Standing shoulder to shoulder with our troops on the battlefield, they demonstrated unflinching courage in carrying out duties that were fraught with great difficulty and danger. Moreover, People interested to follow him can refer below: Your email address will not be published.

In another, two men were blown up just five metres from him.

Simon Diggins, a former British colonel who campaigns on behalf of Afghan interpreters, recently wrote to ministers and the Chief of the Defence Staff blasting ‘unconscionable delays’ that had put the lives of interpreters ‘on hold’. And we will do what is right to honour their extraordinary service.’. He is understandably desperate for the UK to let him apply for asylum here, under a precedent established for Iraqi translators who were allowed to make claims from a third country.

His estimated net worth for the year 2018 is around $ 750,000. His Net worth for 2016 & 2017 cannot be estimated right now. His Instagram account is named as Adamw.

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Additionally, Adam receives a considerable income through social media advertising and endorsements. He was in the thick of it, working with military spies and frontline troops during his three years of service from 2010 to 2013. Finally? In comments commended by this newspaper, he promised that some 50 interpreters who had served on the Helmand front line alongside UK soldiers would be granted visas under new qualifying measures, and would be able to bring their wives and children with them. Have a look at his biography where we are sharing info about his net worth, age, nationality, girlfriend, family, career, body measurements and features like height, weight, eye and hair colour.

So what IS essential? We live day to day in a single room,¿ Latif says. The couple live in a shelter built from pallets, tarpaulins and plastic sheeting, held up by ropes fastened to an olive tree.

Waheed has 8 jobs listed on their profile. I cannot leave. Waheed says he asked for this but was told he was ineligible — despite his case being strongly supported by British officers he served with — because his contract ended rather than his being made redundant. Waheed, then aged just 19, was always by their side. For Waheed and his wife Mashita, 25, it was an announcement they had prayed for. Now 29, he is speaking on a crackling telephone line from the Afghan capital, where he lives with his wife and two children, Naveed, four, and Muska, 18 months. USA : 1-206-973-3235 | Canada : 1-855-488-7020, All rights reserved © Al Hayat Ministries. As the Mail has revealed, translators have been beaten, murdered and beheaded by the Taliban; their children and relatives kidnapped and killed. Death threats were delivered to him via an uncle and another relative, while further threats were made to punish him as an ‘infidel spy’ for ‘helping to take the lives of Islamic brothers’. Also, check out Adam Waheed’s gossips, controversies and upcoming events in this article.

On his videos, one can see him in collaboration with many other Instagram and web personalities like Hannah Stocking, DeStorm Power, Amarie Lee, Naphil Hitson, Leli Hernandez, Evelyn Gonzalez and many more. ¿This is because of my work for the British and it is my family that is being punished', Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, who has been in his post for a year, has promised to look again at the policy and is set to meet Home Secretary Priti Patel early this week to discuss the issue, By Larisa Brown and David Williams for the Daily Mail, 22:49 26 Jul 2020, updated 09:24 27 Jul 2020, Ex-soldier who narrowly escaped jail for trying to smuggle Afghan girl into the UK is stunned to learn her father lied to him about escaping Taliban and child's mother being dead, We are failing our heroes: Families of Afghan interpreters who served alongside British troops battling the Taliban STILL can't get visas to come to UK. He has gained a lot of fame and money through his talent and skills.

‘We see reports of migrants being allowed in (to the UK), of people from Hong Kong who have done nothing for Britain being invited.

With great sensitivity and compassion, The Muslim Woman reaches out to Muslim women, as well as Muslim Background Believers, giving them a forum to discuss many issues important in their lives.

He has been threatened, attacked and desperately wants to leave. Yet it is not just this that prevents Waheed Dullah from sleeping. I cannot leave. Moria, the ‘worst refugee camp on earth’, is notorious for robberies, stabbings, ethnic rivalries and food and medical shortages. Moreover, Adam’s net worth for the year 2019 is currently under review. Those who had long campaigned for all army interpreters to be given a safe home in Britain — as those from the Iraq conflict were — felt it was certainly a start.

Several are languishing in hellish camps. However, the handsome Viner is reported to be single at the moment as he has never disclosed who he is dating. Why has he been denied safe haven? Yet British ministers have defended their shameful policy, saying that to allow more interpreters into the UK would cause a ‘brain drain’ in Afghan society.

It was this unwavering loyalty to British troops by Waheed and many other Afghan interpreters ¿ whose stories were told as part of the Daily Mail¿s award-winning Betrayal of the Brave campaign ¿ that led former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson to promise them sanctuary in the UK, Another interpreter Latif is pictured above on a British Chinook. Facts is a comprehensive program that presents viewers with comparisons primarily between Christianity and Islam.

Their vision was a 24/7 television channel exclusively dedicated to broadcasting Christian television programs into the Muslim world that were produced and directed by Muslim Background Believers (former Muslims transformed by the power of Christ’s Gospel to reach Muslims). Moroccan and Christian is a program produced in the Moroccan dialect which gives answers to many of the questions Moroccan MBBs face regarding ethical issues they face when finding Jesus. ‘It is only a matter of time before the Taliban or maybe ISIS find me and try to kill me. Pictured: Waheed in Helmand. Nesar, another loyal interpreter for the British, is living with his sick wife Nazarine, 28, in the infamous Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

We will also be sharing his official website, social profiles like facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube channel, Tumblr, etc. One of his colleagues, who also worked for the British, was recently ambushed, his car peppered with bullets. By Larisa Brown and David Williams for the Daily Mail

I would call on the Government to reconsider this or they will have the blood of translators on their hands.’. The fear will only go if we can escape Afghanistan. Instead, he worked for UK forces mainly out of Kabul, translating for senior officers, UK political leaders and diplomats. Waheed’s father was shot dead by the Taliban in 2005 because he was helping U.S. Intelligence in Kunar province. Thirteen people live in the two-storey house, which has already been attacked by Taliban gunmen.

With his videos and short skits, he is bringing smiles on several faces.

Currently, he has a huge fan following on Instagram and has amazed over 1 million followers. Bomb blasts can be heard outside the window, as the streets of Kabul come under repeated attack from the Taliban and Islamic State. Latif began working for the British Army as a frontline patrol interpreter in 2007 and graduated to serve alongside the SAS.

‘This is because of my work for the British and it is my family that is being punished.’, He lays the blame firmly at Britain’s door: ‘The only reason I am a target is that I worked side by side with British soldiers. The social media star Waheed is not only famous for his talent but also loved for good looks and has a huge fan base.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, who has been in his post for a year, has promised to look again at the policy and is set to meet Home Secretary Priti Patel early this week to discuss the issue. Without Shackles helps the lost discover the salvation, freedom, joy, peace and strength brought by God’s unconditional love, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. The unit would monitor Taliban communications and help break down the enemy’s plans and movements. ‘Britain seems to think it is a crime for us to want peace and safety. He also uses his in-depth scholarly knowledge of Islam to discuss its teachings and its prophet, Muhammad. Meaning of Adam.

Adam Waheed is an American comedian on Instagram who gained so much popularity in a short period of time.

‘It is often dangerous to go out. Mr Wallace is said to be taking the issue ‘extremely seriously’ and wants to expand the criteria so more Afghan interpreters can come to Britain.

In one, a British soldier died. But it still only included interpreters who were made redundant, not those forced to quit because of death threats or who were on contracts that ran out.