCATA FLOWERS !!!!!! The Cheese that i First came across was, str8. Good Strain For: Pain Relief, Depression, Relaxation. If you decide to take this strain outside, you can expect higher yields. Just the perfect high.... SwedishChef231: Ok. 2 hits off the bowl and I’m in a coma!!! You also don’t have to worry about moulds and pests too much, since cheese is quite to resistant to those environmental factors. definitely makes me feel more stoned in the temple region of the head. Cheese is one of the greats it's a versatile strain and the smell is of stinky cheese! Surely, it’s time to get your body and mind into relaxation mode, and what better way to do this than with one of the world’s favourite cannabis strains. This strain is a cross between Cheese and an unknown indica. information about AllBud and the Cannabis industry. African Seeds is your African cannabis seed connection. Cheese Strain: The History Of Cheese Cannabis Strain. Amazing and rare. The terpenes of cheese are varied, and when they all come together it forms the strong and powerful smell we all associate with this strain. Strain Name: Cheese – (Exodus Cheese x Afghani) Breeder: Big Buddha Seeds Grade: A- Type: Indica Dominate Looks: Emerald colored buds covered in red-ish orange hair and trichomes. Recently got my hands on some really good energetic anxiety stress believes all of them very good medication, Just got my hands on some of this and really enjoyed your review have to say beautiful high and great overall buds. Pure Sativa. The flavour of the strain, cheese, is creamy and sweet, – almost buttery, but will leave an aftertaste of skunk lingering on your tongue long after you’ve taken the first hit. Quite odd. Medical benefits from this indica strain include reducing minor pains and aches, and once the effects of cheese start to kick in, your body will enter a pain-free zone. The plant that grew from the skunk seeds had a very peculiar cheese stench to it.

To reward a company that has done right by you. A great way to share information, contribute to collective knowledge and giving back to the cannabis community. No one is 100% sure where Cheese actually comes from. Get exclusive information about new strains, latest articles, nearby dispensaries and discount deals! Made me hungry while wearing off. smell does not indicate potency. It is a wonderful 100% sativa strain originating in Malawi. You can't go wrong with will always be in my top 5 of all time. You will be in a blissful mood with an overall feeling of euphoria surrounding you.

it tastes good though not like cheese.

It smells just like old fashioned Juicy Fruit gum. Indoor cheese has a large amount of tight, compact buds on the branches, covered in little THC crystals, reaching a THC level of 18%. Help other patients find trustworthy strains and get a sense of how a particular strain might help them. Hard to find good potent cheese strains these days. It has been said that cheese can have both a delicious and horrendous smell. So, if you are a passionate grower, make sure you have enough space for the indica-dominant cheese strain.

The stretch is about 2X the height when you switched to 12/12. Amazing smoke really recommend ✌. Cheese is also easy to grow and is forgiving to beginners. The terpenes of cheese are varied, and when they all come together it forms the strong and powerful smell we all associate with this strain. Got a strain of Stuff called Rock Bubba and its honestly one of the most potent strians I've ever smoked and got it for 129$ 4 a OZ of it . This highly potent strain will result in a heavy body melt, that will provide relief to a series of pain-related conditions. You can have a smooth tasting sensation when smoking cheese, and this will help with the strong aromas lingering around the room. I have not had this strain in years and wish to get it again in NYC. Prepare yourself for the effects of smoking indoor cheese strains. South Africa Cannabis Growing, Research & Reviews Blog, Best Soil for Weed | Potting Soil for Growing Cannabis, Outdoor Strains Commonly Found and Grown in South Africa, LED Grow Lights South Africa (Cob, Full Spectrum & Strip), Where to Find a Cannabis Dispensary in South Africa, Best Places to Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa in 2020, CBD Edibles South Africa | Best CBD Gummies, Everything You Need to Know About Koi CBD Oil in South Africa. i like it. Were the home of the 99$ oz's of legit actually crazy bud amd elgit the strain it says it is !!!!

To help companies make improvements in their products and services. We have been connection consumers like you for over 20 years. No one is 100% sure where Cheese actually comes from. Cheese gives you the munchies big time so have plenty of snacks on hand. Mood-elevating indicas like cheese, are often consumed by users with high stress-levels coming from a high-pressure and fast-paced lifestyle.

But the smell of the plant was just too strong. Giving public feedback is the best way to get companies to listen. That said, your grow area must be a in a well-optimized indoor environment. Cheese is a useful pain reliever and calming agent that also help in overcoming chronic symptoms of extreme depression and body aches. calming effect i notice and started talking about philosophical things. Could help with appetite if dosed right. Don't over-do the ferts when growing cheese. Buds of this strain have a striking contrast of dark purple and moss green, …

It is known to reduce symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depressions, while also acting as an appetite stimulator. I love cheese strains!!!! The indoor cheese strain is widely enjoyed by many cannabis lovers, due to its strong, savoury flavour. Enter your email address below to receive exclusive Although this medical marijuana strain may prove to be too much for beginners, it significantly helps in rationally placing its medical benefits and special effects into the limelight of a favorable environment.

Dutch cultivators loved what he had on offer because of its quick turnaround time. Effects: Strong! Looks: Emerald colored buds covered in red-ish orange hair and trichomes. Could cause anxiety attacks with beginners that try over doing. Africa - Sativa's genetic history and all cannabis hybrids and crossings who have Original Strains's Africa - Sativa into his genealogy!