There’s a lot of holding back in me.”. Tweet. . The trauma of being traded three times so early in his career changed forever the way Dantley looked at his profession, to say nothing of what it did to his personality. There were sides of both Layden and Dantley that had never before been revealed. When Layden met him in Dantley’s hotel room in Salt Lake, Dantley was in tears. Dantley doesn’t have much flexibility or strength in his wrist, the one he uses to shoot with, so he shoots mainly with his arm now. Just before Christmas, Dantley gave Layden a gift. The Lakers traded him to the Jazz for Haywood. The scouting reports on the Spurs suggested that you could strip the ball away from Artis Gilmore on the rebound.

Dantley, the consummate player, sat out. “In college, he was too slow and (yet) he was an All-American twice and played in the Olympics. Adrian Dantley came out of the gates running his rookie season with the Buffalo Braves (now LA Clippers) in 1976-77. The retired professional basketball player lives here.

“I always feel that when a player is holding out, he’s nervous, so put the pressure on and he’ll feel it. Dantley could be a popular player with fans, but he is not because his personality won’t allow it. We couldn’t get him to smile then either.”, “I kept things inside me a lot,” he said. “He’s like a great fighter,” McGuire said. Dantley is private and Layden is public. I would like Dantley as a friend. Sometimes he intentionally allowed his first shot of the game to, be blocked, and then, for the rest of the night, he used his patented head fake, to burn his defender. President Senate | House Governors California | L.A. CountyOrange | Ventura, A look at California’s November ballot propositions.

Young Adrian learned how to hide his emotions. Election 2020 live updates: Northern battleground states remain too close to call. Actually, it figures. He never has been either. He’s a scoring machine. I remember when we took baby pictures of Adrian when he was 6 months old. Until he shows us the answer, it’s anybody’s guess. Dantley was done for the season. Dantley made a name for himself at the charity stripe. There was also a grandfather on his mother’s side who spent time with Dantley, but he still had to grow up without a father. The six-time All-Star isn’t doing it for the money. Neither Dantley nor Falk, his agent, believed that figure to be on a par with what a two-time NBA scoring champion should earn. But they needed a power forward and they gave up on me. I can’t control that either. There is a story behind the gift. There have always been challenges for Dantley to meet, roadblocks put in his way by others. But no matter how much Dantley scored, he could not avoid the most serious confrontation of his basketball career. I would like to think he is because a lot of water has gone under the bridge. That’s quite a statement, I know. It’s the same thing that happened to Mark Eaton and is happening to Darrell Griffith now. For his efforts, he earned Rookie of the Year honors. About the only similarity between the two is in sentence structure. Layden said that Dantley seems to be coming out of his shell a little more, that Dantley appears to be enjoying himself for perhaps the first time. All those frugal habits allowed him to purchase his $1.1 million home in 1990, and then pay it off six years later. Nearby: 'Saint Peter's Catholic Church' by Hugh Newell Jacobsen . He finished that game with 46 points. But I admire Dantley. Pin. They said he would never make it in the pros because he was too short and (yet) he was a first-round draft pick and rookie of the year. Dantley, let me see you after class,” Wooten said. Then the release. “You can’t get to him mentally. Silver Spring, Maryland (MD), US. Layden finds it interesting that people ask him how he gets along with Dantley. Today, Dantley is making less than $15,000 a year working as a school crossing guard in Maryland. He, played for seven different teams during his 15-year playing career, with his, longest stint spent in a Utah Jazz uniform. Maybe the real Adrian Dantley is not so much about scoring as it is determination, consistency and grace under pressure. This is my personality, and people or coaches or whoever are just going to have to adjust to it. “I told him, ‘I’m not going to lie to you.

In his career, Dantley became legendary for his work on the free-throw line. Otherwise, there would be no explanation for the working relationship between Dantley and Layden. Goodby A.D. Dantley also had to pay the fines that had piled up during his absence, which amounted to $44,000. Perhaps the closest thing to a father figure that emerged in Dantley’s early life was Wooten, the DeMatha coach. Layden quickly removed Dantley as team captain. All great scorers are criticized, I know that. The Pacers have the lowest payroll in the NBA, $2.81 million. Where to vote. Share.

I still ask him: ‘How is everything?’ Because with him, you can never tell. “I wasn’t for that move at all,” said West, who was the Laker coach when Dantley played for the Lakers for part of 1978 and all of the 1978-79 season. Here’s a guy who, wherever he has been, has always been able to score.”. “The things he said about me then, it didn’t bother me because I know that’s the business and nothing personal. “One of my goals, when I was young, was to be a millionaire,” he said. How is a player as small as Dantley able to score with such consistency in an area where only the tall survive? Because with him, you can never tell." And he tied Wilt Chamberlain’s NBA record by hitting 28 foul shots against the Houston Rockets in one contest. In the gold-medal game, he scored 32 points in 30 minutes. Yeah, so I’m here in Utah.

This is his 10th year in the NBA. That hasn’t happened in seven years, but Dantley remembers what it felt like the last time. “Some people might get tired of that anyway. People are noticing it. Not surprisingly, he was a first-round draft choice of the Buffalo Braves and was named rookie of the year. Dantley was determined to come back. Dr. Kirk Watson, a specialist from Hartford, Conn., performed a new kind of procedure to correct the damage, a tri-scaphoid fusion of three bones in Dantley’s right wrist. Instead, he waited at home in Washington while Layden and Falk continued to negotiate without success. You wouldn’t see that today. --ADRIAN DANTLEY. “I could have a bad attitude and just go through the motions like Bernard King did, and they had to trade him, but that’s not me. He grew up in suburban Washington, D.C., the same area that produced Elgin Baylor, his idol, and Austin Carr. The Lakers traded Dantley to Utah for Spencer Haywood before the 1979-80 season. It was awesome It is all here. Wooten was also Dantley’s history teacher. It was tough not having a father figure around.”. I don’t trust too many people. “When I got to Utah, I thought I had dropped off the end of the world,” Dantley said.

You’re not going to change me. FREE study guides and infographics! “Hell, don’t feel sorry for Dantley,” Layden said. Such as leading the league in scoring twice, then hearing other coaches say a team can never win as long as he’s on it. Dantley’s first season in Utah, the Jazz finished 24-58. Walton is a supporter of Dantley’s in the face of critics. Since then, he’s returned to his roots in Maryland where he’s involved with the local schools. Today, Dantley is making less than $15,000 a year working as a school crossing guard in Maryland. He was just getting started. . This is my personality, and people or coaches or whoever are just going to have to adjust to it. ‘A lot of people don’t know me. Layden feels the question should be asked the other way around. I know what I can do.

Nine seasons, three trades and one major injury later, Dantley is now 29 years old, and for the first time, he seems to have at last found the peace and comfort that scoring has brought him. The Jazz has the second-lowest payroll, $2.84 million. When you talk about salaries, the only thing keeping Utah from falling off the map is Indiana. “A lot of people don’t know me,” Dantley said. That is guaranteed. “The guy was like in shock,” Layden said. The relationship stopped working. “I’ve been in the league a long time, so I must be doing something right. I should have guessed that you could apply the same discipline to a book that you could to a basketball. Dantley followed the same pre-shot routine every time he stepped to the line. You couldn't get, him to smile even then," his mother, Virginia, told writer Thomas Bonk. Life will go on.”.

Some wonder if he actually ever had one.

In the 1983-84 season when he led the league in scoring, Dantley made 813 free throws that season (more than 10 per game).